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Movie Night Mayhem

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*Ferard* a movie watching romance (one shot)

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A/N: sorry this is gonna be a long one so you might wanna skip to the important part. This took me like four hours to type this up on my EMAIL because I lost my iPod touch where I used to type up my stories and it used to be way easier to post stories in general. So right now I'm posting this on my friends house b/c a)I don't have Internet at home so I always come over to his unless I'm at my dads house to use the web and b) his computer is being fixed because I actually messed up his keyboard so I'm typing this on his iPod touch. Sorry I just felt like ranting

This is he important part:Anyway let me just apologize in advance because this is total crap. This was the very first fanfic I ever wrote. As I was typing this up, at four in the morning might I add, I edited this a ton. It was complete absolute shit before but now it's just pretty crappy. Nonetheless I'm actually quite proud at how much I've improved since I first wrote this and also at how in three hours I turned this from something you would wipe your ass with to something remotely decent that I'm not entirely ashamed to post on the Internet. So here ya go I think it's kind of long but that's good I guess? Ok so I'm gonna shut up now.

Gerard sat quietly watching The Nightmare Before Christmas,but his attention was on something else. He stole a short quick glance at Frank. 'Oh God,' he thought 'he just looks so cute. Sitting there, all clueless and cute'. He pulled his legs up to his chest, still unknowingly staring at Frank.

Gerard and Mikey's parents had gone out that lovely Friday night,and left them all alone to wreak whatever havoc they would. So logically he invited Frank to stay over to hang out and watch movies,and totally not because Gerard had grown a huge, ridiculously pathetic crush on the boy.

Gerard though about Frank, what it would be like to hold his hand, or hold him close,and those thoughts made Gerard's body tingle with excitement. Good lord he couldn't even think about kissing the boy, the mere thought of it was just too much for his 16 year old mind to handle.

He wondered what it would feel like to cuddle up with Frankie, to just feel his warm body next to his own. He wished for it so strongly. He noticed there was a pair of confused, questioning, eyes,much like Frank's gorgeous hazel ones, boring into his own. When he suddenly realized he had been staring at Frankie the entire time.

"Is there something on my face?" came the confused inquiry from Frank
"Uhh no,sorry just spacing out..." Gerard replied shaking his head nervously, returning his gaze to the television.
"Ugh i'm goin' to bed." Mikey stated with a loud yawn , stretching his arms out exaggeratedly.
"Night losers"Mikey said as he lazily stood up from his cozy spot next to Gerard on the couch, and walked up the stairs.
"Night" came Gerard and Frank's simotaneuos reply

Gerard took Mikey's previous spot and the end of the couch and stretched his legs out on the couch towards Frank. He tried to focus on the movie, he really did, but his gaze fell once again on Frank.

'Oh god, he's staring at me again' Frank thought, freaking out  slightly, in his mind 'what do i do?should i say something? God, no! What would i say? What if I freak out and say something weird?'
He pretended to watch the movie, but he could feel Gerard's gentle gaze on him, sending goose bumps up his arms, and he  suddenly felt self conscious. He stole a quick glance at Gerard, breaking his mesmerized stare,and quickly making him realized he'd been staring, yet again, at poor innocent Frank.

"Umm, do you want some more popcorn?" Gerard asked,trying to break the awkward silence. He pointed at the nearly empty popcorn bowl sitting on the floor, containing nothing more than unpopped kernels and crumbs.
"I...uhh yeah sure," Frank answered,noticing the credits had begun to roll on the screen "meanwhile  i'll pick out another movie"
"Okay, sounds good" Gerard replied a little awkwardly. He got up from the couch, taking the popcorn bowl with him, walking into the kitchen.

 Frank let out a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding. He subconsciously stood up and walked towards the cabinet next to the television, where he knew the Ways kept their DVDs, scanning through, and picking one out at random.

He realized that, even though when Gerard had been in the room it felt completely awkward, it felt lonely and empty without him. He thought back to his very real (he had denied it to himself many times before) attraction to Gerard. He hadn't realized/when/ it had happened, but he was so sure of it now.

The moronic idea of telling Gerard himself about it, popped into his head, and he instantly shot it down. 'No way. No way in Hell. Ever. I can't ever tell Gerard or Mikey about it. Especially not Mikey. How weird would it be to tell either of them that I have a huge crush on Gerard. No way. That's way out of the question' he thought decisively, as he replaced The Nightmare Before Christmas and put Jaws into the DVD player, and went to sit back on the couch.

In the kitchen, Gerard leant against the counter waiting, as the microwave buzzed and he could hear the distinct sound of butter sizzling and popcorn kernels beginning to pop.

His mind reverted once more to Frank. Kind, sweet, adorable, precious Frank.Frank who was sat out in his living room couch watching movies with him. Frank who he would kill for, or do just about anything else for. Frank with his perfectly shaped eyebrows, and gorgeous hazel eyes. With his black hair that fell just right and framed his beautiful face perfectly. Frank who wore band t-shirts and black skinny jeans. Frank who's nose and lip piercings just made his face look that much better. Frank who he would love to share a kiss with. His thoughts froze.

He began to wonder about Frank's kiss. What it would be like to kiss his perfectly formed light pink lips. 'It would be perfect' Gerard thought 'it wouldn't be sloppy and gross, no, it would be sweet and tender, and his lips would be so soft and warm, just the way they always look...'

 Gerard realized what he'd been thinking about and face-palmed. 'This wanting to kiss Frank stuff- all of this weird stuff needs to stop now! Frank is a guy! Well that's not what matters! He's my friend, and he's my brother's friend...and kissing is not what friends do! I think... Well, i just wish-" DING! the microwave rang, cutting through his thoughts.

He quickly  emptied the contents into the bowl and discarded the bag, walking back into the living room. He carried the popcorn bowl and set it on the coffee table, plonking himself down in his spot.

"So what're we watching?" he asked as he reached for a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Uhmm Jaws" Frank stated, reaching for some popcorn himself.

"What, no way Jaws sucks dude. It's not even scary! Let's watch something else." Gerard suggested, crossing his legs over sat up on the couch.

"No way dude Jaws is totally scary! Hell-o? Fucking sharks?" Frank retorted obviously

"Frank, sharks are not scary, you're just a total wimp!" Gerard stated matter-of-factly.

"Shut up! I am not a wimp! Sharks are fucking terrifying!" Frank shrieked, he squeaked as Gerard tried to grab the remote from next to him, but Frank grabbed it before he could.

"Hah!" Frank shouted triumphantly, holding the remote above his head. Though in the next second Gerard had jumped up and snatched it from his grip, and was now holding it behind his back with both hands,his back facing towards the arm rest and his legs folded up on the couch, giggling at his triumph.

Frank laughed and pounced at him, flicking him on the forehead with one hand and reaching for the remote with the other. Gerard scrunched his nose up at that and continued giggling and keeping the remote away from Frank. Their giggling was louder now and Franks stomach hurt from laughing as he now had both arms around Gerard,trying to pry the remote from his hands behind his back.

Gerard suddenly realized Frank was sat on his lap with his arms around him and he stared up a Frank. Gerard stopped laughing and Frank caught Gerard's stare and his laughter subsided as well. He was sat on Gerard's lap with his arms wrapped around him and they were staring slightly surprised at each other.

They were utterly quiet for a moment, and all that Gerard could think of was kissing Frank's perfect pink lips. Without a moment's notice, soft, warm lips had pressed a chaste kiss onto Gerard's own lips. His mind had gone blank.

Frank  backed up off of Gerard. He sat back cross-legged and disbelieving on the couch. His lips still tingled and he was shocked at himself for really doing it. They both came out of their slight mental shock.

"Uhh, that was weird..." Gerard stated, flinching, and regretting it the moment the words came out of his mouth 'No! Idiot! No it wasn't! It was the most wonderful thing to ever happen to you! This is exactly what you wanted you idiot!' he scolded himself mentally.

"Oh...uhh, sorry" Frank replied,feeling slightly dejected. He stared at his lap avoiding Gerard's gaze.

The hurt on Frank's face made Gerard's heart squeeze painfully, and his face showed the pain and regret.

"No!" Gerard almost yelled " I's ok, wasn't that weird..." Gerard stated awkwardly.

"Are you sure?" Frank asked, still avoiding Gerard's gaze "I mean, i just kissed you"

"YOU DID WHAT!?" came a loud surprising screech

"Huh!" Frank yelped, almost afraid.

"Mikey!" Gerard shouted at the same time

"Mikey i thought you went to bed!" Gerard questioned, shock and fear apparent on his face.

Mikey was utterly silent for a moment. And the next second he was writhing in a fit of laughter. His loud cackles causing his face to turn orangey-red from the lack of oxygen and he doubled over holding his stomach.

Frank was still sat on the couch, staring at Mikey doubled over with laughter. His face had paled and he could think then was 'Mikey heard that. Mikey heard that. Oh god i'm so dead. I'm so dead. Oh god i hope he didn't see. Please tell me he didn't see.'

Mikey's insane laughter continued until he began having a coughing fit instead, and Gerard looked at him slightly worried, then ran to the kitchen to get him a glass of water. Mikey took it gratefully and drank until the coughing had subsided.

"He said he kissed you! Is it true? Did he kiss you?" Mikey didn't even allow Gerard to answer before he started again " i came down for a glass of water and then he said he kissed you! Omigod Frank! I knew you were a fruit but i didn't think it was this bad! My brother Frankie! Oh my god!"

Mikey burst into another fit of laughter before Gerard smacked him upside the head "Mikey Shut up!!!" he yelled "Ow!" Mikey punched him back on the arm. Gerard ignored it and stole a nervous glance at Frank, who was still sat on the couch but now his face was a deep red and staring down at his lap.

"Oh god, Mikey go to bed!" Gerard pushed Mikey towards the stairs as he stiffled another fit of giggles. As Mikey climbed up the steps Gerard went back around the couch and sat back down facing Frank.

"Uh hey sorry about uh Mikey..."

"Yeah..." Frank replied, his face still slightly tinted pink.

"Frankie look I...." Gerard started, not entirely sure of what to say "it's ok that you kissed me...I...didn't mind" he finished.

Frank finally looked up to meet his eyes "You didn't?"

A screeching cackle came from the top of the stairs "Oh my god he likes you!" Mikey shouted from the staircase.

"MIKEY GO TO BED" Frank and Gerard shouted back at him in unison.

They giggled at the small coincidence, and all the awkward tension melted away.

Frank smiled shyly at Gerard, and he smiled back shrugging his shoulders a bit.

Frank moved himself closer to Gerard

"So, you wouldn't mind if i did it again?" Frank asked quietly, smile still perfectly in place.

"No..." Gerard whispered in response.

He gazed into Frank's magnificent hazel orbs, as Frank crawled closer to him and climbed slowly onto his lap. He placed a warm hand on Gerard's jaw and wrapped his slender arm around Gerard's neck, while Gerard continued to gaze at him wrapping his arms around his thin waist.

Gerard let his eyelids droop, as the butterflies of anticipation gnawed at his stomach. He felt the light warmth of Franks tender sweet lips press against his own. It was everything he had imagined, even more. It was absolutely perfect, just like Frank himself, Perfect.

5/16/2013 just did some minor edits spelling/grammar errors etc.sorry don't mean to spam
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