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Monkeys in suits and ties

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Just a poem :)

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-04-09 - 188 words - Complete

Every day snobs in suits and ties tell us lies on how money makes you happy.
Every day people have to listen to the brain dead monkeys that control the government. That control what we do.
Every day this world cries out for something more. Something better. Something it can live off.
But does anyone notice? No.
But does anyone care? No.
All they want is money. Because that’s all idiots can live off.
They don’t care if it means wrecking a life or the earth. No as long as they get their money its okay.
But I don’t think people realize that it’s the idiots and monkeys that are controlling us. Controlling our minds. Because we give them what they want. What they need to be able to live and stay in “Power”.
we all talk big but we still let them win and leave us in pain.
No one notices that if we let them win this world will continue to go down until we make the world end.
It will be a man kind that kills the world not mother earth.
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