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Alexis Turner, my very best friend, seems out of this world sometimes. How right I was.....

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I woke up to her screaming. Again. Heading over to her room, I shook her thrashing body.

She gasped and lurched toward me, her hand closing over my throat. "Lexi!" I choked as her hand grew painfully tight. Her eyes were glazed still with sleep.

I shook her shoulders. "Wake up!" I rasped. She blinked and looked at me.

"Gee?!" she ripped her hand away from me. "Are you okay?!" she asked as I fell to my knees beside her bed.

"Peachy." I took a few deep breathes and nodded. Her had rubbed at my shoulder. "Another nightmare?" I asked once I could breath.

"Yeah." she pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around hr legs. "This one was even weirder than the rest." I saw her small frame shaking.

I sat next to her. "What was it about?" I asked, putting my hand on her knee.

"It was so weird!" she cried, throwing her pillow at the wall. "I was in some kind of hot place, but it wasn't too hot. And my skin was really tan. And I was fighting someone off. I don't remember what they were trying to do, but it hurt." she ducked her face into her legs and sobbed.

"It was just a dream." I rubbed her back. "It's okay." she leaned into me. There was a small knock on the door. I looked at her alarm clock.

It was almost nine. "I'll get it." I hugged her momentarily and headed out to the door.

When I first looked at who was there, I thought I was dreaming. The girl had a deep tan and dark eyes, her long black hair braided down her back. And she wore thin white lace from her hips that shimmered in the early morning light when she shifted her weight from her left to her right.

She had her ears and belly button pierced. I could see this because she wore a separate top that looked more like she was going to the beach than standing here in the city, knocking on our door. "I am looking for Alexis Turner." she said, folding a piece of yellowed paper up and slipping it into her bikini top.

"Um...Lexi!" I shouted over my shoulder. "W-would you like to come in?" I asked. She nodded, making her earrings jingle. She brushed past me, her lace skirt brushing against my legs.

"What's wrong Gee?" I turned to see Lexi coming out of her room, her face red a splotchy. I saw her eyes move to the strange girl for a fraction of a second then back to me.

She looked at her again, her eyes going wide. Her face drained of any color and she screamed. Loud. I covered my ears, but the girl seemed to not be bothered by the sound at all. "You!" Lexi gasped, backing up to the wall.

The girl sank to her knees in front of her, leaning over and placing her palms up on the floor. Lexi pressed herself closer to the wall, her skin flattening. "Your Highness. My goddess." the girl took her hand.

Lexi snatched it away. "I don't know how you are or what you're talking about! But I want you out!" She shuffled along the wall until she was away from the girl and ran over to me. She grabbed onto my shoulders and cowered there.

The girl stood up easily, her bare shoulders contracting and expanding her tan skin. I saw the edge of a tattoo on her lower back, but it was mostly under the skirt. She strode over to where I stood by the door, Lexi still behind me.

"Please, Your Highness, let me explain." She put her hand on her shoulder and holding her arm over her chest at an angle. "You have had the dreams, yes?" I felt Lexi's fingers tighten on my arm.

"What dreams? You mean the nightmares?" She asked bitterly.

"No, Your Highness. Not nightmares. Dreams of your true life. Dreams of your true mother." I felt Lexi's hand loosen. "Dreams of your servant, me." she slipped to her knee, her head bowed.

"True mother?" Lexi let go of me and stood by my side. "What do you mean? How do you know I was adopted?" She asked, her tone getting higher.

"Your mother, Your Highness, is no human woman. She is more than that. Your mother, Your Highness, is the goddess Bastet. The Cat Goddess in our homeland. Egypt." I looked at Lexi, who blinked. "That is right, Your Highness. You are daughter of the gods. Though, Your Highness, if I may be so bold, you have changed. Your body has paled. And you do not remember your truth yet."

"My mom is some kind of cat?" I heard Lexi ask, her voice sarcastic. "And you're what, her toy or something?" she snorted. "I don't know what you've been smoking, but get the hell out of my house, druggie." She turned to go to her room.

"You had a dream about me the night before last, correct? And I was helping you bathe and dress. And you were in the palace." Lexi froze. "I am your personal servant, in this and every life you have to come."

"It's not possible." I heard Lexi whisper. The girl stood again and touched Lexi's shoulder.

"It is very possible." she turned Lexi to her. I saw it.

I saw the girl's eyes change. They went from black-brown to cat yellow, her pupils narrowing and going longer in her eyes. Lexi gasped, her jaw dropping. "Please, Your Highness, remember. Awaken your abilities." She said, her voice soft and dangerous.

"I don't know what you want from me!" Lexi gasped. She tried to turn away, but the girl caught her and looked straight into her eyes, their bodes turning so that I saw Lexi's face.

"Awaken your abilities." the girl repeated, and her skirt twitched. I looked closer and saw something moving under it, making it ripple. When the shape got lower, I saw it was a tail and gasped.

I looked back at Lexi, who was staring at the girl, her jaw going slack. Her eyes reflected the girl slightly they were so wide.

And then they shut. She fell backward slightly, but the girl caught her, carrying her to the couch. "Lexi!" I ran over to them. The girl threw her arm up in front of me before I could touch Lexi.

"No." he voice was different. Like she had two voices talking at once. She looked at me with her cat eyes, making me flinch. Then she leaned over Lexi, putting her lips to her ear. "Remember me, Your Highness. Remember the part you play. Awaken you abilities." I saw Lexi twitch.

The girl stood and grabbed my arm pulling me to the kitchen. "Her Highness does not remember. What have you done to her human?" she snarled at me.

"Nothing!" I gasped. Her stance relaxed. "I swear, nothing has ever happened to her that would erase her memories." I held my hands up.

"If not you, perhaps she has simply not woken up yet." she said, folding her arms. "Has it been nineteen years?" she looked at me.

"Since?" I asked, confused. The girl groaned and threw her arms into the air.

"Since Her Highness was birthed." she groaned.

"Not yet. Her birthday is next week..." I trailed off, not sure what else to say. "What's your name?" I asked her softly.

"My name?" she bit her thick lip. "Aha-ai." she said it Aw-HA-AE. "And you are Gerard Way, Her Highness's mate?" she asked. My face went red.

"N-no!" I gasped. "She's my best friend! She's like my sister!" I explained quickly. She narrowed her eyes at me and I aw them change back to their original blackish brown. "So....she's some kind of demigod?" I asked softly.

"Yes. Her Highness is the daughter of Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess. And her father was a human male who served Bastet as a mate. Once Her Highness was born, I was created from river reeds and delta mud by Bastet to be Her Highness's servant for eternity. I have followed her through centuries and, not until the last twenty years, have I lost track of her. And now, she has forgotten everything. And it is my fault!" Aha-ai clutched her head in her hands, her long fingers covering her ears.

"Hey hey hey...." I rubbed her back, trying to help. Her skin was soft and cold as stone, but I didn't pay attention to it. Not much. She looked at me, her eyes full of tears.

"You are him." She said softly, her hands slowly moving from her ears. "You are the one." She turned to face me, wiping her eyes. "You, Gerard Way, are meant to be in our world. Friend to man and God, creations of magic. You are meant to come with us."

"Where?" I asked before any of that sank into my mind. "Whoa what? Meant to be in your world?"

"Yes. Her Highness will need you most once she awakens, for you are who she knows now, not me." She bit her lip and, face to face like this, I saw little cracks forming. "She will need you to act as her tie to the human world she has yet to fully understand as she reenters the world of the gods that she has forgotten. You must do it Gerard Way. Or the world you know and hold dear will cease to exist and all shall turn to fire and the lords or the und-"

"I got it." I cut her off with the raise of my hand. "I'll go. And I guess I'll be her servant too, or whatever it is she'll need."

"Thank you!" Aha-ai gasped, clutching my hand in her living statue hands. It felt like someone had put mud and dirt in a balloon and left it there until it was dry and the rubber of the balloon slid freely from the mud.

Her skin seemed to slip slightly, like there was no bones or muscles holding it in place. So....she wasn't kidding when she said she was made of mud and river reeds. "You don't have to do that..." I said before I heard the sounds coming from the living room.

I ripped my hand out of Aha-ai's and ran back to Lexi's side. She was rolling over and sighing, which meant she was waking up. "Lexi? Hey..." I touched her shoulder softly.

"Gee?" she asked softly, still asleep. Her arms locked around my neck and pulled me down onto her. I gasped and held myself up with my arms as much as possible.

Her face buried into my neck, her nose tickling my skin and making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I gasped as she bit down on my skin, the feeling of it making my head spin.

I don't think she, or anyone, knew how much I liked biting, but she was turning me on without even knowing it. "L-Lexi, time to wake up." I shook her, making her teeth sink in deeper. "Aha-ai, help." I groaned quietly.

"Oharia. Your Highness. Wake up." She whispered in her ear. "Release the human, Your Highness. You are going to harm him." She whispered.

I felt Lexi's jaws parting and I pulled away. "Aha-ai, you have come back." she said, her voice slightly different. It was calmer and smoother. "Gerard, why are you on top of me?" I pushed away and fell on my back on the floor.

"Ow...." I groaned. Lexi sat up, her legs slipping over the side of the couch. She sat straight, her hands in her lap.

"Your Highness." She bowed her head and put her arm across her chest. She looked at me from under her hair.

"Your Highness." I copied her. Lexi rested her hands on our heads and I felt it. I felt the power tingle through my body. It felt amazing.

And dangerous. So dangerous....... And when I looked at myself like this, at Lexi and myself, I'd never pictured us here, me bowing to her and her sending power through my body, it's not where I saw myself.

Not where I saw us. And yet.... It felt right.

New story of total randomness that I'm loosely basing off of a messed up dream I had the night before last. And now I have to go and make props, but I will be updating this and other stories the rest of this week and hopefully over the weekend and some of next week.

So, for now, R+R and the submissions on Free for all are still setting at two. So read over that and submit and I will be seeing you later.

Hugs and Secrets,
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