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Chapter 5

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A Switch of Fate

By: USA Tiger

Disclaimer: The characters of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time belong to Nintendo and the guy who made these characters, I'm just borrowing them for the time being.

Notes: Please remember when you’re reading this chapter that this is a AU fic. And yes there is a mention of the Minish from Minish Cap. Why? Cause they’re cute and apart of Hyrule X3.

Chapter 5

The two boys stared at each other in shock for several minutes, nether moving to get up until Navi cleared her throat. The red eye boy quickly scrabbled off the top of Link, bowing in front of the other boy with a red tinge on his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to crash into you," he said in a quick apology as Link got up from the ground and brushed the dirt off his tunic.

"It's alright," Link said, causing the other boy to look up at him through his gold bangs, searching the Kokiri's face before straightening up with a grin.

"I am Sheik," he said, starting to walk around Link, the other boy turning his head to watch the other blond. "Of the Sheikah. You are a Kokiri, correct?"

"Yes... what are you doing?" Link turned, facing Sheik again.

"I have never seen a Kokiri before," Sheik responded, seemingly entranced by Link.

"That's good and all, but we really have to be going." Navi said, getting annoyed that they wasn't going up Death Mountain. Sheik looked up at the fairy, annoyed at the blue ball of light.

"Is that your fairy?" He asked, looking back to Link. The slightly young boy nodded, not looking happy at all at that fact. "Go away bug, you're not welcome here at the moment."

"Well I never! We have something to be doing and it doesn't involve an annoying little child like you," Navi said, putting her hands on her hips.

"I said leave bug, or I will put you in a bottle!" Sheik yelled swinging at the out ranged fairy.

Alarmed, Link quickly grabbed the other boy's arm and pulled him back a bit.

"Whoa, calm down. Just ignore her, she'll shut up at some point," The Kokiri said, continuing to drag Sheik back from his fairy partner. Sheik glared at the fairy one final time before turning and walking off. Link, who was still holding onto Sheik arm, gave a surprised squawk as he dragged off with him. As soon as the two boys rounded the corner of the nearest building, Sheik wrapped an arm around Link's waist as he grabbed a Deku Nut out of the pouch on his belt before throwing it to the ground and teleporting the two of them to the roof of the house.

Blue eyes widened in shock as Link looked down at the ground from their perch, yelping in shock and surprise. Which was muffled since Sheik placed his free hand over Link's mouth, the other one still wrapped around the other blond’s waist.

"Shh... You do not want your bug to find us just yet do you?" he whispered into Link's Elvin ear, keeping a ruby color eye on Navi below who was flying around looking for the boys. The fairy stopped in mid-air, turning this way and that before letting out an annoyed noise and choosing a random direction to look for them. Link turned his head to look at Sheik when the other boy released his mouth, a confused pout on his face.

"Why did you do that?" he asked, managing to slip from Sheik's grip to sit a foot or so away form the young Sheikah.

"Surely you wanted to get away from her," Sheik responded, moving to sit cross-legged and facing Link. "She is one of the most annoying fairies I have ever met, I thought you might want to have a break. It's hard to play with someone with that annoying bug hovering above your shoulder at all times."

"True, but after years of not having a fairy partner I guess I'd just learned to quickly put up with her nagging," Link said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"What do you mean by 'years of not having a fairy partner'?" Sheik blinked his eyes as he questioned his new friend. "I have always heard a Kokiri always had a fairy guardian with them since the day their Deku Tree created them, I have never heard of one not getting one till years later." Link just shrugged his shoulders again, no one in his village could figure that out themselves.

But now he had one in the form of the nagging Navi so he wasn't about to complain... too much. "Well I guess it doesn't matter now. But are you sure you can't trade her in for a more agreeable guardian?"

"Oh, I'm sure." Link said with a laugh. Sheik sighed, he had quickly come to dislike his new friends partner, before standing and walking to the edge of the roof.

"I think your bug will be busy for a while," he said, looking around and not seeing any sign of Navi. " Come, I'll take you to my home." He waved Link over to join him before leaping from the roof and landing on the ground below on his feet like a cat, knees bent to lessen the impact.

Link followed, rolling into a tumble and nearly bowling over a group of mushrooms. A small being with a blue hat came out, shaking its fist at the boy. Link smiled sheepishly before quietly saying "Pi poa". The very small being huffed before turning and going back into its little house, tail lashing behind it.

"What in the name of Hylia was that?" Sheik asked, watching with wide red eyes.

"Oh, just a Minish. They're everywhere, that one wasn't happy I nearly knocked over its house," Link said as he got up off the group, brushing dirt off his tunic once again. "A group of forest Minish live in Kokiri forest with us."

Sheik frowned, casting a glance at the mushrooms again. "You said these... Minish... are everywhere. How come I have never seen one before now?"

"Maybe you just never paid attention, I know children like us usually are the only ones that can see them. Maybe someone else around here has," Link responded, not really concern about it.

"Maybe... well come on, my home is this way." Sheik grabbed Link's hand and lead the boy over to the large house on the far side of the small town. To the side of it was a pen where Cuccos usually were kept, though now it was empty and a red headed lass was standing next to it, looking worried as she pressed her hand up to her mouth. Sheik ignored the woman, dragging Link into the house itself, calling out as they made it inside. "Mother, I'm back!"

"Did you finish helping Anju?" A tall, slightly scary looking woman walked out from the back, holding a box. She was wearing a skin tight black and blue outfit, strange tattoo markings around her eyes and had very short sliver tinted hair. "Who is this?" She asked, rising an eyebrow at Link as she placed the box on the table and thinking the boy looking very familiar.

"Pnudran!" A boy who looked a couple of years younger than either Link or Sheik came tearing in after the woman, lunching himself at Sheik and knocking the blond to the floor.

"Kain! Get off, I can't breathe!" Sheik said, pushing the smaller boy off. The boy, Kain, had the same tinted silver hair as the woman and it came down a little past his shoulders. He was also wearing a pair of loose shorts and a semi large shirt that hung off one shoulder. He just laughed as Sheik pushed him off, dancing out of the older boy's reach and hid behind Link.

"Can't get me Pnudran!" Kain said, sticking out his tongue childishly. Sheik growled, more than ready to tackle the younger boy.

"Boys, stop this instant," Their mother said, taking Kain by the arm and dragging him out from behind his hiding spot. Then she glared down at Sheik, making him quickly get off the floor.

"Yes mother," they both said, looking at the floor.

"Now, introduce your friend Sheik," She said once her sons were properly cowed.

"His name is Link, I met him on the edge of town. He's a Kokiri!" Sheik said excitedly, looking up at his mother. The woman, Impa, frowned a bit, looking Link over. She doubted the third boy was truly a Kokiri even though he dressed as one.

"Then where is his fairy?" She asked instead, keeping from voicing her opinions.

"Oh, we ditched her. She an annoying little thing," Sheik said with a shrug, not thinking it as a big deal. Now Impa was sure Link as not one of the forest children. Thought there were cases of Kokiri leaving their forest for a short amount of time, with the proper protection spells cast upon them by their Deku Tree, they could not be separated from their Guardian Fairies. So that made the boy, Link, a Hylain. Though most likely not a pure one, his eyes had a purple tint to them meaning he may have some Sheikah blood in him. Of course that could also be a trick of the light.

"Tell me young one, what brings you to Kakariko Village," Impa asked, turning her full attention to Link.

"It's kind of a long story." Link said, not sure if he should tell his story or not. But he got a good feeling from these three, unlike what he had gotten with Zelda. So after Impa had lead all three boys to sit at the large table in the middle of the room, Link spilled his story to the Sheikah woman, Sheik and Kain looking at him with wide eyes. When he finally trailed off, he was looking at the table, slender ears drooped a bit as he waited for Impa to say something.

"That is quite a story young one," Impa said, leaned back in her seat, one arm wrapped around her waist while the other's elbow rested on top of it and tapped her chin absently.

"It was cool! So you’re like a hero!" Kain said excitedly, red eyes shining happily, leaning forward in his seat.

"Kain..." Impa said, making her younger son blush and sit back in his chair. Then she turned back to look at Link, watching him briefly before speaking again. “Do you plan to go up the mountain?"

"Well... yeah. Princess Zelda asked me to. I want to keep Hyrule safe," Link said, looking up again.

"You are a brave child Link," Impa said, garnet red eyes giving Link another look over. "Go and play with your friend Sheik." Sheik grinned, hopping up and grabbing Link's hand. The Kokiri gave a startled squeak as he was dragged out of his chair and out of the house by his new friend. "And finish helping Anju with her Cuccos!"


"There you are, finally!" Both boys groaned as they heard Navi's voice from behind them. Link turned around, petting the Cucco he was holding to keep it clam unlike Sheik who was fighting just to keep a grip on his bird. "I've been looking for you for hours!"

"It's not my fault you lost me," Link said, turning from his fairy partner and walking over to the Cucco pen and gently placing the bird in before facing Navi again.

"You and that boy ran off on me! You've wasted enough time with this boy, Link," Navi said, glaring Sheik's way as he tossed his Cucco into the pen. "It's time to go up Death Mountain."

"What makes you think the guards are going to let him go up the mountain?" Sheik asked, coming up to Link's side.

"Princess Zelda gave us a letter to give to the guards that will let us through," Navi said smugly. Sheik shook his head, laughing. "What's so funny!?"

"Do you really think the guards are going to let a child in, no matter from what race, just because the princess says so?" Sheik said in-between giggles. "They'll say it's just a game and won't let you through."

"Yo-you're lying," Navi said, her light paling into a really pale blue as Sheik shook his head again.

"I've lived here all of my life bug, I think I know what the guards will do," Sheik said, grabbing Link's hand and meant to drag the other boy with him.

"Wait!" Anju ran up, stopping in front of the two 10 year olds. She smiled and handed Link a glass bottle." Thank you for your help," she said with a bow before going back to the Cucco pen.

"Um... thank you?" Link said confused as he looked down at the empty bottle before shrugging and placing it into his pockets. He frowned as he noticed that his pockets were getting full and soon he wouldn't be able to fit much else in them.

"What is the matter?" Sheik asked as he glanced back at his friend.

"My pockets are getting full and my bag is filled with food," Said Link as he sighed, there was nothing he could do about it.


Impa frowned, she knew the boy needed to go up the mountain to speak to the leader of the Gorons. And as much as she hated putting a child in danger, she also knew that the boy was the only one that could defeat the dark times ahead. So, that mean she, Impa of the Sheikah, would have to help the boy on the quest and get Link up Death Mountain.

Impa looked up as the door opened, seeing her eldest son, Link and a small of light she assumed was Link's guardian fairy.

"Mother, tell this annoying bug that the princess's letter will not allow Link past the guards," Sheik said, glaring in Navi's direction.

"My son is correct; the Sheikah guards that watch the gate will not allow a child though because of a simple letter," Impa backed up what Sheik had been saying. "But I on the other hand can tell the guards to allow you both to pass." Link's eyes widened a bit in surprise before he smile a bit. He didn't really want to go into more danger but at least this would make it a bit easier.

"Thank you!" Link chipped, bowing at the waist. Impa chuckled lightly, her hand covering her mouth.

"Come" she said, placing a hand on Link's back to lead the Kokiri out. Sheik come running from the back, something clutched in his hands. He had slipped away as his mother spoke to Link.


"Let us pass," Impa said to the two guards by the gates. The guards, who knew better than to question an elder, did as she said the female of the pair tapping the butt of her bladed staff against the ground. Both still looked curious as to why she was taking a pair of children up the mountain, even if one was her own son.

"You are a brave child Link, your taking on something not even most adults would," Impa said as they rounded the bend and were out of sight of the gate. "But there is something else you need before you can continue your journey."

"What's that?" Link asked, looking up and blinking his purplish-blue eyes at the woman. Sheik gave a curious look as well.

"You need the song of the royal family to prove you are a massager. Zelda was foolish to have forgotten this fact," Impa said, stopping and turning to Link. "This song has been passed down many generations of the royal family, this is your right. Listen and learn 'Zelda's lullaby'." That said, Impa placed her index finger and thumb into her mouth and slowly whistled out the song for Link to learn. After going over it a couple of times, she gave Link an expected look as the small blond took out his forest ocarina and beautifully played the song back to her.

"Good. This is where I leave you Link, be careful as you climb up the mountain as there many dangerous spots," Impa said turning and starting back down the trail. "I expect you back by dinner Sheik"

"Yes mother!" Sometimes Sheik just loved his mother, she just gave him permission to follow Link up Death Mountain. "Oh Link, here," The Sheikah boy said as he ran to catch up with his friend. He handed the slightly smaller boy the bag he snatched from his room.

"Thanks," Link said, looking curious at the item he was handed. It was a bit on the side small, not much bigger than his pockets.

"It's can hold anything you put in it, it's magic!" Sheik said, quite proud. "It shrinks down whatever you place in it and it returns to normal size when you take it back out. It use to belong to my father."

"Oh... Sheik, if it was your dads should I even be taking it?" Link asked, tilting his head to the side. Sheik shrugged, spreading his hands.

"It was passed to me because I'm the oldest child but I want you to have it," he said, tugging at Link's belt. Link made a sound of protest, blushing heavily. "That way you don't have to worry about your pockets getting full," he added, unlacing the belt enough to put the bag on and redid the belt up. The small bag rested on Link's hip.

"Gee, that's nice of you," Navi said, Sheik glared up at the fairy.

"It's for Link, not for you," He said with a growl. Link laughed, grabbing Sheik's hand and started up the trail.


"How far up this mountain do we have to go anyway?" Link asked, panting a bit as he leaned against a boulder. Most of the trail up the mountain was steep and the two boys had been attacked at least twice by Tektites.

"I think the Gorons live near the top." Sheik said, looking over the edge of the trail, seeing his village in the distance, then looking up at the top of the mountain. "I don't think we have that much more to go."

"If you’re so sure, why don't you just teleport all of us to the top," Navi suggested. She had forgotten about the special magic of the shadow elves earlier when he and Link disappeared, only to be reminded when several adult Sheikah had appeared in front of her later.

"I can't, a Sheikah needs to have been to a place before to be able to teleport to it. I've never even see the Goron Village much less visited," Sheik said, coping Link's actions and leaning against a slightly off color boulder. As the golden hair blond put his weight on it, the boulder started to shake and make deep groaning noises. Sheik yelped in surprise, leaping away and clutching onto Link who has also jumped up in surprise. The so-called boulder uncurled itself and stood, very large brown eyes looking down at the pair of boys.

"Oh. Sorry about that-goro," The Goron said in a deep voice, his big hands curled around his side.

"Wh-what is that?" Link asked softly, his violet colored eyes wide.

"That is a Goron," Sheik said in relief as he left go of Link.


Edit 7-20-14: Changed the made up ‘Malius’ name to Hylia. Otherwise it’s all the same just spelling and grammar that needed to be fixed.
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