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Mother Dearest

by BipolarUnicorn 3 reviews

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2013-04-12 - 117 words

Mother dearest, pass me those pills.
Try and manufacture my perfection.
Turn me into a robot, a emotionless, lifeless being.
Let me me perfect for the family.

Fuck you and your old ways,
This isn't 'back in the day'.

Music is our salvation,
I live and breathe it,
If you want to stop me from chasing my dreams,
Just to impress.
I'll be a rebel against your ways,
Much to your distaste,
I'm sorry I disgust you mother dear.

What a leech I must be,
Slacking off and not planning to get a degree.

Not that you know,
Not that you care.
But thats okay, mother dearest.
All I want is you to love me for me.
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