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One Day; Goodbye

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Not a (current) goodbye note, just thoughts

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Have you ever noticed, we think we're invincible.
Act like if we say those simple few words "I'm here for you" or "someone cares" and maybe even "It will get better, trust me" everything gets perfect, everyone is calm, okay, and amazing.
Until something truly happens to someone on here, and we're all crushed, sitting there thinking "how the fuck did this happen?"

That's not the only reason to leave this godforsaken site (oh no, not at all). Some leave from too much stress, some feel that they merely review and don't write enough.
Some just get sick of it.

No matter how much you say "I WILL BE HERE FOREVA' BITCHES", you will probably find some reason to leave.

You start out no-name, build up a name for yourself.
Make yourself known. Get a group of friends, readers, those who look up to you thinking "hey, I wanna be just like him/her/it"
Then, you begin to grow tired of pushing yourself to find some new plot, some new characters, every little thing that comes with being a fanfiction author.
Joyfull isn't it?
Having people become emotionally clung to your characters to the point of crying whenever something happens to them (or is that just me?)

One day, that one fucking day.
When you see you've made your mark, see you made a dent on a VERY dented website (really, everyone pushes their own little legacy onto this; AJ started Ryan the Pushy Virgin, mmm yeah, I can't think of any others right now, but that's just me)

I'm not leaving yet, mainly because whenever I say "I need a break" or anything along those lines I suddenly think of how amazing fics I could write would be.
I haven't left any mark on this website, I have yet to start a legacy that will be carried on throughout the new Ficwad Generations.

Bloody hell, to anyone who was a noob around the same time as me, hold your glasses up high for a fucking toast.
We're FW Vets guys, been here, writing and shit for years.

Good luck to the newbies, those getting their name known and anyone inbetween.
This is a very fucked up website, with very fucked up people.

Like me xD

xXx Sam Wesley Alexx
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