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In your arms tonight

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George's feelin' down, because Pattie just left him, so he finds comfort in alcohol and.. John.(Author's note: This is my first fan fiction guys, hope you like it.)

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George went out of the bar where he spent all day drinking, not even tellin' his best
friend John that Pattie has left him earlier. He kicked the door and stumbled right before he walked out, realizin' it's dark and cold outside, probably around 2am in the morning. He was
all alone, only the cold breeze hittin' against his face as his long, dark, messy hair fell into his eyes:

''Bloody hell!'' George looked around with his hand on his head as he pulled his hair slightly, obviously not knowing where he is.

''She freakin' left me! Can ye imagine this, I wrote a song about her!'' he sighed with tears in his eyes, maybe it was because of the alcohol, George usually never shows his feelings. He was still holdin' the bottle of whiskeyas he brought it to his cold, almost blue lips and after taking a sip or two the bottle was empty.
John was lookin' for his friend for hours now, but there was no sign of him. Lennon kept drivin' around as he suddenly saw a dim figure in the distance.

''That may be him..Is it? he though as he shrank his eyes, starin' at the man for a while with a worried look on his face. Finally, the lights of the car blinded the younger man's eyes as Lennon moved closer. John recognized the pale skin and weak body, it was really George.

''My God!'' John stopped the car and got out, runnin' over to Harrison. He threw his hands to his friendand pulled him in a very tight hug, patting gently his lower back.

''George!'' Lennon gasped in his tears ''W-why did ye left? Don't do this ever again, me and the guys got worried! I..'' he suddenly caught his breath, being interrupted by the smell of alcohol.

''Geo..are ye drunk?''
George pulled away quickly as he burst into laughter.

''Ey', who's drunk, Lennon? M' not freakin' drunk, man, yer drunk.''
John let out a loud sigh and took his friend's hand.

''Let me take care of ye, okay? It's not good fer' ye to stay here, yer freezin'. C' mon!'' John pulled Joj to the car and helped him get inside. He lit the car and drove away to George's house. In a few minutes they arrived. Lennon wrapped his arm around Geo's skinny waist as they reached the place.

''Ey', don't leave.'' whispered the younger man as he walked in and stumbled in the clothes he left on the floor earlier, he was throwin' stuff when he understood that Boyd's leaving. John rushed in and grabbed him by the arm, so Harrison stood on his legs without fallin'.

''Okay, it's okay!'' Lennon tried to cool down his frien and gave him a slight smile, the led him to the bedroom, lyin' him down.

''Just take a rest, buddy. I'll be here all the time, there's nothin' ye should worry 'bout.'' He pulled the blanket up and wrapped it around Joj's weak body.

''M' cold. Don't leave here, Lennon, I feel like m' 'bout to die!'' the guitarist sit up and pulled John's hand.

''M' here, buddy, I promise I won't leave ye, 'kay?''
Harrison pulled John again, this time makin' him lie down next to him, so now they were both lookin' at each other. The younger man placed his hand on Lennon's cheek, still keepin' their eye contact. Lennon was a bir scared right now, his heart beating faster than before as he felt Joj's breath hittin' against his skin. The young Beatle slowly moved closer and pressed his lips against John's. They both had a feeling, a really weird one, but it seemed like they were okay with this. They felt the shivers goin' through their bodies and the cold room suddenly became warmer as John's cheeks were turnin' red. They kept their lips locked for a few minutes now, but then Geo pulled away slowly and as he opened is eyes he noticed that John was actually enjoying the kiss, so does George. Johnny's eyes were still closed and his breathin' was heavy. A wide, warm smile appeared on Geo's lips while he was starin' at his friend. The older Beatle opened his eyes, now realizin' everything was over. Harrison wrapped his arm around Johnny's waist and rested his head on his chest.
John was starin' up at the ceiling for a few ours, still shakin' a bit', but then as he heard Harrison's chucklin' in his sleep, Lennon calmed down and smiled softly right before he closed his eyes and fell asleep in George's arms...
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