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Fuck You Twitter Trends.

by MCR-99 21 reviews

No one fucking likes you twitter trends so fuck off.

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Okay, so we all know about Twitter and their trends. Beliebers and Directioners can get anything trending faster on there than I can get a boyfriend. Which I can't. Anyway, I hate the trends that most people create. Like this one: #RIPKellinQuinn.


I hate that for 3 reasons, and them only.

1. It is mean.

Now, we all know how big a fan of SWS (Well, Kellin, but I like Jesse, Gabe, Jack, and Justin too.) I am. A major fan. So, joking about Kellin's 'death' isn't nice on me, as I am fucking gullible and will believe everything. It's a problem I have, I have no grasp on humour.

2. Who would even do that?

Who would do something like that, man? I get, you may hate Kellin (who actually hates him here? raise your hand if you do. I won't mind.) but you don't have to fuck with everyone else's feels you twisted bastard.

3. How would they like it if it happened to them?

Yeah, let's think about that. How would they like it if a trend of their fave celeb or something was created, like #RIPJustinBieber or #RIPNickiMinaj ? Huh? HOW WOULD THEY LIKE IT?! Then, why do it to others?

Now. If you will excuse me. I am just going to curl up into a tight little ball and cry about how bad that trend is and what it is doing to my feels. Send me ice cream too. We cry together.
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