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What is that mysterious orb of heat and light in da sky? the Sun? well..

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What is this? This isn't normal.. eh. I like sunny weather.
But it's windy as fuck, blowing my hair about like ugh jeez.

Ash, when you do your fic thingy (not the collab with me, da other one) do a Kellic or Tayley. Mhm.

IT'S NON-UNIFORM DAY TOMORROW AT SCHOOL WOOO! It's blue day, because a guy in our school died of Teenage Bone Marrow cancer-thing about 6 years ago and we're raising money for it so we gotta wear something blue. I got dark blue skinny jean-legging things and I'mma wear them, a black top with 'Black Hearts' written over it and a star-pentagram thingy, my school cardigan (so I can put my phone somewhere) and a black vest under my top to keep me warm and not.. expose.. me. Also, wearing mah converse shoes :3 Nice outfit there, huh?

Today, I'mma write the newest chapter of This Blood Evacuation. I can take it the ending two ways. either:

a) Vic dies, and I kill myself. (Like Romeo and Juliet ending.)
b) It all is a dream, the fire. Vic lives, and I get over self-harm, blah blah (a mushy ending, I'm crap at mushy endings..)

So, if you want a cool ending, choose option a.
If you want a rubbish ending, that'll make me go 'what the actual fuck is this?' in like 10-odd years time, choose option b.

I'm also gonna write a oneshot, called The Dream. It'll be a oneshot, based off a dream I had a few nights ago. Basically, the dream was:

I met a new kid at my school, all I could see in my dream was he had black hair, fringe over the eye, and pale white skin. We got talking, after the populars pointed him out to me, and we each discovered our love for the same bands. Then, we fall in love after some time, and just before we're about to kiss for the first time, the dream ended. Kinda sad, actually. I'm waiting for that random dude to actually show up at my school.. maybe he will, never know. Anyway, this dream felt so so real omg.

Now, back to yesterday's drama. Liz, I'm not mad at you no more, but that doesn't mean I forgive you. I'm just not pissed at you okays? I'm in a good mood today, I don't want it ruined.



I did what I could, I practically begged you to pretend everything looked fine. A soul sacrifice, an American nightmare, I'd rather be dead ~ Pierce The Veil, The Boy Who Could Fly.

I like this lyric from The Boy Who Could Fly, so this is the second choise:

I bet your Mommy had you running to the bathroom, you barely started drinking but your beauty never stopped you, you died in California by the sofa and the sun, I guess I never should have loved you, but I'd do whatever 'cuz you loved me.


Right. I need help on the next chapter of This Blood Evacuation. Anyone wanna help me with it? Just give me ideas you think will fit in with the ending you want, and the one I can best word and stuff, I'll officially choose.

That is all. Going on Twitter fo' a bit. (haha I am soo ghetto today..)

xoxo Sadie
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