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Konan's Comfort

by NaruHinaSakuFan1

Naru/harem the girls wanna show their "Appreciation" for saving the village

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Konan's Comfort

Naruto x Konan

Author's notes

Ok I thank everyone for waiting so patiently for this chapter to come out, I finally got my laptop, so I am now able to update faster, plus I can add more than 1 chapter at a time, I would like to thank Slicerness for his great ideas for this chapter, both him and me have made a few changes to the original idea to this chapter, so I hope you like the chapter, so please review, message, or send me a suggestion for the story enjoy

P.s I would like to point out that a few Kunoichi weren't added to the poll, such as Samui and Hotaru, as well as some other's the reason why I didn't was because I felt that it was too late to add some new names to the poll, so I'm just telling all you reader's that every girl in the show is basically added, the only problem is that I don't watch the anime that much, so some of the women you ask for I may not of heard of them so just give me their name and I'll look them up ,I'm sorry if this confuses any of you And for those who wanted a Hotaru chapter, one will be made for her soon so if you have any ideas for any of the Kunoichi just send me a message enjoy the chapter

_ _ _ _ _The Next Day 1:00 p.m._ _ _ _

Naruto Was fast Asleep In His Bed, The Sun's Ray's Shinned Threw His Bedroom Curtin's Just Enough to Wake Him, So He opened His Eyes And Lifted Up His Head, Only to Realize That Neither Amaru or Hinata Were In Bed So he Got Out Of Bed Still nude And Headed To The Kitchen, Once There he Saw A Note On the Kitchen Table.

Dear Naruto

Amaru told me and Karin That We had To take our Checkup's Before The Class Start's next Week, So I'm Guessing That The Other's Will Be There to ,We'll Be at you're new Dojo till Then, And Amaru Also Told Me that Tsunade-Sama Wanted to Talk to You About A mission before the Class Start's, So just In Case you Have to Leave Right Away Send A Shadow Clone To Tell Me The Detail's

P.S, Me and Amaru Made you Some Breakfast, I left It in the microwave.

Love Hinata and Amaru

"I See you're thinking About That Paper Women, it's About Damn Time I was Starting to Wonder when you were Gonna bag her, From The Way her Facial Expression was I say she needs a good, long Rough fucking" Said Kyuubi as Naruto Almost Chocked on his food.

"Ok I'm Afraid to Ask You this but I will Anyway, but How Could you tell that from just her facial expression, That she needs a good, long Rough fucking"said Naruto as he was drinking some water.

"Ok, All That Time That You were talking to her, didn't you notice that she was talking in a serious matter all that time, even when she gave you that Banquet of Paper Rose's, she never even popped a smile". Said Kyuubi

"True, But you have to think about it, both of her friend's died she said it herself both Nagato and Yahiko were everything to her, you cant expect her to be cheerful after something like that, even when Nagato gave back the life's he took from the village". Said Naruto as Kyuubi began to think about it

"Well for me it would have gone completely different for me in the demon world" said Kyuubi.

"How so?"Asked Naruto

[*"You See In the demon world when a male demon dies and leaves behind a girlfriend or wife, some of the other male demon's would show compassion, towards the girl, and eventually one of them get's laid, it's the same for a funeral, I remember this one time one of my male friend's died from miss mark territory" Said Kyuubi
(A/n I was watching weeding crasher's and I thought about this part, if some of you reader's feel that's offense of it tell me)

"What Does that mean?" asked Naruto as he finished eating and started washing the dishes

"It Means that he tried to mark someone's else territory, demons don't like it when another demon try's to clam someone's area, but any way's his girlfriend was a smoking hot wolf, so a week had passed and the funeral was starting, me ,Hachibi and Shukaku had a bet, who out of the three of us would bag her first, the winner of the bet get's barging right's and can clam her as one of his or her mate's, Some women had both male and female mate's, but any way's the loser's would have to give the winner anything he wanted of theirs no question's asked" said Kyuubi

"I take it you won this bet right, could you tell me the short version" said Naruto wanting to hear the end of the story

"Yea, After just 3 days of Showing Compassion, showing you care, talking her out, and asking her if she needed a hug, I had her doing stuff in the sack that would blow your mind, hell she was speechless when it ended, and that was only on the first night" said Kyuubi thinking of the past

"So How Dose hearing you telling me about how you fucked a wolf, have to do with me anyway" asked Naruto a little curious

"Everything, the next time you see her show her compassion, caring, sensitively, and how much you're willing to hug, and I guarantee that she'll be riding you like a crazy person, plus she'll do anything you want, some women just like that brunette girl you fuck, will even be willing to be you're fuck toy" said Kyuubi

"I see what you mean I guess, but how many time's did you do that trick to get women, and what did the Hachibi and Shukaku give you when they lost the bet" asked Naruto as he finished washing the dishes, and put his shoes on and headed to the Hokage tower

"Heh, Well you remember when I said that the Nibi was a crazy bitch, and the sex was to die for" said Kyuubi

"Yea I remember" Replied Naruto

"Well at the time she was dating the Hachibi, in the demon world it doesn't matter if you have a girl friend, most demon guy's just try to fuck the most female's demon's, but some girl's are stronger then the male's so some guys are freaked when they try to get a female demon stronger than them but as I was saying when Hachibi told Nibi about the bet, she was a little pissed, but she was even more pissed when he told her want she had to do" said Kyuubi

"What did she have to do" asked Naruto

[*"She had to go on a date with me, so when I took her out I guess she really liked it after all, so even when the bet was over she continued to see me even while dating Hachibi, so we went on a few date's and I eventually fucked her, after that she got all stalker mode on me and stuff, so when I got sealed I was a little happy, I was finally able to have some time to myself, so like I said before beware of her container" said Kyuubi
thinking that Naruto was so screwed when he meets the Nibi Container

"And what About Shukaku, what did you get from him" asked Naruto

"I got his x ray goggles that he always used to pep on women, and kit once you get done talking to that leader of yours I need to talk to her about something' asked kyuubi

"What About?" he replied

[*"There's something I need confirmed from her, and I need to ask her a few question's, it's a little personal, so this might be stupid to ask but is it alright if I take over your body for awhile, I need your permission to do it, and you can gain control instantly, if you think I'm tricking you" asked Kyuubi

"I guess, I trust you enough, and it's as you said I can gain control instantly, but as a favor I'll go into my mediation state, so I won't hear what the two of you talk about, since it's personal" said Naruto as he arrived at the Hokage tower he saw Shizune at the front desk working on some paper's

"Hey Shizune, is Baa-chan here? I was told that she had a mission for me, before I start the Kunoichi training class" said Naruto

"Hi Naruto, yea she's in her office right now, you know where you go said Shizune as Naruto went up the stair and she went back to work

"Ok thanks' replied Naruto as he went upstairs after a few minutes he got to the top floor and to her office door and opened it

"Hey granny, you got a mission for me?" said Naruto as he closed the door

"Stop calling me that brat, but yea I got a mission for you, I got a letter from the new leader of Amegakure (village hidden in the rain) actually I got 2 letter's one addressed to me and one to you" said Tsunade as Naruto sat down and she gave him the letter

"So what did yours say" asked Naruto

"Well before I tell you, I think to ask if you know their leader, because from what my letter says it seems that he or she knows you" asked Tsunade as she looked at Naruto

"Yea I do, you remember Konan she was with Nagato, the one who was controlling the six pain bodies" said Naruto

"Ummm… her, I kinda remember her I never really saw them when they were kid's, not until I saw that one pain body came at he and some anbu" said Tsunade

"Oh you Mean Yahiko, he was the one that made me go six tails then almost the full nine, but what did your letter say" asked Naruto

"It asked if I could send you there for a few days, Konan has requested that you become the ambassador between our two village's, it also says that you're the only one she trust's with this responsibility, and if you accept the job open your letter and read it if not just throw it away' said Tsunade

Naruto was thinking about it, this way he could meet Konan again and he did want to try that trick that kyuubi used to get that wolf girl "hey kid Accept the offer, weren't just thinking about her not even 10 minutes ago, and didn't you want to see her again, this is your chance" said Kyuubi hoping he was say yes

"Ok granny I accept the offer, but what does an ambassador do?, I know Temari's one but I never asked her what she job was about" asked Naruto

"What you'll do is take regular document's and special document's, or plan's for safety for the villager's just in case of war, you'll also get you spend some time there like a vacation, plus you get to help run the country, like giving you're opinion's on mission's or a better way to help the villager's there, it's almost like being Hokage, except you choose you're hour's, and no paper work, and a few other things' said Tsunade

"Wow all that, I'll do my best, but how long will I be gone, since the Kunoichi class start's next week" asked Naruto

"Since Amaru is doing the check up's for all of them it's gonna take some time, and the other girl's from the other countries also have to have a checkup. So they should start coming tomorrow, so counting them all together it's gonna take awhile until Amaru's done, so if she's not done by that time, we'll wait till she's done and when you get back, so don't worry about the class, so get ready and pack you leave right away" said Tsunade

"Hold on granny, before I go I have someone who needs to talk to you: said Naruto

"Who?" asked Tsunade?

"The Kyuubi, he says that he needs to talk to you about something personal, so I'm gonna let him take over for awhile, and don't worry I can gain control instantly, plus I wont be listening, I'm gonna be in my mediation as he talks to you" said Naruto

"Are you sure you can trust him, fox's are known for being tricky, but if you trust him, I guess it's ok" replied Tsunade as Naruto tilted his head down and went into his mediation state after a few minutes his head tilted back up his eyes' shot open, and turned red with a dark line in both eye's, his whisker marks grew out a little more ( just imagetion him in semi demon form)

"Ok, now shall we get to business, I don't have all day, I have a few question's I need you to answer, and I'm willing to bet that you may have some as well right?' said Kyuubi as he put his leg's on the table and looked at Tsunade

Tsunade looked at the person in front of her, she never really saw Naruto in his semi demon form before, and it was a little weird to her to see another voice coming out of his mouth

"So how can I possibly be of help to a demon like yourself" asked Tsunade in a serious voice

"touchy, aren't we, look I just have a few question's that's all, so there's no reason for to be a bitch with me" said Kyuubi in a more angry voice

"No there's plenty of reasons why I should be a bitch to you, thanks' to you Naruto's life been like hell ever since he was born, and because of you both his parent's died" said Tsunade in a both serious-minded and enraged voice

"Ok, first of all you don't know the full story of what happened that night, I bet that old man you call third Hokage didn't tell you everything, Matter of fact he only knew half of what happened that night didn't he ever wonder how I mysteriously appeared that night, and what both of his parent's said before they died, I know every single detail of what happened that dreaded night" said Kyuubi

"So you know everything that happened, ok we'll discuss that later, so what do you want to ask me" said Tsunade

"First question, when are you gonna give the kid his original last name, he already knows who's his father is, don't you think it's time the villager's knew who his parent's are" said Kyuubi

"Why this sudden interest in Naruto, before I answer" asked Tsunade

"if you must know I've seen how you're village treat's Jinchuriki, in my opinion it's just an excuse to let out all you're sadness and hate, just because instead of a child you people see a demon, you and everybody that knew I was sealed in this boy never knew this but I watch from time to time from his mind, I've seen this boy take a lot of abuse of all kind's abuse that no child should ever have to encounter, and you call us demon's, so are you gonna answer my question?" said Kyuubi getting a little annoyed

"I know that all villager's treat Jinchuriki the same no matter how different we are, but his parent's agreed that he should have his mother's maiden name, until he was old and strong enough to defend himself, they didn't want their emimes to come after him, but I'll take it into consideration I do feel that he's strong enough to carry on the Namikaze name, now that I've answered your question I have one for you" said Tsunade

"Ask Away" replied Kyuubi

"How much do you know about his parent's exactly?" asked Tsunade?

"Wait! you never knew, oh my god this village and you're secret's I can't believe that you were never told this, but I was sealed in Kushina when she was a little girl, matter of fact this is the first male that I've been sealed into, personally I feel as if I'm a family heirloom or something, first I'm sealed into a women that would marry the first Hokage, then I'm sealed into a hyperactive, nonstop talking and fighting girl that would marry the fourth Hokage, and now her son that's even more hyperactive, ramen addicted, loud mouth then her, I have to say the Uzumaki clan really knew their stuff about sealing, but I don't know much about the father expect his name and that he was Hokage as for Kushina I know everything she was more talkative with me then the first one and the boy " said Kyuubi thinking of the past

"Huh?, you said that you're first container married the first Hokage, you were sealed in my grandmother, but she died of old age, how did you get from her to Kushina, and were you still sealed in her when she gave birth to my mother' asked Tsunade in astonishment

"Hold on I already answered you're question, now it's my turn now, the other reason why I wanted to talk to you is because I wanted to warn you" said Kyuubi as he looked at Tsunade

"Warn me? About what?" asked Tsunade

"Well as you know all animal's have that time of the year when they try to find a mate have kit's of their own, well the same goes for me and the other 8 Biju this usually happened's to us every couple of century's and giving our current position of being sealed into human's, our container's are gonna let's say…. be more playful with the opposite sex " said Kyuubi hoping that Tsunade would get the hint

"So what you're saying is that Naruto and the other 8 Jinchuriki are gonna be in heat, for how long? and are their gonna be any side effects?, other than him trying to fuck every girl he see's" asked Tsunade wondering if she should cancel the Kunoichi class

"that's exactly what I mean, as for how long it depends on the demon we never really kept track of how long it lasted, as for the effect's it changes a bit, it as I said before this is the first male that I've been sealed into so all you got to do is think of all the trick's guy's use to get a girl in the sack, so don't worry you don't have to cancel the Kunoichi class, just because he's gonna be in heat, and also that girl Amaru, I remember her from awhile back she has the zero tailed leach sealed in her you may also want to watch out for her as well " said Kyuubi

"Well he's only seventeen, how bad could it be, I'm sure Naruto can control himself with the Kunoichi, but what's this about Amaru I never knew there was a zero tail's how'd that happened" said Tsunade

"first What do you mean by he's only seventeen!, lady you were seventeen before weren't you, with those big tit's of yours I bet there was a long list of men who couldn't wait till you were eighteen, plus I forgot to tell you that he's hormones are gonna get supercharged so it's aint gonna be like normal, I say that the hyuga girl is gonna like him more and more as this continues on" Said the Kyuubi

"But hold on, you said that Amaru had the Zero tails in her, so that makes her a Jinchuriki as well, just how much will her Hormones increase" asked Tsunade

"Your right she is one as well, but she's a different case, just like that boy Sora who had just some of my Charka, that stupid leach litteary feed's on charka making it stronger, plus that stupid leach isn't even part of us nine Biju, but I'm babbling, her Hormones will increase a lot almost to the level of the two tail's or more, but there's only so much charka that he can take to get stronger, so you have nothing to worry about, she'll just be a very horny girl who just want's to bang the guy she like's in this case it's the boy, even you should've seen that one coming" said Kyuubi

"So what you're basically telling me is that I'm gonna have 3 very horny female Jinchuriki and their all after Naruto, what did Naruto do to attract that" asked Tsunade

"Well let's see. (1)- He saved most of the Jinchuriki from being dead, (2) – from what I saw on that mission he saved that girl from getting depressed and releasing the zero tail's and he saved her from her teacher, so I say he did a lot for them, plus along with the other girl's that are coming I can say that at least a few more of them either have a crush or gonna have a crush on him sooner or later" said the Kyuubi

"Was that all you had to tell me, or was there more" asked Tsunade

"I'll let you ask me one more question, after that I'm going back to a little business that I left to talk to you" said Kyuubi

"Well I could ask you about Kushina and my grandmother, but I'll wait another time for that, but what I would like to know is, other then actually helping Naruto, what else is there, I feel that your hiding something from all this" asked Tsunade

[*"Well there is, but I'm not gonna say what that is, but before I go there is just one more thing you should know, I've talked to the eight tail's and his container, and after some bitching from the both of them I've talked them into letting the boy train at their village for the rest of his training to control my power's, at first the stupid container wouldn't shut up with his rapping and singing, but the eight tail's shut him up and made him think about it, the boy doesn't know this yet and I'll tell him on a later time "Said the Kyuubi

"So you really think he can fully control your power, and what's he got to do to control it' asked Tsunade

"I asked the eight tail's the same thing, I kinda laughed when he told me, but you'll find out eventually, but it's been good talking to you and all, but I've got some business to intend to, I'll talk to you again, and just remember this kid as lived hell, it's time for the boy to at least live happily for awhile' said Kyuubi as he titled his head down

Naruto's face turned back to normal after a few minute's she head titled back up and he opened his eyes

"So granny what did the two of you talk about?' asked Naruto as he took his leg's off the desk

"I'll tell you about it when you get back, but for now hurry up and pack up, and don't forget to read the letter" said Tsunade as Naruto got up from the chair and headed to the door

"Ok I guess, I'll see you in a few days, and oh yea I almost forgot, when those other Kunoichi get here's Just send Hinata over she has her own key, I made her a copy, cya granny' said Naruto as he opened the door and left

As Naruto left the Hokage tower he headed home to pack, but then he remembered that Hinata wanted him to tell her about the mission so he made a shadow clone

"Ok, go to the dojo, and tell Hinata all about the mission, once you do you'll pop" said Naruto

"Ok" said the clone as the original went home to pack

Meanwhile at Naruto's Dojo
Hinata, Karin and Sakura were at Naruto's Dojo Sakura was told by Tsunade that she needed to have a checkup today, so she didn't have to wait with the other Kunoichi, once again Hinata introduced Karin, but surprisely Sakura and Karin it hit off quickly only minutes of meeting the two talked as if they been friends for years. As for Amaru she was in her medical room getting everything ready she was lucky that Naruto gave her the Kunoichi medical record's the other day when she gave him his "checkup" she was also lucky that Tsunade decided to only let her give 3 Kunoichi a day their checkup since they usually took so long to do, so she got everything ready and decided to start the check up's, so she walked out of the medical room

"Ok Karin can you come with me, it should only take a little while for the checkup' said Amaru as Karin got up and went inside the medical room and closed the door. As Karin was taking her checkup Sakura noticed that Hinata was a little sad that and she kept signing

"Hey Hinata, what's the matter, you've been signing all this time" asked Sakura

"it nothing, it's just that Naruto might be going on a mission and that means he's gonna be gone for days, plus the whole thing with Kiba going on, I don't know what I'm gonna do" said Hinata as she signed again

"Awww… man I was hoping to see Naruto today, it's been such a long time since I last seen him, I wanted to ask him if he wanted to go shopping with me today, I wanted him to pick out something sexy for me to wear for the class, and what do you mean by the whole thing with Kiba, I thought for sure he'd leave you alone, when you did that Futanari jutsu" said Sakura

"I thought so to, but he still wont leave me alone, I've tolden him plenty of time's no, I'm starting to run out of ideas" said Hinata thinking of new way's to avoid Kiba

"Well if your so trouble by this, how about you stay over my place, for a couple of day's, I bet Kiba doesn't have the ball's to show himself while your over my house, I'll even invite Ino and TenTen, just in case for extra support, we can make it a sleep over" replied Sakura

"Really you don't mind, I don't want to trouble you with my problem's" said Hinata as she looked at Sakura

"It's no problem, kiba is just the type of guy who cant take a hint, I'll even ask Amaru and Karin to join, since they just meet they can become friend's as well" said Sakura

"Thank's Sakura, I owe you one, Replied Hinata feeling a but of liberation about Kiba asking her out

But as the two Kunoichi were talking about the sleep over, they didn't know that a certain stupid and disillusioned Inuzuka teen had just gotten to the dojo and was watching them, he had just gotten there to overhear that Sakura was having a sleep over and Hinata was gonna be there, he didn't hear anything about why they were having the sleep over

"Damn Hinata's so fucking hot today, I mean look at her, hot body, Hugh breast, and the perfect ass, Naruto doesn't deserve someone like her, it should be me banging that hot piece of ass, not him, but no worries, soon, she'll see that I'm the better man then he is" thought Kiba as he popped his head in from a far window and could see them talking.

"Bur after that freaky dream that I had of her having a cock, was just so wrong, I couldn't even look at her straight for the past few day's, but not even that made me stop asking her out, but for now how am I gonna make another move on her…. Maybe once she's alone I can follow her, then I'll make my move" thought Kiba as he started to imagetion how it would go.

_ _ _ _Kiba's fantasy_ _ _ _

Once Hinata left the dojo, she had left to go home and pack her thing's for the sleepover, Kiba quickly followed her to her's and Naruto's apartment building/home, Hinata had then went into the elevator and went to the fourth floor, after a couple of minutes she made it to her room and opened the door and entered and then closed it, Kiba then quickly ran up the stairs not wanting Hinata to hear the elevator. Once to the fourth floor Kiba knocked on the door until Hinata opened it

"Oh it's you Kiba-kun, what are you doing here" asked Hinata as she looked at her team mate

"You know why I'm here Hinata, I love you and I know you love me, so let's stop playing games here, I'm the guy for you not Naruto" said Kiba as he leaned onto the door frame and looked at Hinata

"Oh kiba-kun, I've been so foolish and stupid, I love you to" said Hinata as she wrapped her arm's around him and kissed him. After a minute they pulled apart.

"What do you say; we head back to my place and make a real women out of you" Said Kiba as he grabbed her ass.

"Why not right now, Naruto's not gonna be here for day's that gives us plenty of time, all I want is your big cock kiba, I've always wanted it, I was just so blind to see that you were the one for me, not Naruto, besides he cant satisfied my need's, for pleasure, take me right here right now" said Hinata as she grabbed Kiba's shirt collar and pulled him into the room.

_ _ _ _end of Kiba's fantasy_ _ _ _

Kiba was just staring into space as his fantasy went on, until he sadly snapped out of it to hear the front door of the Dojo open to see a Naruto Clone come in and head towards them, Kiba made sure to stay quite as he heard the conversation. "So I'm guessing that he as a mission," Said Hinata as the clone stopped in front of them

"Ya, he's a accepted a job for Amegakure, so he'll be gone for a few days, he's also accepted a job to be the ambassador for both village's, and that the other Kunoichi for the other village's should be heading here by tomorrow so granny will call you to the office and take them back to the house, and that's all, if you have anything to tell him it's best you tell him now" said the clone as he looked at Hinata

"Well ok I guess, tell him that I love him and to be careful, and that when he gets back I have a little surprise for him, plus that I'm having a few of the girl's staying over we have a few thing's to discuss" said Hinata as she looked at Sakura with a blush

"Ok, he'll know everything once I pop, bye" said the clone as it popped

"Ok, Hinata let's discuss to see who brings what to the sleepover" said Sakura as the two of them started talking about the sleepover once again.

This time Kiba felt like he hit the lottery, Naruto was gonna be gone for the next few days and Hinata was gonna be alone for at least couple hours until the sleepover started. "Yes Naruto's gonna be gone, this is like a dream come true, this gives me a window of opportunity, now all I've got to do is make sure I get a few minutes of Hinata's time's, to convince her that I'm the one for her and not Naruto, plus I have to get Sakura out of the way, I've seen her hit Naruto plenty of time's to see her strength, I don't want that to happened, she'll probably hit me to the next freaking village, but soon Hinata will be mine and we'll both me happy" thought Kiba as he sat down thinking about his plan until Hinata and Sakura left the dojo.

Back To Naruto

Naruto was at Home packing, He packed a few pair's of clothes, training clothes, some tool's and a few dozen pack's of ramen, knowing it was gonna take a few days to get to Amegakure, a rain coat, he also packed the scroll with the Hiraishin Technique with a few of those 3 pointed Kunai since he was the only one who could open it, is someone tried to open it the scroll would burn instantly, giving the thief a very bad case of second degree burn's on the hand's, so as he was just about done packing he remembered the other letter that Konan gave to Tsunade for him in case he accepted the job, so he took the letter out of his pocket and unfold it and began to read

Dear Naruto Uzumaki

If you are reading this letter than it means that you've accepted the job as our ambassador and I Thank You for that, Now as you read there will be a list of living conditions that you may either change or add at any given time, and upon accepting the job if you require any further help in your training, please do not hesitate to ask since we both had the same sensei, I feel that we both could learn a new few thing's from each other, and after reading this letter a map will be shown behind this letter, just in case I'm not in my office, I will be at my newly rebuild home, that me, Master Jiraiya, Nagato and Yahiko lived in, no one in the village is allowed to go there so if you arrive just go there, I hope to see you soon



l l l l

As Naruto got done reading the letter he turned the letter around, only to see in fact that a map of where her home was, so he folded the paper back and put it back in his pocket he sensed that his clone had dispelled and was told what Hinata had Said about, that she loves him and to be careful, and that she was gonna have a few of the girl's stay over "What hell a sleepover, how come he she deiced's to have it now of all time's, that's a load of bull, what she could let me join in" thought Naruto to himself mad that six of the girl's he already fucked were gonna be at his house god only know's what without him.

So Naruto Hurried up and finished packing, but before he left he also packed the Hiraishin technique scroll since he was the only one who could open it, for example if someone stole the scroll and tried to open it, it would instantly catch fire losing the technique forever give the thief a very bad case of 2nd degree burn's of their hand's, so Now he left the apartment building/house and headed to Amegakure.

_ _ _ _10 Minutes later of walking_ _ _ _

After Ten Minutes of walking he had just pass the gate of the village and was on his way to Amegakure until [*"Hey kid I know that you just started walking, but how come you don't use the Hiraishin technique, I've seen you practice it a few time's don't you think that this would be a good test run on it, it'll save you lot of time instead of day's you could probably get there in hours. Said the kyuubi
as he waited for an reply

"Ummm….., I guess you're right this would be a good time to test it, I've only started on the starter version of the technique, I could probably go a good distance so far and the cost of charka is really nothing anything to me, so I'll have to use the technique about a dozen times before I get to Amegakure from here, once I get there I'll ask Konan if there's a place I can use to practice the rest of the technique" thought Naruto as he stopped walking and took off his pack back and took out a few of those three pointed Kunai, just in case he needed more

"Ok Kid I've memorized the entire Hiraishin technique, now for the starter version, you have to concentrate your charka to your hand's and to your feet, since the seal's on the Kunai absorb a ton of charka for very long distances, after that throw the kunai as far as you can and teleport then you grab it in midair and teleported again, and you should be there in no time at all" said Kyuubi as he made sure he was right about the technique

"Ok I'll try, but Kyuubi before I try this can I ask you something?" said Naruto as he concentrated his charka to his hands and feet

"Sure kid, Ask away" said Kyuubi

"Ever since yesterday I've been feeling a little weird, like when I fucked Ino at the training ground's, and then when I fucked Amaru in her office, I still felt horny after all that, and today I feel like I'm even hornier then before, do you know what's going on" Asked Naruto as the Kyuubi was a little shocked to be ask that
[*"I'll tell you when you get to Amegakure, but for now just concentrate, you're charka and worry about using this technique to get from here to Amegakure, after that I'll tell you" said the Kyuubi
thinking of a way to tell his container that he was going into the first stage of being in heat

"Ok, but you better tell me once we get there, I feel as your hiding something from me" said Naruto as he threw the three pointed Kunai as far as he could and teleported and caught it in mid air and threw it again, he continued the process for quite some time

_ _ _ _ 1 Hour Later_ _ _ _

After an hour had passed Naruto found himself half way to Amegakure, but as he was teleporting he looked at his surrounding and saw that everything was going in slow motion as his body was going in his regular motion "Wow I can believe how cool this technique is, my father was a master at this technique, I wonder if this is what he saw when he used it" thought Naruto as he continued to throw the Three pointed Kunai

"I know what you mean kid, but just think about the other 2 versions, just to master level 1 you have to use a lot of charka , plus there's a level 2, for this move, I wonder what else this technique can be used for, just think of the possibilities kid" said Kyuubi as surprisely Naruto didn't hit any tree's or boulders

" But I still have a long way to go, until my fully master this move, I'm hoping that I'll at least get to the middle version of this move at Amegakure, after thatI'll see if I can test this move with the girl's when I get back I want to see the look on their faces when I show them what I've learned, plus when I get to Amegakure I want to see what Konan can teach me, since she did train with the preve sage she probably know's stuff I don't"thought Naruto as he could see the Amegakure gate just ahead

"Hey, I see the gate, now exactly how do I stop?" thought Naruto as he got closer to the gate

"Ok kid, I've thought this out perfectly all you have to do is aim the Kunai for the ground, before you get to the gate, there might be a small crater when you land but at least you stop, it's the best I could come up with, since you've only just learned this technique "Said Kyuubi

"What!, you want me to aim for the ground!, that's all the Great Kyuubi could think of, That a load of bull," said Naruto out loud

"What do you want from me , who's the Genius, who didn't think of a way to stop when, he was practicing, maybe the first time you tried this move you've would have thought of away to stop, so you either hit the ground, or you hit a building when you enter the village you chose" said Kyuubi

"I rather hit the ground, then a building I guess" said Naruto as he grabbed the Three Pointed Kunai in mid air and threw it to the ground as soon as the Kunai hit the ground Naruto went toward's it and sure enough Naruto's Body made a small crater in the ground, but luckily the impact didn't hurt him as much as he thought it would

"Ouch… my head…, next time I do this I'll try to land on something much softer" said Naruto as he could see stars twirling around his head as he got up

"Don't worry, you heal quickly, because of my power's, now we're here, all you have to do is enter the village and ask for that paper lady" said Kyuubi hoping that Naruto would have forgotten about asking why he was feeling weird

So after a 10 minute walk he finally got to Amegakure, luckily for Naruto his red and black flamed coat had a hat in case of rain, since he had to walk the rest of the way from where he landed "Hey Kyuubi now that we're at the village, can you tell me why I've been feeling weird, even now it's like I'm hornier then before" said Naruto as he continued to walk

"Crap, I thought that you would have forgotten about that when you hit you're head, but any way's remember earlier when I asked if I could talk to the old hottie you call a leader about something personal" said Kyuubi

"Yea what about it" Replied Naruto

"Well, I and she talked about a few things one of those things was about you and the other 8 Jinchuriki, but before I go any further, how much do you know about animal's" said Kyuubi

"Nothing really, there wasn't a class about it in the acadmacy, but I think Kiba's sister Hana does, I remember awhile back he told me and rock lee that she was a well respected Veterinarian, and I also remember when I went to his house and trained with him Kiba told me that all animal's have a time of the year when their in heat, so exactly how come you wanted to know if I knew about animal's" asked Naruto as he continued to walk
[*"Well, the reason is because, that weird feeling you have right now, means that you're in heat, since you and the other 8 Jinchuriki have us demon's/Animal's sealed in your bodies, also means that you get some of our attributes in this case means that for quite some time, your gonna be very very horny" said Kyuubi
wanting to see Naruto's reaction to the news

"Wait, What I'm in heat, when the hell did this start, and exactly how long is this gonna last" asked Naruto

"Like I said Kid for quite some time, you see it depends on the Biju, for example let's take the Shukaku he's been re-sealed into your friend gaara, as for him he'll only be in heat for a short time since he only has the one tail's, that mean's Gaara's hormones will be increase and get supercharged, due to the Shukaku Hormones so with the more tail's the container was sealed with the more increased and supercharged hormones the Contain is gonna have, so the two tail's container hormones will increase and supercharge by 2 and so on until yours truly, so all nine of you container's are very very very horny as of now" said the Kyuubi

"So it's been this way ever since I woke up at the hospital, after the pein fight, I've been in heat, and all that stuff I've done with the girl's that was just because I was in heat" asked Naruto as he saw two guard's heading toward's him

"Hell no, kid you've only just got in heat, yesterday you felt a little bit of it and today as well, but ever since the time you woke up at the hospital, it's only been your own hormones, at work believe me, if it was anytime after that those girl's wouldn't be walking straight for week's of instead for day's, but hey kid talk to the guard's first then we'll finish talking" said Kyuubi as the guard's stopped Naruto.

"Halt, what is you're name and what business to you have here" said one of the guard's what was wearing one of the Amegakure uniform's and headband

"The name's Naruto Uzumaki and I got a letter from Konan asking me to come here" said Naruto as he took out the letter he got from Konan. The two guard's looked at him in surprise at the mention of his name

"the same Naruto Uzumaki who defeated lord pein, and who gave new hope to our leader, it is truly an honor Naruto-sama, I didn't mean you no disrespect please follow us, lady angel should be in her office it's at the tallest building here, we'll take you there right away" said the other guard as the three started to walk

As the three were walking one of the guard's couldn't help but want to talk to Naruto "So Naruto-sama what bring's you to our village, surely a man such as your self would be more occupied with much other thing's, then to come to our village" said the guard

"You don't have to add Sama at the end of my name, just call me Naruto, but the reason why I'm here is because you're leader Konan, asked if I would be the ambassador to both the leaf and rain village" said Naruto as they walked

"Wow, that must be a great honor, Naruto-sa-…. UN I mean Naruto, our leader told us how you defeated lord pein, we were all shocked by the news, but when she told us that you gave her new hope for a better world. We couldn't help but want the same thing, our village is truly grateful that you helped both lord pein and God's angel see that a better world will come "said the guard as the three stopped at the tallest building in the village.

"Ok Naruto, just head in there and tell the secretary that you have an appointment with God's angel, after that she'll take you to her office, and if you need any help at all come get us at anytime, we'll be at the gate" said the other guard as they bowed and left

So Naruto went into the building and saw a lady at the front desk, working on a few paper's, so Naruto headed toward's her

"Excuse me, I'm here to see Konan, I believe that she is expecting me" said Naruto as the women looked up to see Naruto

"What your Name sir?" asked the women?

"Naruto uzumaki" he replied

"Oh, yes Naruto uzumaki, she been expecting you, but she isn't here at the moment she's at her private area where she lives and train's, she told me that when you arrived to send you there, she also said that she gave you a map, so just follow it and you're be there" said the women

"Ok thank you" said Naruto as the women went back to work, but as Naruto headed out he noticed that the rained stopped so her took off his hood and took out the letter in his pocket and looked at the map and began walking

Naruto looked over the map and saw that Konan's home was about a 45 minute walk from where he was so as he began to walk he remembered the talk he had with the Kyuubi

"Ok Kyuubi, now tell me are there any side affect's from me being in heat, and should I be worried about any of them?" asked Naruto

"There's only a few, and since, (1) I'm the nine tailed fox, you're hormones will be increased by nine time's and supercharged by nine time's,(2) as you're in heat your body will begin to change little by little, meaning you'll look sexier in your case you'll get more muscular and unresistsable (3) since you're hormones are gonna greatly increase and supercharged you get ton's more of energy, so you'll be able to fuck more of your vixen's at the same time, (4) you will begin to be a charmer, meaning flirting and other stuff, and (5) all of you're ability's that you've been using on you're vixen's will get much stronger and that's it" said Kyuubi

"Ok, at least I know the side effect's, but will I continued to feel this weird, and the effect for my body just exactly how muscular, I don't want to look like one of those way over muscular guy's" said Naruto as the mental image popped into his head

[*"The feeling you have will pass very soon, as for the body, you wont look like that, you'll just have a little over the size of normal muscles, on both your leg's arm's and leg's, probably a little bigger, and you'll get a six pack, that effect has already started since you've been training the more physically fit you'll be and look, plus didn't you ever look in the mirror and notice that you looked more fit" said Kyuubi
as he wondered why his container was so stupid at times

"I was busy ok, but I'm ok with that side affect I guess, so since I've just entered being in heat, dose this mean I have a good chance to get Konan in the sack" asked Naruto

"Pretty high chance actually, but if you do what I say she wont want to get out of the bed, she'll probably get addicted to you like the other's, oh and I almost for got that the two female Jinchuriki will also have some of the side affects you have and as well as some of the ability's you have" said Kyuubi

"So their basically gonna be horny as hell, right?, and you said some of my ability's, just what kind do they have " asked Naruto getting curious

"Yup basically, as for the ability's, if I remember correctly, I think the two tail's had the touch of heat and the endless supply, meaning her container will cum a lot, but her touch of heat is a little different than yours " said Kyuubi as he began to think about it.

"Different? Just how different?, and what about the seven tails, do you remember her ability's as well" asked Naruto as he walked

"Well the two tail's container will be able to use her touch of heat in many other way's as you can, for you, you use it to give your vixen a warmth that can be increased to change the moon of your lover, but both the two and seven tails can use it to heat up part's of their body like, pussy, ass, mouth, and hand's, I know for a fact that the seven tails as most of your ability's like the touch of heat, endless supply, fantasy vision, and they both automatically have the stamina boost, so you'll be very busy with them" said Kyuubi secretly hoping that Naruto would meet the two female Jinchuriki

_ _ _ _40 minutes later_ _ _ _

After 40 minute's of small talk with the kyuubi, Naruto finally made it to Konan's home, he looked back and noticed that he could the entire village from where he was standing, he could why Konan deiced to live up a big hill, so he turned back and continued walking until he saw a fairly big house with freshly cut grass, so Naruto went up to the door and knocked a few time's after a minute the door opened

"Naruto uzumaki you've finally arrived, please come in, you must be hungry, from you long trip" said Konan wearing a blue and black Karate top with a matching skit bottom A/n it's the one she wore when she was a kid but in a larger size, and that's show's her figure)

"So I see that you don't have a hard time finding my home, would you like some tea, and rice ball's" said Konan as she went into the kitchen Naruto took off his red and black coat, along with his orange and black jump suit jacket and hung them both next to Konan's Akatsuki rope and put his shoes next to her's

Naruto looked around and saw that the inside of her home was big as well, he saw a few door's that probably lead to the bedrooms and bathroom, a big kitchen, with a nice living room with a few sofa's and a table in the middle.

"Ummm… sure I'd love some, and pretty nice house you have said Naruto polity, as he sat on one of the sofas, Konan came out of the kitchen with a tray with a pot and some rice's cake's and 2 cups.

"Why thank you, I just got dome rebuilding this place last month, and added the furniture about 3 week's ago" said Konan as she sat across from Naruto and poured him some tea

"How Come you had to rebuild it?" asked Naruto

"A few shinobi from a different village tried to kill me, Nagato and Yahiko, so they threw a few bomb kunai and destroyed the roof, but luckily a secret passage that Jiraiya-sensei made, came in handy, so I had to fix that and fix the entire place, since it constantly rained, so Naruto How as every thing been since the attack, I was gonna do visit, but I didn't want to cause a sean with the Shinobi there" said Konan in a clam voice

"Pretty good actually, the village is just about done getting rebuilt, and I've been working on my sage mode, now I can hold it much longer then I did before, but I'm still working on the fighting style of it while in sage mode" said Naruto as he looked at Konan, he noticed that she looked really sexy in that karate uniform and he could see that it showed an unusual amount of cleavage

"I'm glad the village is rebuilt, Jiraiya- sensei really did love that village, sometime's I still cant believe what me and Nagato did what we did, and exactly what kind of trouble are you having in the fighting style, from what I saw you did pretty well" said Konan as she looked at Naruto she noticed that without the orange and black jacket and with only a black shirt and orange pant's Naruto looked pretty fit for a boy his age, she also noticed that he had a four pack going on, but she didn't want to say anything

"The problem I'm having is the defense, even when I was fighting the Yahiko pain body and the others, I always's got caught by one of them, especially the one that could absorb my charka, I just cant stay still and let the enemy do that, and since some shinobi do have absorbing ablities I have to find away to counter that" said Naruto as he took a drink of tea

"Ummm….. I can see why you would be concerned, but I think I can help you with that, you see I know some ancient marshal arts that Jiraiya-sensei taught me and some that I picked up when traveling, I would gladly teach you some, but only if you fight me in sage mode" said Konan as she ate a rice cake

"Really thank you Konan, and sure I'll fight you in sage mode, but I owe you big time, if there's anything you ever need help with you just call me, how come you want to fight me in sage mode " said Naruto as he thought of a different way of repaying her

"I'll remember that you said that" she thought, Huh, oh because I saw how you fought Nagato and Yahiko and I wanted to see how my skill's were, since we didn't learn it I wanted to see it first hand" said Konan as she kept looking at Naruto's chest

"Sure no problem, I haven't really fought anyone in sage mode recently, but where are we gonna spare, outside or somewhere else" asked Naruto

"Actually before you got here, I was in my basement training, follow me and I'll take you there" said Konan in a more cheerful voice

So both Naruto and Konan got up and Konan lead Naruto to a door that went below Naruto was behind Konan as they went down the stairs. Naruto couldn't help but stare at her ass the longer he stared at it the more he just wanted to rip it off and shove his 14 inch cock in her "Damn just look at that piece off sweet off, it's like taunting me or something, I swear by the end of tonight, I will have my cock in her if my name's not Naruto uzumaki, plus I wonder how long she'll last" he thought hoping that she would last longer then Hinata. After a few minutes they finally made it down Naruto noticed right away that her basement was Hugh it looked half the length of a football filed, he noticed that she had a lot of weights , Kunai practice, and a few plastic dummy's that you could punch and a lot of stuff for training

"Wow Konan, it is amazing this basement, its Hugh, but before we start I have to concentric to get in sage mode" said Naruto as he started to concentric

Naruto stood completely still and balanced and then started to feel the natural energy mix with his own charka. Konan felt a few breezes of wind pass her after several minutes had passed Naruto opened his eyes Konan then saw that his eyes were toad like with yellow irises; horizontal bar-like pupils and reddish-orange pigment mark that of a true sage on each eye

"Ready Konan?" said Naruto as he got in a fighting stance.

"Ready, when you are Naruto" replied Konan as a bunch of paper came out of her pouch and wrapped around her both her hand's soon they started to take shape into a blade soon her hand's looked like a crescent moon shaped blade of paper

"What the hell!, blade's for hand's, I've never seen that before, how is she gonna fight me like that" thought Naruto as a few minutes passed of silence

Konan rushed forward as she swung her right hand to hit Naruto. But he quickly dogged, then Naruto did a spin kick but Konan turned her paper blade sideways and took the impact of his kick. But since Naruto was in sage mode his kick had more of an impact then Konan thought so it made a large dent on her paper blade. Konan backed away and saw the damage Naruto had done

"Amazing, just a simple kick, did that much damage, I can see why Nagato had a hard time fighting him, I wonder what else he can do in Sage Mode" thought Konan as the dent of her blade slowly went away

"Ok Naruto Uzumaki, let see what you can do" said Konan as she got in a fighting stance

"Let's see how long you can last, Konan" replied Naruto as he two got in a fighting stance, soon the two rushed at each other.

_ _ _ _ 1 Hour Later_ _ _ _

After an hour of sparing both Naruto and Konan decided to stop for the day since Konan "accidentally" cut Naruto's shirt in several places. That and they did so much damage to the basement it looked like 10 comet's it the basement floor

"Huf… Huf… Wow Naruto Uzumaki, that was amazing you've seem to have mastered Sage Mode pretty well, I can see why Nagato had a hard time fighting you" said Konan as the paper unwrapped around her hand's and went back into her pouch

"Speaking of Nagato, I wanted to pay my respects, but when I got here I didn't see any graves" asked Naruto as he looked at Konan while still in sage mode

"Oh that's because, I didn't bury them near here, I can take you to them now if you want, after that I'll make us some dinner" replied Konan as they went back upstairs they then put on their coat and robe and headed outside

_ _ _ _30 Minutes Later _ _ _ _

As they were walking Naruto noticed that they were pretty far from her house he was just about to ask why she would place their bodies so far from her home. But just as he was about to ask he say that she was a little sad. "Hey Konan are you ok?" asked Naruto

"Huh!, oh I', sorry I was thinking about a few thing's, what was it that you said" said Konan

"I asked if you were ok, you look a little said" replied Naruto

"I'm ok I just had something on my mind, but before we get there I have to ask you to keep this a secret, the reason why I placed their bodies so far from my house was because, I don't want certain people looking for Nagato's body" said Konan as the two continued walking

"But why would people want to look for Nagato's body?, how could his body be of any use to people?" asked Naruto

"Well as you probably know some countries would do anything for power, like kidnapping, cloning, and other things, well if anyone knew where Nagato's body was hidden they may try and take the Rinnegan and implant it in a shinobi, since the Rinnegan is even stronger then the sharingan" said Konan

"I know what you mean Kakashi- sensei has a sharingan implanted on his right eye, but I to think if any country for their hand's on the Rinnegan it would be dangerous, so don't worry I wont tell a soul about it" said Naruto giving Konan a big smile

So after 5 more minutes the two ended up at a rocky wall, Naruto was a little confused to why Konan would stop, just then Konan put her hand's straight forward and slowly the rock wall started to swift soon split apart like paper and soon a cave entrance was made

I made the whole entrance out of paper and made it blend in with the rocks, I've also put paper bombs all around this cave, just in case someone found this place" said Konan as she grabbed a torch and did a quick fire justu and the two entered

"Wow Konan that was amazing, I don't think anyone will ever find this place" said Naruto as they walked

"That's the idea" she replied

As the two were walking Konan looked at the corner of her eye and notice that Naruto was still in sage mode after all this time, she was kinda surprised that he managed to fight her as an equal in that spare. But even more surprising was that she couldn't help but see the shirt that she "Accidentally" cut in her defense she was trying to cut the whole thing off but Naruto kept dogging her attacks. She also couldn't help but notice how physically fit he was from what she could tell so far it look like Naruto had a 4 pack going on. She wanted to look more closely but she didn't want Naruto to notice. But unknown to her Naruto already knew what she was doing.

"Ummm… maybe I should tease her some more, like my shirt get's snag by a rock or something and rip's it off, or should I just take it off, either way I cant wait to fuck that nice piece of ass" Naruto thought as he kept looking at her ass after a few minutes of silence the two started talking about training, the Rinnegan, sage mode and other things a ninja dose soon Naruto could see a bright light at the end of the cave

After another minutes passed Naruto and Konan entered a very bright room, Naruto looked around and saw two pliers' with some weird designs and a large bowel shaped dome. Konan then put the torch down and went towards the dome and walked up the small feat of stairs. Naruto followed as he looked around soon Naruto had stopped and saw both Nagato and Yahiko body's laying peacefully Naruto then noticed right away that Nagato's bright red hair had turned bright gray

"Hey Konan how come Nagato's hair is all gray, the last time I'd seen him his hair was bright red what happened?" asked Naruto

"That because when Nagato, did the Geo Art Of Rinne Rebirth, at such a low level of charka it littery took everything Nagato had to bring the villager's back to life, even I was surprised at this when I brung them here and unwrapped them, I had saw that his was completely gray, and as you can see he's even smiling" said Konan as a tear came down her face

Naruto looked at her for a moment and saw how sad she was so he did the one thing he could think of he, grabbed her and pulled her close to him and gave her a hug, Konan couldn't help but want to cry more at the lived of her two friends so she tugged on Naruto a little more and leaned her head on his shoulder and started to cry. Naruto then looked at the corner of her eye to see that indeed that Nagato was smiling. As he looked at Nagato Naruto could understand why he was smiling so Naruto put his hand on Konan's back and said.

"Let it all out Konan, I know how it feel's to lose someone precious believe me, but if you ask me I think the reason why he's smiling is because he know's that a better world, will someday come and he know's that he can count on the both of us to make that happened" said Naruto as Konan was crying

After sometime had passed Konan stopped crying, she just stayed where she was having her on Naruto's shoulders after what Naruto had said about Nagato she felt some relief. Naruto knew what just to say to make her stop crying after a minute passed Konan started to blush and broke the hug and looked at Naruto

"I'm sorry Naruto Uzumaki, I didn't want you to see me like this, it's just that they were everything to me, and to see them like this is even more sading" said Konan as she wiped her face off with her rode

"Hey we're human after all everyone cried when a friend dies, even if we're Ninja we still grieve about our lost, Nagato was right about a few thing's in time of war both sides feel the pain of losing someone precious to them, but we have to live each day as if it we're our last, so let's make Nagato's and Yahiko's death a remberance of when a peaceful world will one day come" said Naruto in a determining voice. Konan blush even bigger as she looked at Naruto with her amber eyes.

"Yes i agree, with you completely Naruto Uzumaki, let's both achieve Nagato's and Yahiko's dream of a peaceful world and I also want to thank you for comforting me, I really needed it" said Konan as she got a peaceful look on her face with a Hugh blush on it

"No problem, I was glad to help, but just call me Naruto, you don't have to say my whole name" he replied as both Konan and Naruto paid their respect's and headed out

As the two started walking out of the cave, Naruto was already thinking of his plan for Konan. "I wonder what kinds of fetishes and fantasy's Konan has, I'm sure that I could put those to great use just like the other's" thought Naruto as he activated the fanasty vision jutsu and soon a very thin thread of the Kyuubi's charka went from Naruto's head to Konan's

Soon Naruto's vision turned black and white and time had frozen, after a minute a medium light blue rectangular box with four smaller rectangles within itm it then floated toward's him and he started to read them from in a straight line.

"Let's see what we got here" he said as he looked at the box. "Current fantasy's… that's always's a good one to check, recent fantasy's… I'll save that for a later time, past fantasy's… doable but I think I'll move on" he said as he looked at the box and saw the fetishes. "Now that's what I want to know" he said as he tapped the fetish button

And like always's another menu popped up with two more buttons that read, list? Or video? "Ummm… let me see, I wouldn't mind seeing the video's, but I think I'll go for the list" said Naruto as he pushed the list button a spilt second later a small screen popped up, and to Naruto's surprise the list was fairly short, and like always's it ranged from one to ten.

"Let me see… level 1 slapping, I could do that, Level 2 spanking, same thing like slapping, level 3 tight clothing, that would explain the karate uniform, level 4 being called names, I can defenality do that, level 5 being forced to have sex, damn Konan get's turned on very easily, level 6, being tied up , this is getting better and better, level 7 gagging , huh just like Ino and Sakura, level 8, pain, she's just like temari, but I can see why though, Konan is kinda emo, level 9 sex slave, I'm so making Konan my bitch now, and finally level 10, finally!, role-playing, Huh role-playing, I've never done that before, I never thought Konan of all people, would get turned on by that, but I think with the use of all these fetishes, I'm gonna make Konan a very satisfied women" thought Naruto as he deactivated the fanasty vision.

Soon time resumed and the two Ninja started walking, with the knowledge of Konan's fetishes Naruto began to think of his plan, as for Konan she couldn't help but think about Naruto, he helped her dearest friend find new hope for a better world. When they had lost all hope, and Naruto comforted her when she needed it the most. Konan looked at Naruto once again and saw how appealing he was. But for some strange reason she couldn't take her eyes off of him she then looked at him with more desirable look on her face.

"Hey Konan are you ok?" Asked Naruto as the two walked.

"Huh! Oh yes I'm fine, I was just thinking about…. Some of the thing's that me, Nagato and Yahiko used to do when we were kids, now that I think back to it, we never did any of the stuff we said we do" said Konan as he began to think back to her childhood

"Like what exactly" asked Naruto

"Well you may laugh at this, but we used to do a lot of role-playing, we liked to pretend one of us was the teacher, while the other two were the student's, or like we'd play cops and robber's, since the three of us were working on trying to make a peaceful world, we never got to be teacher's, I wish sometime's that I could go back in time, and change it all, then probably, they still be alive and be teacher's like we hope we would" said Konan

"Role-playing Huh, it must've been fun, I actually never did that before, because when I was little no kid's would play with me or anything, and even when I tried to join in, the parnet's just grabbed their child and yelled at them for being near me, so I never really knew how much fun role-playing was" said Naruto as Konan looked at him.

"You've never played before?, it's pretty fun actually, if you want, why don't the two of us role-play, I could be the teacher and you'd be the student" replied Konan as a very big blush could be seen on her face

"Really! That sounds like a great idea, but does this mean; I get to call you Konan-sensei" said Naruto as he said it in a more charming voice

"Sure if you want" replied Konan as minutes had passed and the two finally made it back to the house, after some time in the house Naruto agree to meet back at the house tomorrow, for their game, so he said his goodbye and headed back to the village

But as Naruto left Konan's house he couldn't help but be both turned on and intrigued at the same time. He'd never role-played before. But judging by the blush on Konan's normally expressionless face she was incredibly aroused just talking about her fantasy. He could only imagine how much cum she was going to empty him of once they got started!

Doing an hour of recon Naruto observed the local genins' clothes and got a general idea of what was worn in the hidden rain village. While the jounin wore grey shirts and pants with seals to either dry quickly or even make them completely waterproof (depending on how much they were willing to pay) the genin stuck to long body length cloak made of some kind of bulky waterproof material. After a bit more spying he found out that under the cloak almost every male genin wore a thin long sleeve shirt and thin baggy pants that went down to just below their ankles.

Memorizing what he would need he went in search for a decent clothes store. A bit of exploring the village later and he found a few genin walk into one of the stores. Glancing up at the sign it read "Sal's Finest Threads".

Roughly half an hour and a few hundred Ryo lighter naruto made his way back to his hotel room and started planning. Deciding to go all out he Henge'd into his twelve year old self and practiced acting like he did when he was a genin.

The Next Day

Meeting at they're usual training area Naruto, Henge'd as his 12 year old self and dressed in his rain-nin clothes, Naruto waited for Konan. He only had to wait a few minutes for her to show up in a swirl of water drops.

"That's so cool Konan-sensei! Are you gonna teach me that?" Naruto asked excitedly, slipping into his role as he jumped down from the tree branch he was lounging on.

"Maybe later Naruto-kun. How are you doing on your chakra control?" She asked, a bit of condescension slipping into her voice.

Naruto glowered at her and crossed his arms. "I'll have you know I've mastered both Tree Climbing AND Water Walking! So come on, teach me some awesome jutsu!" He ended with a whine.

Konan's eyes flashed with what Naruto could now recognize as barely restrained lust. "That's good, but I'm afraid because you have enormous... chakra reserves. You need much higher then normal control to use the jutsu i'll be teaching you." She purred as she walked forward.

Naruto, the innocent genin, was ignorant of the sexual beast before him as it started it's hunt. "But I mastered the chakra control exercises! What's left?" He asked.

"I've got an exercise in mind that's perfect for you. Sit down with your back against the tree." She commanded. Doing as she said Naruto was shocked to find he couldn't detach his hands from the tree behind him, where Konan had moved them.

"Now my cute little student, all you have to do is free your hands. Meanwhile, I will be giving you some motivation." It took Naruto a second to realize the last word in fact wasn't just Konan orgasming and was actually a word.

Konan reached down and parted Naruto's heavy cloak and undid his pants, pulling them down to his ankles she pulled out his semi-erect cock from the slit in his dark grey boxers and started slowly pumping her hand up and down it's length. She glanced up and noticed him entirely focused on her

slow hand job. "Hands Naruto-kun." She said sweetly she said before dragging one of her fingernails roughly along the underside of his dick.

Naruto flinched "R-right away Konan-sensei!" He squeaked and focused on his hands. Konan was determined to keep his attention elsewhere however as the second he started trying to really free himself she sped up her hand and engulfed the first few inches in her mouth and started sloppily sucking.

He tried pulling the chakra away from his hands, but the only success he had was wasting enough time for Konan to almost bring him to orgasm. "S-something's happening Konan-sensei." He moaned.

Just before he came she grabbed his cock as hard as she could and dug her nails lightly into him. As his breath caught in his throat and his orgasm died a quick death she started pumping slowly again, using a quick healing jutsu to heal any damage she may have done. "What you were about to have is called an orgasm, also know as cumming, which you're not allowed to do until you free yourself." She instructed.

With that she swooped down and took almost his whole length in her mouth and started making loud slurping sounds as her head quickly bobbed up and down.

Glaring at her for her rough treatment he started building up chakra in his hands. Putting more and more into them. He faltered as he once again felt an orgasm building and Konan repeated her harsh treatment, this time digging her nails into his cock even harder.

Gritting his teeth Naruto used the build up chakra and released it in a spiral pattern. With a loud cry the tree splintered and two large indents appeared in it's bark as his hands were freed. Konan immediately sat straight up absently wiping the drool off her chin "you can only cum if's it's inside me, so for our last test, were gonna have a stamina test" said Konan as she stood up

"Á stamina test, exactly what kind of stamina test sensei" asked Naruto already knowing what kind of test konan wanted to do.

"Well my student, I'm gonna teach you some of the basic technique for sexual intercourse, I want to see how long you can last, after that, we may also get into some of the more advance and creative position's" replied Konan as Naruto stood up and she then started to take off her clothes, she had slowly untied the knot behind her karate uniform, and slowly took it off showing Naruto that she was wearing a short sleeve cut down to her stomach fishnet shirt, after that she then took off her pant's and kicked them to the side showing Naruto that she was wearing light black see threw panties

"Wow sensei, you have an amazing body, I cant wait to start the test, so what kind of position do you have in mind, and just so you know, I was with the preve sage for a couple of year's, so I learned a few of the basic sexual technique, but then again I could use a refresher course" said Naruto as a big blush went across Konan's face as she got an idea on what position to try first.

"Well my student, I'm am happy to know that, but first let's try something more original, after that I'll let you pick out the next position, so I can know just how far you know of sexual position's" said konan as she turned around and bent down grabbing her knees.

"Now my student, this is just a common move used for pleasure, so what I want you to do is, pull my panties down, after that I want you to put your cock inside my ass hole and start thrusting slowly, once you feel that you have a nice rhythm doing, I want you to go faster until you cum" said Konan as she waited for her young student to start, she had to bend down low enough so the young 12 year old Naruto could reach her ass hole

"Ok sensei, let's begin" replied Naruto as he dropped his pant's and boxer's to the ground, he then took off the shirt and threw it right next to Konan's karate uniform, he then lined with cock to her ass hole and then grabbed her waist, after that with one quick thrust, his cock entered her ass hole causing her to moan as it went in. after that she could feel him slowly thrusting.

"Mmmm… keep going…. You're doing fine my student…. But go a little faster…. I wont feel anything if you go to slow" said Konan as she could feel her ass hole spreading from Naruto very large cock inside her.

"As you wish sensei" replied Naruto as he began to thrust faster, pretty soon Konan could feel the pleasure building up inside her, she could feel thrusting faster and faster every couple of second's.

"Ah, yes faster, pound as my ass faster my student, don't stop, don't stop till we both cum" said Konan in a demanding voice.

Lucky for her Naruto was thinking the same thing, so Naruto got a tighter grip on her waist and he began thrusting faster and harder, pretty soon he pounded Konan's ass with out any mercy. "yes, yes like that, oh Kami , fuck me, yes don't stop fucking me, ah, ah, I cant believe you have suck a big cock for your age, ah, fuck you teacher's ass harder Naruto" said Konan as she started moaning pleasurable sound's as Naruto thrusted faster and faster

"Ah sensei, your so tight and hot, I don't wanna stop, I cant wait to cum inside you" replied Naruto as he thrusted faster and faster.

After a few minutes Naruto sped up his thrusting a little more, soon both him and Konan could feel the pleasure rise more and more with every second passing, after a couple of minutes the two ninja's both moaned "I'm cumming" pretty soon Naruto shot 6 time's inside Konan's asshole, and pretty soon Konan's juices could be seen running down Naruto's cock and onto the ground. After that Naruto pulled out as Konan then stood up and looked at her student.

"Wow all that cum in only one load, I have to say that I'm impressed, so I give you a passing grade on the stamina test" said Konan as she could feel his hot cum inside her body. "Wow I cant believe that he came so much inside me, that felt so good, I wonder what he would think of me If I asked him for more" she thought as the craving for more of his cum got her aroused.

Naruto looked at Konan for a moment he could already tell that she wanted more, since he had basically fucked Hinata and the other's he could tell when they wanted more, and when they were lying about it. "Well Sensei, how about we continue this game of ours inside, I want to show you just how much I've learned' said Naruto as he looked at Konan

"Um, very well, I would like to see what you have learned, let's go, but I must warn you I'm not gonna be easy to gratify" said Konan in a straightforward and certain voice as she grabbed her clothes.

"Hold sensei let me change back to my older self, if we're gonna do this, I wanna do this my way, beside's I'm sure that my older teen self can satisfy your need's" said Naruto as turned off the Henge'd as his 12 year old self, Konan then turned around and saw Naruto in his 17 year old form, she looked down and saw that his cock looked even bigger then it was a minute ago, she then turned back and rushed inside her house, after a few minute's Naruto went inside and closed the door, he then went into the bed room and saw Konan.

Once he entered Konan's bedroom he saw that Konan was turned around Naruto could see that Konan had a great figure, his eyes quickly went down as he looked at Konan's ass, just looking at her beautiful body got Naruto very aroused. So Naruto sneaked behind her and put his arm's underneath her's surprising her and then he grabbed her breast that were covered by the fishnet t-shirt that she was wearing. "You know sensei, you never let me cum, when you gave me that hand job, so how about we start that again, I wanna give you a stamina test" said Naruto in a charming/seductive voice.

Just the sound of Naruto's voice had gotten her aroused, the way Naruto talked to her made her feel so wanted at the moment and so needy, and the way he was rubbing her breast didn't help at all, she was surprised that Naruto could do this to her, so Konan put her hand's over his and looked at the concern of her eye. "Well since you, seem to know what your doing, very well sit on that edge of the bed for me" she replied as Naruto took his arm's from underneath her arm's and sat on the bed, Konan, then turned around and took the fishnet t-shirt off showing Naruto her DD sized breast, as he then went on her knees.

She then grabbed his solidify cock slowly pumping her hand up and down it's length. She then started to lick it as she stroked him, she could taste her own juices on his cock as she licked, but soon she fasten her stroking as she licked the tip of his cock. "Ah Konan, almost there, your going an amazing job at this, I already feel like cumming" moaned Naruto as Konan as she engulfed the tip of his cock into her mouth taking him deeper and deeper slowly as she continued stroking him.

Naruto looked down for a moment as he saw Konan sucking his cock and taking more of his cock down her throat, Naruto was surprised by how much of his cock that she had taken down her throat, he could feel that she at least had 7 inches of him already, he could tell that Konan was really skilled at this so Naruto tilted his head back a little as Konan continued.

"Ah Konan, almost there, just a little bit longer, kami your mouth feel's so good" moaned Naruto as Konan sucked harder and harder after every couple of seconds.

After a few minutes Naruto moaned "I'm Cumming" soon Konan could feel Naruto's hot cum do down her throat, she then began drinking mouthful's of his cum, she was amazed by how much cum she was drinking, only after a few minute Konan couldn't take any more so she was about to pull up, but Naruto then grabbed her head and pushed her deeper as he came, Konan dug her finger's into the carpet as she continued drinking his cum, after another 3 minutes had passed Naruto let go of her head an she quickly pulled up, Naruto squired some small amount's of cum onto her face and chest as he stood. He then looked at Konan as she breathed heavily.

"Sorry about that Konan, this happened's when I get to excited, are you alright" said Naruto as he looked at Konan.

Konan looked at him for a moment before answering. I'm alright…. I'm was just surprised…. That's all I've never… had anyone who could cum…. That much in one load" said Konan as her breathing got under control

"Well if you want to stop the test, all you have to say is stop" said Naruto knowing Konan wouldn't want to stop the test.

"No I can continue, so what position would you like" said Konan as she looked at Naruto.

"Well I wanna show you just how good I really am, so how about you get on the bed for me, I wanna show you something" said Naruto as he got off the bed and waited for Konan. After a minute Konan got on the bed wondering what Naruto was gonna show her, she then got on her hand's and knees, she then spreaded her leg's out a little as she turned her head and waited for Naruto to start.

Naruto then activated the Kage Henge, soon Konan saw another cock under his real one she didn't know what to say when she saw it, she didn't think that Naruto would have an ability like that, but she was a little carious. "what's that!" she asked in a surprise voice

"This is an ability I have it's called kage henge, and I'm about to show you, what it does" replied Naruto as Konan turned her head back around and then he went on the bed and went on his knees, after that he lined both of his cock's to Konan's pussy and asshole, soon he grabbed Konan's waist and slammed both cock's into her, causing her to moan in pain as she felt both her ass and pussy get penetrated.

"Ah, ah, yes oh Kami, your cocks are so big, don't stop! Ah! Yes, that's it, don't stop, fuck me, fuck me real good, and fuck your teacher real good, Ah! Yes, that's it, almost there" said Konan as she grabbed the bed rails as Naruto thrusted faster and faster inside her.

"Damn Konan you're so hot, your body is driving me crazy, I couldn't to fuck you, once I saw you I wanted to fuck this nice piece of ass" replied Naruto as he slapped Konan's ass a few time's as he's thrust's became quick and hard.

"fuck my ass, Oh Kami, ah, ah, ah, yes that it keep going Naruto, don't stop, ah, ah, yes, yes, don't stop, fuck me harder, I wanted your cock so badly, I needed it, I wanted to fuck you so badly the other day I almost went insane, oh kami, almost there, Naruto almost there, your cock is so big, it's going so deep inside me" said Konan as Naruto then let go of her waist while still thrusting he then put his arm's underneath Konan's and then grabbed her breast as he thrusted.

"keeping talking Konan, I'm almost there, I'm gonna fuck your beautiful body, so much, I'm gonna make sure, your completely filled with my cum, I'm gonna make sure that your overflowing with my cum inside you" said Naruto as he roughly squeezed her breast

"AH yes, yes, I love your cock Naruto, oh kami, yes I love it so much, cum inside me, fill me with your hot cum, I don't care, cum in me as many time's as you want, I'll take good care of it, I'll do anything you want, just cum inside me, please, my hungry body need's your cum Naruto, use my body any way you want, just don't stop fucking me" said Konan as the pleasure of Naruto pounding both her pussy and ass, plus the way he's squeezing her breast almost caused her to cum.

After a few minute's of senseless pounding with out saying a Naruto and Konan finally had their release, Naruto shot 7 time's inside both Konan's pussy and asshole, Konan, juices ran down her pussy and onto the bed, but Naruto still continued to pound Konan from behind as they both came.

Konan was amazed by this, she didn't know anyone who would cum in both her ass and pussy and still continue, Konan got a tighter grip on the bed rail's as Naruto fucked her without any mercy. "You think just because I came, I would stop, hell no, like I said Konan, I'm gonna fill you up completely, I don't care how long it take's, your body belongs to me' said Naruto as he began thrusting so fast and hard, Konan felt one of Naruto's cock go into her womb, and the other was spreading her ass hole at painful level's.

"Ah, ah, yes oh Kami, fuck my ass, ah yes harder Naruto, keep going, your cock is so big, ah yes, cum inside me again, fill me up again, I want more of your hot cum Naruto, pound my ass harder, pound my ass harder, it feels so good, give me every last drop of your cum" said Konan as she felt Naruto's two big fat cock's going deeper and deeper inside her

"fuck your ass is so tight, I'm gonna cum again Konan, I'm almost there, I'm almost there" replied Naruto as he pinched her nipples causing her to moan as he pounded her ass and pussy.

"Then cum, please cum, I need it inside me, oh god, yes, yes, ah, ah, fuck my ass, fuck my ass real hard, I want your cum Naruto, just cum inside my hungry body, cum inside my womb again" said Konan as her eyes started to roll behind her head while at the same time the bed hit's the wall

After a few minutes had passed both Naruto and Konan moaned out "I'm Cumming" Naruto shot another 7 time's inside both her ass and pussy, soon Naruto could see her juices run down his cock and onto the bed, after that Naruto took his arm's from underneath Konan's as she fell on the bed, Naruto then turned off the Kage Henge, he then turned on the touch of heat. "Konan get off the bed for a moment, I have another position for you, just seeing you like that, I can't wait to fuck you again" said Naruto as Konan slowly got off of the bed, Naruto then laid on his back as he cock pointed straight up, Konan then realized what Naruto wanted her to do.

Konan then went on top of Naruto she then lined him up with her entrance and slammed herself down, Naruto then grabbed her waist as she started to bounce on his cock. " Ah, ah, yes, Oh Kami, oh Kami, ah, ah, Your cock feels so good! Fuck my pussy harder, Oh Kami. Deeper! Ah, ah, ah, Oh kami, I love your cock Naruto, it feels so good, fill me up with your cum Naruto" said Konan as she put her hand's on Naruto's chest as she bounced on his cock.

"Faster Konan, faster you damn whore, I wanna see those nice tit's of yours bounce" said Naruto as he slapped her ass as she bounced

"Oh Kami! Fuck me harder! Oh Kami, deeper. Ah, oh, ah, ah, ah, Oh Kami fuck my pussy. Oh Kami, your huge cock! I can feel it, it's in me so deep! Naruto, it feels so good, put your fat cock deeper inside me, I want your cum so badly Naruto, please cum inside my womb again" said Konan as she bounced faster and harder. Naruto could see her tit's going up and down just seeing Konan act like the horny bitch she was almost made him cum.

"Almost there Konan, keep going, your pussy is so hot, and tight, I'm almost there, tell me how much you want my cum, tell me how badly you needed to get fucked" said Naruto as a big blush could be seen across Konan's face as she bounced on his cock.

"I want your cum Naruto, cum inside my needy pussy, cum inside my body as many time's as you want, even if I'm asleep, I want your cock inside me, I needed to get fucked so bad, I wanted you to fuck me yesterday, I almost went insane, I couldn't stop thinking about you and your fat cock, I wanted you to fuck my ass so badly, I almost went into the village to look for you, so please cum inside my body Naruto, my body is hungry for your tasty cum" said Konan as she could feel her orgasm approaching

After a few minutes Konan looked at Naruto as she bounced on his cock, she could feel that his cock was inside her womb so she tightly grabbed the bed sheet as she leaned her back backwards "Oh kami! Naruto I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, please cum inside me, let's cum together" said Konan as she moved the bed back and forth causing it to hit the wall more and more.

"Me too, let's cum together" replied Naruto as a few minute's passed until they both came without saying a word, luckily Naruto turned on the endless supply before his released his load, he shot 12 time's inside her pussy, Konan felt every last drop of it go inside her body, that alone made her cum as well, Naruto looked down and saw her juices run down his cock, after a minute or two Naruto still had the endless supply on as he came inside her, Konan was in too much ecasty to even realize that her stomach was swollen, Naruto himself lost track of how many time's he came inside her.

Konan then collapsed onto his chest. And started breathing heavily as she felt Naruto squirt a few more time's inside her body. Naruto then turned off the endless supply after a minute Naruto grabbed her waist and laid her on his left side; he then grabbed the blanket and put it over their nude bodies. "Wow Konan that was amazing, you completely emptied me out" said Naruto as Konan put her head on his chest

"I'm glad, I really needed that, I'm a little surprised that you came so much inside me, I almost passed out a few time's, I don't think I'll be able to move my leg's for a while" said Konan as she moved her body closer to Naruto's

"Well let's get some rest, we have a long day tomorrow, and I need you at fully rested" said Naruto as he slowly closed his eyes

"I know, but thanks again for comforting me" replied Konan as the two ninja went to sleep.

[*_ _ _end of chapter _ _ _ _


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