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Hatchet Queen Red Strings

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Quarter Keys awakens one day in the compartment storage on a train, lying in a white pine box with no memories of how it ended up here. Spoken to by a sudden mysterious voice, Quarter is instructed...

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Chapter 1 Hatchet Queen Red Strings

The train scaled around the tracks, expertly gliding around the sleek and sharp turns that the rails were built in the direction of. Back on the very last compartment of the black and speeding train sat a white casket carefully aligned over the cushioned seats, inside of the rather small pine box laid a perfectly still and cold body with eyes closed tight and it's small hands to it's sides. No one was on the train with this corpse that was on it's way to the main station of the city Bodomi. The corpse that laid in the casket was a child named Quarter Keys, who had died on February 14th, the child was from the realm of the planet earth and had suffered a death so swift, the brain that was actually in a comatose state of shock had no memories of bodily activities before it's sudden death. the attendants of purgatory dressed the body in the normal fashion, a black shirt with a folded collar, black tie, white gloves upon the hands, and black slacks. on the child's feet were black slippers, designed to protect the bottoms of the child's feet that had just, moments ago been soaked in it's own blood.

And when the train shot around the sharp turn on the rails, the corpses eyes suddenly popped open and its once closed mouth let out a long and sudden sigh. Eyesight that had once been steady and sharp now appeared foggy and hazed as the child stared up at the roof of the casket that laid closed over it. Quarter did not know where it was or in fact who it was so panic suddenly set in, making the child thrust it's finely laced covered hands at the roof of the caskets door. The door was pushed open, and upwards allowing the child to sit up free from it's constrained box and quickly hurl itself over the side and onto the floor.

Quarters chest quickly heaved, suddenly trying to adjust to the immense flow of oxygen that quickly poured into the child's lungs again, a hard thump in the child's chest followed signaling that its heart had begun beating back in rhythm and in order. A tickling sensation ran throughout the child's small body as well as its stiff blood uncluttered and quickly flowed, back through its veins and its life deprived organs.

But although everything seemed to just suddenly spring up and work, Quarter could not still remember who it was, and looking around now how it had even gotten here.

Hello my name is Harrow long time long see haha this is the intro to my story Hatchet Queen Red Strings. its full of mystery and suspense as well as romance and you should like read and review and subscribe. if you have any questions or suggestions leave them for me and i will reply to you. thanks!
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