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You have to be joking

by Sam41 56 reviews

Please tell me this is some cruel joke or something

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Pleasepleaseplease tell me someone got the story wrong or something.
I can't fucking belive it, and I refuse to
This can'r be fucking right, it just fucking can't
I don't give a shit if I'm posting it here or not because nobody else would give a shit(mainly because nobody gives a fuck about me enough to care about my pitiful life)
Someone please just tell me "oh so and so was wrong, that actually didn't happen. Shw's totally fine bro."
Okay I'm going to stop this pity party, go curl up and continue bawling my eyes out
Fuck, tommorow is going to be fucking hard. I hate my school, everyone around my town, I hate people.
Fuck it

Bye guys, I'll stop whining/bringing everyone down
But bloody hell! How.The.Fuck.Did.I.Just.Hear.About.This
Well have someone actually tell me what the fuck happened while I was asleep
Like goddammit
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