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The only exception

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Tori Vega has hurt Maria Kanellis a lot of times. Maria has had enough so she goes back home, but will Tori catch her in time to tell her how she feels?.

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Tori's P.O.V.

I can't remember the last time I saw Maria Kanellis. It's been almost a year at that. We meet in kindergarden. And since then we've been best friends. But these last few years have been rough. Me and her barely talk. It seems we have grown apart. When we do text it's never about much. I miss the old days. Back then we would pull all nighters and text all day. Sometimes when I wanted to hear her voice, I'd call her. Although, there would be awkward silences just to hear her laugh would make me blush. But now when I try to contact her all I feel from her cold vibe is hatred. I can't blame her. I've hurt her so many times. Maria never deserved it. And I'll admit for doing that I'm wrong. I'm a disgusting human being. What still shocks me is the fact that somehow she is still around. Normally when someone gets hurt as much as she has they'd tap out in a submission. But Maria, she is different. All that time I spend with Jade and Stephen was a waste. Don't get me wrong me and Jade are still friends. However, we secretly hate eachother and sometimes it does show. But me and Stephen....It's better if we keep our distance from eachother. I feel terrible. I'm the reason why she is going back home and probably never coming back. We used to talk about what we wanted to be when we get older. And when the moment was right, I could feel her hand held on to mine. I know I never bothered to notice it, but for that minute my hand held hers. On a rare day we would have to heart conversations. She said she wanted to be a model and a wrestling Diva. I wanted to be a musician and an actress. We are exactly getting to where we want to be, but this time it's without her. I know she doesn't want to see because she made it as clear as possible, before we stopped talking. And now on the slap she said she is going back home. All I've done so far is reflect on me and her. Oh and I cried. But this time around I will win her over. I'll be victorious. I screwed up, but I can fix it.

Once Tori checks the time it's 3:30. She runs downstaors to put her shoes on and drives to the airport. Once she arrives at the airport, she checks to see what time Maria's flight leaves. She arrives at 4:00. Maria's flight is at Gate B. Her flight leaves at 4:45 pm. Tori scrambles around to find Maria. Once she finds her she shouts "Maria! Maria!". She lets lets out a sigh and says"She has her headphones on. Shit." Tori shouts her name again "Maria! Maria!". Once Maria heard someone say her name she puts her headphones into the pocket of her jacket and turns around, to see Tori as she walks up to Maria.

"Oh. It's you. what do you want?".

"I have to talk to you".

"Right now? We haven't spoke in almost a year and you want to talk now?"

"I know and I'm sorry, but please, maria. Just please listen to me".

"I think I've listened to you a lot over these past few years. So what's different about you now?".

"I know what I did was wrong and you probably won't forgive me for it, and all the apologies in the world won't do it but I know realized something."

"What have you realized? That I actually exist now? Or am I still the person you pushed aside for someone else?".

"You knew I had a boyfriend!".

"And you knew I loved you! But you never bothered to pay any attention to me, or lay eyes on me because when I tried to tell you, you put me in a corner of rejection, because you were too busy fucking your boyfriend! I'm going back home. I'm leaving. I can't stay here anymore and continue to get hurt by you. I deserve better, Tori. But it's obvious you don't care about me anymore".

"I always cared about you, but I was scared. I had a good thing going with Jade and with Stephen, but I realized that they weren't you. I never stopped thinking about you. Just because I've hurt you so many times, doesn't mean that I stopped caring about you".

" why were you so scared? Why did you push me away?".

"I did it because back then I was being stupid and I held back all my feelings for you because of what others would say. I pushed away the only girl I fell in love with since we first met. But now you're going back home. And I wish you could stay with me. I know I won't get a second chance with us, But I will chase you for all eternity. I will do whatever it takes to make this right again. I want to be with you. I've let you go from my life and I regret it. But I have never let you go from my heart. Comeback into my life darling. I love you more than anything in this world. And I promise to never push you away or leave you. Your my world. Your my everything. So please. Let's make this about us".

Maria walks up to Tori and as she puts her bags down, she kisses Tori slowly and says"That's all I've been wanting to hear from you".
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