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Alright so, let's get this over and done with.

First, Skyrim report.

Esmarelda still lives in Whiterun, and I completed two quests today. I finished the Falkreath quest, and got the Savior's Hide which is cool. Also, I completed the quest for the Redguards. The woman is Saadia. Just so ya know. Now, I'm starting to do the Imperial quest, but my game froze so I quit. That's really it.

Now, I might write a new PTV fic. I've already got the PERF-AS-FUCK title, it'll be called 'This Blood Evactuation Is Telling Me To Cave In.' I got the title from the PTV song Stay Away From My Friends. I have a rough-ish idea of how the plot'll go, it'll sort of be like a fic I read here called I hear you've been bleeding or something like that. I dunno. Anyone got a cool-ish plot. The only bit I got for is it I basically self harm (cut too deep) and end up in a mental hospital, but I need to know the rest. Basically if you have a good-ish plot (which I know you guys may have..) Just complete this summary:

Sadie is a self-harmer, and after a recent suicide attempt, she ends up in a mental hospital, where her parents hope she fixes up her suicidal tendencies and become normal again...

Just complete that. I'll choose a good one and post it here. I plan to write it tonight/tomorrow. Also, if you wanna be in this fic (which I KNOW you do. don't lie to meh.) just let me know and tell me where you wanna be and basically tell me how you want your character to act around people. I have looks and stuff down don't worry.

(NOTE: This will be a romance story ok. make it like A Splitting Of The Mind.)

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