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The good die evil.

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Crystal, a fallen angel, normally keeps herself alone, until Xavier comes along and ruins her plans.

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Crystal looked up. Almost exactly fifty five minutes and a half left. She looked around the room at everyone still writing down answers, the girl next to her looked up worried and slightly confused then turned to smile warmly at Crystal. Pathetic. Crystal was use to this, most people avoided getting on her bad side in this school.

She had been transferred to this school recently and everyone already knew her name. She was the most popular and most feared girl in the school, girls wanted to be her, boys wanted to try their luck with her. Crystal wasn’t actually interested in any of them, she didn’t even want to be at this school, but seeing as her incident with her old school had her kicked out, she didn’t have much choice.

She missed all her old friends at her ex school and her best-friend, and the only guy in her life that never let her down. Kyle. He was the type of person everyone assumes would get in a lot of trouble and be really hard. Only she knew the real Kyle, the Kyle that she loved to see, the one that could play guitar and wrote her stupid little songs. The one that made her smile even when she felt like throwing herself off a cliff. She loved the way he looked as well his big green eyes, his soft golden brown hair, that fell just on one of his eyes. His amazing cheekbones. His lip stud that got him suspended from school for two weeks. Just him as a person. He was the only person she really talked to, and he actually listened. She missed being with him. She loved him. She never told him that, she wished she had. She always wondered if he felt the same but was to chicken to ask him. And now it was too late. He had all the girls after him. She knew he was picky with his girls, though, as she was with boys.

Crystal looked up again. Fifty minutes left. How long did people need? It was only a simple test. Physics was way too easy for her. If only everyone knew how much of a geek she really was. The truth was she was top set in every class she had ever been in. Everyone thought she would never amount to anything and she proved them wrong. She doodled on her arms drawing the daisy chain she wanted tattooed. She would probably going to get done this weekend. With multiple other tattoos she could easily make it as 18. She also had multiple piercings, a tongue bar, belly bar, nose stud, scaffolding in her left ear and seven rings in the other ear. She loved decorating her body with art and piercings. She wanted to be perfect she was already freaky enough without clothes on so with clothes on she needed to be perfect.
She closed her eyes and rested her head on her desk going to sleep…

Xavier picked up his gun placed it in his holster and put on his shirt. He looked at the photo of the girl smiling at the camera. His next assignment. She was just like all the others. Amazingly beautiful, a smile that could make the coldest of hearts warm. Shame she would be dead soon. He looked at the photo again. He had to do a double take. She had the most amazing eyes. She wasn’t like the others in that aspect. They all had dull dark eyes. Hers were bright green and vibrant. He traced the outline of her lips. This one would put up a fight he could tell just by her appearance. This would be fun.

Slowly, Xavier started up the car he was so in love with. A cherry red ferrari. He pulled away from his house and started to stalk his next assignment. He turned over the photo. It read: Xavier , I have a very pretty present for you. This one is a Crystal. Remember her name. See you later, babes. Chiffon. X. He sighed to himself. He would have to do a lot of work to get close to this one. She was like a beautiful stone hard to crack open but once you did it was amazing. He went to the school she was at. Great they where in a test. No doubt, like the others, she aced it. There was about ten minutes left he would wait for the bell and follow her home. Observe her behaviour learn how to get close to her. Analysis her.

He heard the bell and saw about a hundred girls he would love to follow home before he saw her. She really was beautiful. And she knew it. All the boys crowded her as she walked. Whistling and saying disgusting comments. She ignored them until one boy stood in front of her and tried to touch her. She punched him in the face and held his arm behind his back then shoved him against the wall.

“if you ever touch what you cant afford again, this isn’t the only thing that will be broken off,”

The boy whimpered slightly. All the boys backed off from her slightly following her from about ten feet back. He followed her in the shadows almost till her house till she stopped. She looked around and seemed to look straight at him. He sunk against the wall hands in his pocket head down and one foot on the wall. She looked over at him and then carried on her journey. He took a back road to her house and waited on the roof of her room till she came home. He herd the door open and close.

Crystal looked around her room, seeing if anyone was watching her. She hung her bag on the end of her bed sat down and looked at the collection of notes from Kyle she kissed the photo of him on her desk and began to get changed.

Her long black wings took place behind her. Her nails suddenly grew sharp and her normally short blonde hair turned a midnight black colour. She put on her dress that she wore around the house. Her family had all died when she was young and she lived alone.

She spread her wings wide enough to touch each of the walls either side of her. Her lips slowly curled to a smile as she slashed her own wrist with her long talons she drank her blood and her eyes turned a dull dark colour. She licked the wound and drained the liquid from her arm.

Xavier looked at Crystal’s transformation and took in a breath as he saw her wings spread. She was beautiful in every sense of the word. Her long dark hair fell over her black feathery wings. He wanted to reach out and stroke them but he knew that would compromise the entire mission. He wound back his shoulders and fought the urge to leap into the room and kiss her. He saw her slit her wrist and drink. A rain drop slowly slithered down his back. His pupils grew three sizes as he saw the blood trickle down her chin. She had her eyes closed now and her arm had started to drain fully.

He slit his own wrist to drink and her eyes snapped open. He quickly hid behind the clouds forming at her window. She had smelt his blood. Brutally, she smashed through the window. She hissed into the clouds and reached out, almost touching his chest. He wished she could see him. He flew away using the clouds as a shield from those gorgeous green eyes.
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