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A Promise Made To Be Broken?

by AlexisSCREAM 19 reviews

The story of how I got my cats.

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Sorry that this is so shit. My mum's rehoming the cats and I just wanted to think about how I got them. I'm so upset about it.

It was a normal, boring Sunday in the middle of August. My family and I had just left the supermarket and were sitting in the car.
“Can we get a cat?” my brother asked.
“Yeah, mam, can we?” I questioned.
“Maybe,” my mother replied. My brother and I shared identical looks of surprise at her answer; she’d been saying no for the last 18 months.
“I want a boy!” my brother smiled.
“I don’t mind,”
The rest of the day was spent looking at kittens that were for sale in our local area.

On the Thursday, we just discussed names and had other pointless cat-related conversations.
“What, like PewDiePie? Why not Roderick?” I said to my brother, who simply glared at me.
“No stupid Might and Magic names,” my brother said through gritted teeth. I pouted.
“Fine, then. What about Tsuki? Kaori?”
“Or Japanese names. They all suck,”
“They’re girls’ names too. Well... what about... Sora? Riku? Kairi?”
“Why are you suggesting those?”
“You like Kingdom Hearts, I like Kingdom Hearts. It makes sense.”
“It doesn’t.”

After realising that my brother and I would enver agree on a name, we settled on buying two kittens.

“Wake up, Nikki,” my mother burst into my room the next morning, awakening me.
“Why? It’s early,” I grumbled, allowing my newly-opened eyes to adjust to the light that now surrounded me.
“Well, those two kittens you saw had already been sold, but there’s a lady about ten minutes away that has some kittens for sale. Really nice ones. There’s a tortie tabby girl there, and we have to be quick because there’s someone else that wants to by her, so get dressed now,” my mother told me before leaving the room. I sat up quickly and climbed out of bed. I changed in record time, and then leapt down the stairs, my brother following behind me. We clambered into the car and soon found ourselves at the woman’s house. I was handed a tiny brown ball of fluff, which snuggled into me and fell asleep. I stared at her goofily. She was absolutely perfect. My brother was handed a bouncing ginger and white kitten, who seemed so full of energy and excitement. My mother paid for them, and we left.
“Is Tsuki asleep?” I asked my brother as we sat in the car. My brother nodded.
“What’s your called, again?” my mother askewd my brother.
“Felix,” my brother said, unsurely.
“What about Taz? Wouldn’t that suit him better?”
“Yes, mum!” my brother smiled.

When we arrived home, we put the little kittens onto the couch. Taz played for a while, batting the feathery toy away with his paws. Tsuki was sleeping and she looked absolutely adorable. As she slept, I knelt down in front of the couch and whispered something to her.

“I promise that I’m going to look after you and love you forever,”

I meant it.
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