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Good morning.

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3 days left until I'm back to school wtf?

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Alright, so I have three days until I go back to school, that god awful place filled with swagfags, jocks and bitches who don't really care for a weird thirteen year old with a big obsession with rock music and 'screamers instead of singers'. Good thing is, though, I have my music with me and I don't give two shits what they say.

But, I think today'll be fun. I'm going to the cinema today to watch The Croods in 3D. At the cinema I'll probably bring up the PTV concert to my Mum. I think this will most likely be the conversation..

Me: Mum can I see Pierce The Veil live?

Mum: Depends where they're performing.

Me: They're performing at the Wedgewood Rooms, in Albert Road.

Mum most likely doesn't know where that is, so I will show her later on..

Mum: Well, how old are you mean't to be to get in?

Me: 14+ but if you are accompanied you can get in, but I might make it in alone maybe I don't know. I know you don't want to go to a concert, no one here would.

Mum: Hm. We'll see. How much are tickets?

Me: £12. You buy them at the door of the place too.

Mum: What day is it?

Me: 16th May.

My Sister: Isn't that a school night?

Me: Yeah.

Mum: What time does the concert start?

Me: 8:30pm, I have no idea when it ends though.. ((does anyone know how long concerts usually are?))

Mum: We'll see..

end of conversation

So, there goes my hopes of ever going to a concert alone. My Mum always does this thing when it comes to concerts. She has to know date, times, age to get in, place the concert is and ticket price, also weather to buy the tickets online or not. Also, if my Stepdad's around, they both grill me about it, and that's basically when I abandon all hopes. Although, I am close to being fourteen, by only eight months and five days.. Did anyone else have this problem when they wanted to go to their first concert, yet had over-protective parents?

I got the main bits of the concert down, if I am allowed alone, I'll see if I can take a friend with me, so I can like sleep over or something, as it'll probably be extremely late when I get back. Those details I'll get at school. Also, I'll see if the date of the concert is any time in the May half term.. Probably is, never know. It's just, I'm most likely gonna miss We Are The In Crowd live, so I thought, "eh, why not go for PTV? I like them more anyway.".


Enough of that!
Becca I read your oneshot it was amazing and I giggled with cuteness. A lot.

(I'm also gonna ship you and Gabe okay.)

I may update fics today, may not. With As Long As You're Here With Me, I need info on the baby, like, gender, looks and name. I already have the baby's father down.. you guys know who it is..

Also, it'll end in a giant fucking shock. A funeral. I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING NOPE NO WAY.

I'm stuck on what next to write for Chemical Kids. I have two ways to go..

1. Basically, in the school, the two kids find a secret place to hide. There, the boy confesses his love for the girl, and they begin dating.

2. The girl's parents tell her she is expected to marry someone, yet she loves the boy; he just doesn't know it. The parent's of the girl throw a party (masked ball) and the boy comes along, and the two characters fall in love and begin dating, yada yada yada.

So, those are the two ways I could take it. Choose option one if you want a longer story, option two if you want a short story.



Um. I suggest you listen to all these SWS songs if you haven't already. They're good, really good.

Songs are:
A Trophy Father's Trophy Son.
All My Heart.
Scene One: If You're James Dean I'm Audrey Hepburn.
Scene Two: Roger Rabbit.
Scene Three: Stomach Tied In Knots.
Scene Four: Don't Forget About Me.
Scene Five: With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear.
If You Can't Hang.
Let Love Bleed Red.
Do It Now Remember It Later.
You Kill Me (In A Good Way).
Don't Fall Asleep At The Helm.
Iris (Goo Goo Dolls Cover).
Postcards and Polaroids.
Fuck You (Cover for Pop Goes Punk 4).
Who Are You Now.
Your Nickle Ain't Worth My Dime.

Listen to them songs, and you will thank me later for adding another awesome band to your epic music tastes.

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