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Message To User Who Keeps Rating My Stories

by Banesraver666 9 reviews

Read the damn title!

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013-04-15 - 265 words

Look asshole, you have nothing better to do then, rate my stories a -1. You hontestly have nothing to do then, tell me my stories suck! You need to get a god damn life or a friggin' job or something!

You've hit a nerve with me & your ratings! Your just a bully, wanting attention! Well look, asshole you got it! Seriously, dude, I don't know what your fucking promblem is with my stories, I wirte for pure enjoyment & nothing else! So, what my stories aren't your damn cup of tea then, just leave me alone!

People like you are the reason why I don't really wirte on big sites like this because, when I do someone has to come & fuck shit like this for me. This is the only site that I feel comfortable with wiriting, since my other fan fiction site closed down due to money promblem's.

Whoever the hell you are, you need to leave me the fuck alone & stop rating my stories all together, I can take criticism but, when someone rates almost all of my stories a -1, there's something wrong with that.

I'm sorry my stories aren't up to yours or anyone elses standards but, I've been wiriting to damn long to give up. So, if you continue to rate my stories with a -1, I will be forced to take matters in my own hands by, contacting the administration.

Because people like you, who have nothing better to do then, ruin other users enjoyment, need to seriously go find something to do!


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