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January 19th

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For my baby.

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January 19th - how did I even see it coming?

Well, I didn't.

As I woke up, I didn't think it would be a life-changing day. I had no breakfast. I got dressed. I looked in the mirror and punched it. No biggie.

I got to school, and opened my email. The first thing I did was to email a girl called Sam. She was a close friend of mine, very very close. She was the first one I told about my break-up with my former girlfriend. Sam was, in general, amazing.

I emailed her for the first three periods. Fuck doing work, I preferred talking to people I cared about.

It happened in Art.

I was emailing Sam again, and we were just joking round, saying we were gonna get engaged. At one point, I asked "so, am I your girlfriend now?" To that, she replied "yes". Not much of a story, but that's how it happened.

1 month later, we were still together.

2 months later, we were writing oneshots for each other.

And 3 months? Well, today makes three months. (I just yelled at my brother because of this.) Today marks three months.

This relationship is special.

With the first two, I couldn't remember the date. I couldn't discuss things that I do with Sam - I couldn't go out to a party without having someone freak the fuck out at me. With Sam, things are so much different, and I love it. The past 3 months have been like heaven, because I've been with her. And I love her, so very much.

Happy 3 months, Sam. I love you. < 3

-Ash xø
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