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The Beginning

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How exactly did Gerard and Lindsey meet, anyway?

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Things had been going really well for Gerard’s band, My Chemical Romance, lately. Hell, they were even opening for a well-known… ish band! Right now they were currently doing a sound check. Gerard had just finished his coffee, and was feeling great. As he set up his microphone, he noticed a girl watching them. He wondered vaguely how long she had been there. Huh, well, it didn’t really matter anyway.
“Gerard! Your turn.” Toro called out, apparently finished sound checking his guitar for the moment being. Gerard tapped the microphone to make sure it was on. “Check, check. Uh, check, check. A-checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck. Uh, check, ch-“
“Ok, Gerard! I think your mic’s good for now!” Mikey, Gerard’s beloved brother called out, rolling his eyes at him through his signature black framed glasses.
“Non-sense! I can dance, too! Wanna see?” Gerard asked, still talking into the mic, but facing the rest of the band now. He brushed a stray lock of his raven hair away from his face, smiling eagerly, his tiny, slightly crooked teeth prominent.
“No thanks, Gerard.” Bob said, rolling his baby blues as he set up his drums.
“Oh, come on, Bryar! Why so negative, baby? Here, will it make you happy if I do it anyway?” Gerard asked, wagging his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Before the blonde could reply, Gerard started singing. “This is me singing! To a song I just made up! Hey, Mr. Bryar, you know you love my butt!” Gerard sang. As he sang the last line to his impromptu tune, he dropped down, put his hands on his knees, then opened his legs quickly and stood back up. “Enjoy that? I learned it from MTV!” Gerard said. Suddenly he heard a giggle. He turned his head around to see the same girl from before laughing at his performance. “What’d ya think, Sweetheart?” He grinned.
“Very sexy!” She said quite sarcastically, still recovering from her giggle-fit.
“Doth I suspect a sarcastic tone spewing from thy lips?” Gerard asked in iambic pentameter. That only made her laugh harder, much inflating Gerard’s ego.
“Gerard,” Mikey said. “We have work to do! We’re not done!” He said, appearing irritated. His pale face started to redden.
“I don’t. My mic’s working fine.” He said, putting the microphone back on its stand. He hopped down from the stage and walked over to No-Name-Really-Attractive-Female. “I’ll have you know there’s nothing funny about Shakespear.” He said faux-seriously.
“Your funny. I like that.” She said confidently, playing with a strand of her long black hair. “I hear your opening for my show.” She smirked, ruby lips stratching over her mouth in a way that distracted Gerard for a second. “However, if you do that, you’re guaranteed to leave here with a couple twenties in your pants.” She winked.
Oh, Gerard thought. Girl from the poster. From MS- whatever the hell they were called. “I guess I am, and believe it or not,” Gerard said, getting closer until his mouth was practically touching her ear. “I’d get way more than just a few twenties.” He smirked.
“What’s your name? I like you.” The girl said nonchalantly, glancing up at him with her thickly eyelined eyes. They were the color of sweet chocolate.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Gerard smiled. “Unfortunately, I can’t disclose that information with you, because if I told you, I’d have to ki-“ He started getting interrupted.
“Gerard, get back up here! We’re not done!” Mikey said through the microphone looking kind of pissed. Both of their heads shot towards Mikey, then back to each other.
“Dammit, Mikey…” Gerard muttered.
“Jesus he scared me!” She giggled, resting her hand lightly over her chest. “Hmmm,” She smiled. “Hopefully this means I won’t die in my sleep now that I know?”
“Well, I didn’t tell you, so I think your safe. I gotta go, but what’s your name? Maybe we could not answer more of each-others questions later.” Gerard smiled.
“Tsk, tsk, Gerard. Opening for my band, and you don’t have a clue what my name is? I’m abashed! Too bad I can’t tell you.” She smiled slyly.
“And why ever not?” He asked, playing into it.
“Because then,” Lindsey said, repeating Gerard’s earlier actions. “I’d have to kill you.” She whispered. “And I’d really hate to kill someone as cute as you, Sugar.” She laughed seductively in his ear. “Oh, and come by later, small party in my bus.” She said, pulling away from his face with a smirk. Without another word, she turned on her dangerously high heels, and walked away, hands in her back pockets. Betty Davis style.
The sound check had surprisingly taken an hour or so longer. They went through every song on their set list. Twice. There were a tone of kinks that needed working out. Like Frank’s guitar string popping off during a song, and how Gerard kept dropping his microphone because his hands were slick from the heat. All and all, they were there a while. They started at 5, and ended at 8, though it felt like much longer.
As Gerard showered, he thought back to his conversation he’d hard earlier with No-Name-Really-Attractive-Female, and remembered he’d been invited to a bus party. Hmm. Maybe he’d go, parties weren’t much of his scene though. He preferred partying alone with his friends Jack and Captain Morgan. He didn’t even know what time ‘Later’ qualified as. Oh well, he was tired anyway. When he was done showering, he grabbed a towel, dried off, and found his clothes. As he put them on, he thought about the girl some more. She was funny, charming, and knew how to play Gerard’s game, it seemed. He liked her, he guessed, and she was attractive, but he wasn’t sure if anything would happen with whatever was going on. Did he even want anything to? The tour ended in 4 months. Who knows if they’d see each other again after this? He sure as hell didn’t.
He walked back to the bus (Their bus wasn’t fancy enough to have a shower, so they used the facilities at the venues) noticing it had gotten way cooler now that it was dark out. It almost felt good. It was just about 9 now, and he suddenly noticed the scent of vanilla. He turned around to see if his sensory senses were correct, when a body jumped out at him. “Boo!” Lindsey said. Gerard was so scared he jumped almost a foot off the ground.
“Why did that sound like a good idea to you?!” Gerard asked in bewilderment, catching his breath.
“I figured it was payback for you standing me up.” She said, crossing her arms with a sarcastic pout. She’d changed her outfit; She wore a plain black tank top, lightly colored skinnies, and a killer high pair of red stillettos.
“In my defense, you didn’t exactly give me a time.” Gerard said, pushing some hair behind his ear again, and mimicking her, crossing his arms, and pouting.
“I most certainly did!” She corrected.
“No,” Gerard argued. “You said ‘Later’”
“Hate to break it to ya, sugar, but ‘later’ is not, and will never be for the record, a time.” Gerard smirked; He was having fun. She was fun. She was really fun.
“Hate to break it to YOU sugar, but most bandies happen to know that later is short for ‘8 until later’. Hath thou not knowth that?” She asked, batting her eyes innocently.
“Making fun of Shakespear again? Have you no shame? And no, I didn’t know that.” Gerard admitted.
“New to the music scene?” Lindsey asked, twirling a strand of her hair.
“Relatively.” He nodded curtly.
They kept going back and forth for almost three hours, about both serious things and not-so, and ended up sitting on the concrete, when Gerard noticed the time. “Oh, crap. I’ve gotta go. Ya know, concert and stuff tomorrow?”
“Ooh, responsible.” She remarked as they stood up. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow. Meet me after the show?” She asked, reaching up and hug him. He hugged her back, no hesitation. After their conversation, Gerard knew there was definitely something there.
“Yeah, sure.” He said. They released each other and he turned to talk to her before going to his bus. “Looking forward to it, Sugar.” He smirked, then walked to his bus.
The next day was… busy. There was a lot of preparation for the concert which would begin at 7. Gerard helped with things like setting up both bands’ merchandise stands, helping Frank find and put on more strings, and letting Toro know that Bob was, in fact, correct in stating that MTV was not as good as it once was. However, now the time came where there was only 10 minutes left before their performance. Gerard sat backstage on a couch chain-smoking and trying to remember what song they were going to play after Give Em’ Hell Kid. He was nervous; he always was before a show. During the show, not so much. During the show his sassy alter ego (Clyde as he liked to call him) came out to play.
“Hey Gee, you look nervous.” Lindsey said calling him by his new (To her) nickname, sitting beside him on the couch and taking a drag of his cigarette.
“Yeah. I always get nervous, but I’m not as bad as I used to be. Smoking helps.” He said nonchalantly, taking his cigarette back.
“Could you at least try not to seem so obvious about it?” Lindsey teased. “It’s rubbing off on me.”
“That’s not a bad mental image…” Gerard smirked. “Well, good news for you is you have about an hour to get over it. I have maybe 5 minutes. I think.” He said, squeezing her hand. She squeezed back. Gerard took another drag from his cigarette, and put it out when he heard the stage manager alert them that they had one minute. Gerard got up uneasily, and took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. He always had the best time on stage, but he always got freaked out beforehand.
“Hey,” Lindsey said, getting up with him, still holding his hand. “Don’t forget to dance, and earn some twenties.” She giggled. He laughed with her.
“30 seconds!”
“Good luck, Gerard.” Lindsey smiled, reaching up on her toes to peck him on the lips. “Knock ‘em dead!” She said, then pushed him toward the stage. He had no choice but to go; it was time. He walked to the edge of backstage, face calm, but mind raging with thoughts about what had just happened. He hadn’t realized that they were officially a thing yet. Maybe they weren’t and he was just overthinking things. He’d talk to her after the show, he decided. They all walked out on stage and took their positions. They were well enough known in this area that he felt he could be informal with the crowd.
“Hi.” Gerard said, smiling cheekily. “I’m Gerard.” The crowd cheered. “I kinda have this band.” He gestured to the other four members. “Can we play a couple songs for you?” He asked. More applause. “Great! This song is call Give ‘Em Hell Kid!”
After the show, Gerard was sweaty. And smelly. And REALLY ready to have a shower. As he made his way to said shower, Mikey stopped him. “Hey, Gee, can we talk for a minute?”
“Sure Mikes,” Gerard said, sitting on the same couch he and Lindsey had sat on together earlier; Mikey sat next to him. “What’s up?” He asked.
“Well…,” Mikey started. “We’ve only been here for 2 days, and all you’ve talked about is Lindsey. What about all of the things we said WE were gonna do? Like… like…” Mikey said struggling to think. “I dunno, but I just feel like there’s not a lot of time left for me. We’ve done everything together since I was born.” Wow, Gerard thought. Judging my Mikey’s face, he’d really hurt the kids feelings.
“Mikey, we can still do those things,” Gerard said, even though Mikey hadn’t really stated anything. “I’ll lay off some, ok? After I take a shower, we can put a crawfish under Toro’s pillow, or something. I promise.” Gerard said, patting Mikey’s back affectionately. He loved his mousy, awkward little brother.
“Really? Ok, hurry up and shower!” Mikey said. “Thanks for listening. Love you, Gee.” Mikey said, giving him a quick hug. God Mikey reeked. And he was just like a child sometimes, as easy to please as he was. “Meet me at the bus ok?” Mikey asked. Gerard nodded.
“Sure.” He got back up, and walked to the showers. His heaven in a box.
Gerard had followed through on his promise; They’d done something together. It wasn’t exactly putting a crawfish under Toro’s pillow but it was still funny. After Gerard’s shower, he found Mikey and they went out into the woods-like area mostly surrounding their venue, giggling like fools, paper bag in hand. All it took was five minutes. It was disgusting yet hilarious. All Mikey had to do was squat behind a tree, and push, and their temporary gold awaited them in the bag.
“What are we gonna do with this?” Mikey laughed, gesturing to the paper bag.
“Hell, I dunno, Mikes. What do you want to do with it?” Gerard asked.
Mikey grinned. “Go find something to do with yourself. I want it to be a surprise.”
“Fine by me.” Gerard chuckled; He had to go meet Lindsey anyway. They parted ways, and Gerard made his way back to the stage. He had to wait for about 20 minutes, but he didn’t mind. He needed the time to think. When Lindsey made an appearance, and saw him there her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. He couldn’t help but return it.
“Hi. You came.” She smiled.
“You doubted I would?” Gerard asked.
“No,” Lindsey denied. “But I’m glad you did.”
“Me too. Look, I wanna ask you something.” Gerard started, pushing his clean, coconut scented hair behind his ear.
“Ok, go on.” Lindsey said, her face was calm, but had a hint of wonder. A slight sheen of sweat coated her body, making a few strands of hair stick to her forehead.
“Well, I’ve been thinking… We’ve really got something. I can tell already, and if you want to, I’d like to take you out sometime. I know it might be hard with all the traveling, but I’m willing to try if you are.” He said. Doing things like this didn’t make him nervous, so he sounded confident and sure.
“Ooh, a gentleman. How could I ever refuse?” She asked rhetorically. She reached up to him, and whispered in his ear. “By the way, I like cheesy stuff. And Cosmos are my favorite.” She said, when she pulled away she was biting her lip shyly.
Gerard thought back to when he asked Lindsey out for the first time, and smiled fondly.
“What’re you smiling at, Way?” Lindsey asked, waddling into the living room, grinning. He helped her get to the couch. “Thanks.” She said.
“I was just thinking… And I’m pretty sure I found the perfect name for our her.” Gerard said, holding her belly, eyes sparkling.
“Well, what is it? We need one soon, she’ll be here in less than a week.” She said, watching her husband, her heart swelling with love at the sight before her.
“I was thinking her name should be Bandit.” He said, still looking at and holding her extremely pregnant belly.
“Hmm. Bandit.” She pondered. “That sounds perfect, Honey. Bandit… Bandit Lee Way]. Doesn’t that sound nice?” She sighed dreamily. Gerard agreed immediately.
“Bandit Lee Way. Our baby.” Gerard said swelling with pride. He had been waiting for her for 9 months, and she was almost here. Although he was nervous and scared, he was also excited. Less than a week away. He couldn’t wait.

*A/N: Last time this was up a few people asked me "So what happened with Mikey's... erm... gold?" The answer is: It's up to your interperatation. Putting the fate of Mikey's shit simply did not fit.
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