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Profile Of A Newbie!

by FantasyChild 11 reviews

Just some stuff about me, yo! *Added some stuff*

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Name: Reno, not my real name but I prefer it.

Username: FantasyChild, it comes from my love of Final Fantasy.

Gender: Female, which is funny because I go by a boy's name.

Relationship status: I don't really have time for dating.

Age: 16 in June.

Location: Central-ish New Mexico, that's as specific as I'll get. If you know your geography, you may be able to figure out my exact city and stuff.

Religion: Atheist.

Favorite Musicians/Bands:
My Chemical Romance
Sleeping With Sirens
Panic! At The Disco
Pierce The Veil
Black Veil Brides
Fall Out Boy
Simple Plan
All Time Low
Sum 41
Green Day
Good Charlotte
The Skyhooks
The Prodigy
Bon Jovi
The Academy Is...
Cobra Starship
The Dresden Dolls
The All-American Rejects
The Offspring
And a ton more.

Favorite Movies: insert every horror movie ever

Favorite authors:

more shall be added later

Favorite fics: Will be added when I can be bothered.

Favorite personalities: See fave authors ^_^

Picture: I won't give a picture, but picture this: A lanky girl of about 5'10, maybe 5'11, with long naturally blonde hair dyed bright red, fair skin, and light blue eyes with a hint of green. Picture that, and you've got me.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, yo! :)

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