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I dunno; it felt right (my pitiful attempt at lyrics or some shit -_-)

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Hush now honey, don't say a word
Everything needed is already heard
All those tears shed,
Cuts once bled red

Pens and knives,
Only lies in disguise
Sorrow and pain,
Wash away with the rain

Thoughts so tempting,
Countless preparing,
One final goodbye,
One final kiss

Ends your story,
Oh so fucking gory,
Skin gone pale,
Life begins to fail.

Your done,
Had some fun,
Glad to see you gone,
You guessed wrong.

Hush now honey, don't say a word.
Everything needed is already heard
Tears once shed,
Cuts bled red

Meh, I'm not at ALL going to be good as Ash or AJ (But hell, I was like "why.the.fuck.not") Suicide Silence kinda YOLO! I dunno, bye...enjoy my shit song writing skills
Yes, only one "fucking" be proud fucking proud
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