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Mikey looked even worse than how he did earlier, and that was pretty damn horrific.
“We don’t have much time,” Gerard mumbles partly to himself as he lifts back on of Mikey`s classed eyelids. “He is lucky you came to me and made a decision when you did, an hour or so longer and…” he trails off and I feel my blood turn to ice.
“Can you just get on with it please?” I snap, not really desperate to hear just how close my best friend and one and only love had come to death.
He produced a tiny vial from his velvet cloak, with only a few tiny drops of clear liquid inside. Under the bright white hospital lights the antidote seemed to reflect all sorts of vivid reds and purples and blues. Then makes a tiny incision on the side of Mikey`s neck with his deadly sharp nails and uncorks the vial and poured it into his mouths with a disgusted face.
My eyes widen. “What are you-Is that even safe?!”
The white haired vampire holds up his hand, signally me to shush and places his lips over the cut, letting to clear liquid drip into it fully before sealing the small wound again with his magical healing spit. Yeah, I know. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it either.
From his hospital bed Mikey groans and moans, before his eyes briefly flicker open.
“The journey back when one has been so close to death is never a pleasant one, but he will be fine.” The ringmaster tells me, seeing my anxious face.
“I want to stay a while and make sure he is ok.”
He laughs bitterly. “You mean you want to make sure I haven’t tricked you.”
I say nothing, eyeing up the little help buzzer by Mikey`s moaning form.
“We must go now, before a nurse comes in and-“
I leap and press it over and over again, yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs.
Gerard`s eyes narrow at me and I feel a small stab of guilt at tricking him, but what was I supposed to do? I could never go with him and join his world of darkness, bloodlust and shadows.
“I see.” He mutters darkly, “you have decided to go back on our deal.”
I hesitate, then open my mouth and close it again almost instantly like that pet goldfish Mikey`s used to have. Then I run. I race past the irritated, confused nurse who had just reached the doorway, ignoring her as she yells after me.
“Very well, Frankie, run. But you are a creature of the night now, no matter how hard you will try to fight it. You will come crawling back to me on your knees begging for my help. Run fool! I just pray you don’t do something stupid like kill your family!”
I hear his demonic laughter echo throw the halls as I try to find my way out of the pure white maze, half expecting the angry vampire to jump out at me and strike at every turn, but he doesn’t. I make it home in once piece and collapse into bed, and fall asleep almost instantly out of sheer mental exhaustion.
Gerard was only saying that to frighten me, right? There couldn’t possibly be the risk that I could harm my beloved family.
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