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Gerard/Party-cest Thing.

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For: Ellie (Because she needs a laugh) and Lauren (Because I havent talked to her in forever.)

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A/N: The concept of Thistitlesuckscest (AKA Geecest(Woo double parenthesis!)) was created (As far as we’re concerned) by myself, Ellie, KilljoyonFire, and maybe Lauren. I don’t remember. The name ((Thistitlesuckscest)Once again as far as we’re concerned) was created by me, but the real name (Geecest) was created by KilljoyOnFire. This fic is not meant to be good. It is simply testing the thistitlesuckscest waters, if you will. Oh, and don’t know ELLIIEWQEWEWEEEEEEEEWWE (Name courtesy of Lauren.) go check her out she is funny as shit. Like seriously. Things that will be included in this fic: Tuesday Special, Friday All-Nighter, and The Santa Snowride. Since Moikey is too fucking good in bed, he will not be in this. I think I’m done rambling now.

Gerard grabbed his bag and water bottle from the bench they were resting on, and walked out the door of the gym he had been working out at diligently. A light sweat coated his body, and he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He smiled, pulling it out and seeing a text message from Mikey bragging about the fun of college, and the amount of booze. Why go to college when you could paint, though? And draw? And sculpt? Surely that was more fun than being a chiropractor? He balanced his water bottle and phone evenly between his hands, and typed up a response. The next thing he knew, he ran into someone, spilling his ice cold water all over them

“Whoa! Sorry, man, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Gerard said apologetically, turning to look at the stranger before him, and try to help clean him up if he could.

“Oh, that’s alright. No harm done!” The stranger chirped, looking at Gerard too.

“Holy shit.” They exclaimed at the same time. They looked the exact same. Well, Gerard’s face was a little rounder, but that was the only main difference. Besides the hair.

“You… We…” Gerard said in wonder and astonishment.

“Dude, you are one attractive guy!” The red head said, looking at him appreciatively.

“Same to you! Look at that chiseled jaw! That unique nose! You’re gorgeous!”

“I’m Party Poison.” The red head introduced.

“What a weird name.” Gerard mumbled. “I’m Gerard.” He grinned. When Gerard said that, Party covered his mouth in shock.

“Shit. ShitshitshitshitshitshitSHIT!” He said, eyes widening in panic.

“What?” Gee wondered.

“I… I can’t tell you. Not here.” He said. “Do you have somewhere we can talk privately?”

“Yeah, my apartment. Come on.” Gerard said, leading the way. He wondered what was troubling Party’s pretty red head. He wondered what color his other head was, and blushed bright red at his naughty thoughts.

They walked through the disgusting streets of Belleville, and eventually (After seeing many disturbing things in the alleys) made their way to Gerard’s apartment. It was considered nice-for Belleville, at least. Gerard unlocked his door, whistling cheerfully as he did so. Once the door was unlocked, he shoved the door until it opened since it always got stuck (Thanks to an incident with a drunk stripper named Tankerae). He gestured for Party to go first, and when he did, he flipped on all of the lights exposing his art covered place of living. Party sighed seemingly in contentment, and Gerard turned to face him.

“I guess I should’ve asked earlier, but you’re not gonna chop my head off or something are you?” Gerard asked.

“No.” Party laughed. “But we do need to talk. Sit down.” He said, taking a seat himself. Gerard sat down, and ran his hands through his jet black hair. “Ok, so you realize how… alike we look, correct?” Party asked, sniffing Gerard and wrinkling his nose.

“How could I not?” Gerard snorted. “We look like exact twins. We’ll we would but your hair is red, and you have quite a few scars.” Gerard said, stroking his neck where a few were obvious. Party shuddered under his touch, and leaned in close to him, talking low and seductive despite the smell.

“Listen, this is a lot to take in. Try and absorb everything I say. We’re not twins. We’re the same person. I’m from 2019. Don’t ask me how I’m here, because I can’t tell you that. Anyways, I’m here to warn you… In 2019 a company named BL/ind will take over, and seriously fuck shit up. They make ‘Fame’ injections, and pills that let you block out or enhance anything you want.” Gerard started to speak, but Party put his index finger over his lips. “I know it might sound great, but it turns people into zombies and addicts. And not the rotting kind. Worse. They use them to come after the people who refuse to agree with them. Like me. We call ourselves ‘Killjoys’, and from time to time we run into one another. Everything will turn to desert. Yes, I know that sucks. Trust me, I live there. You will find Mikey, and two other guys. Do not trust Fun Ghoul- he will majorly screw you over.” Poison said, exposing his torso that had a large scar.

Gerard couldn’t focus. Party’s… his… creamy white skin was calling his name. He wanted to taste it… Badly. It looked so smooth…

“Don’t trust Fun Ghoul. Got it.” Gerard nodded. “BL/ind. Got it.”

“I don’t have a lot of time.” Party said in a hurry, looking at his watch. “There’s so much I need to explain…”

“Well, I think I got everything. Ya know, if you’d rather do something else…” Gerard said, looking pointedly at Party’s chest.

“Wow. I’m forward.” He chuckled throatily in Gerard’s ear. “I’ll have to visit again… I have a lot I need to teach you.” Party grinned. Gerard didn’t think he was talking about the future anymore, and the tent in his pants gave him away. “Ever heard of a Tuesday Special?” He asked, running his fingers around Gerard’s bare hip. Gerard shook his head quickly, wanting him to stop stalling, and show him. “What about a Saturday All-Nighter?” Party asked, appalled he hadn’t experienced the pure joy of these activities. Another denial. “Oh, COME ON. Tell you’ve at least experienced a Santa Snowride?”

“No. Teach me.” Gerard said desperately.

Party grinned. “My pleasure.”

And he did. He taught him everything he knew. In graphic detail.

Hope this made you smile Ellie! You too Lauren! Anyone who read this please rate it!
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