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A song I wrote about Suicide and suicidal thoughts. I'm not the best at writing songs. This took me about twenty minutes to do, too. It just sort of poured out. Don't you love it when that happens...

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-04-09 - 252 words

I've finally made it to where I never wanted to be,
The place I looked upon in horror,
Where dreams are crushed and all hope dies,
It's a suffocating silence,
And it keeps you in it's grasp.
The only way out is with the pull of a trigger,
Or a bottle of pills.

The noose gets tighter every day,
Breathing has become the hardest thing to do,
(Drown your sorrows in a river of words)
Hold your breath, little one,
Your day will come soon,
The day when you die,
The day you leave this hell,
And enter another one.


Blood becomes so beautiful,
The scarlet on your skin, when the razor rips through,
Cut your skin, little one,
Let the blood run down,
Let it take your mind,
Let it take you away,
And drag you right back.


I've finally gotten to where I've never wanted to be,
Where my dreams are crushed and my hope is dead.
My heart is burnt and my arms are scarred,
My head aches and the world spins,
The hate is unbearable,
The love is lost,
The isolation is so strong,
"Welcome to the hell you've avoided so well.
Now we have you in our grasp,
Now we've entered your mind,
Now you're contemplating suicide."


Now is when I die,
Now is when I leave,
Now with my blood on the floor and the pills in my stomach,
Now is the time I leave it all behind.
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