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I Have No Idea

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I'm thinking of going

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Don't even fucking start with me.
I don't want people thinking "she does this all the time, leave and come back hours later" cause I'm not in any fucking mood (I've been stressing to the point of bawling my fucking eyes out; and I'm usually an emotionally strong person, BUT FUCK)

I love you guys, don't get it wrong. You're all amazing people. But I've lost all my motivation.

I want to leave.
I say "Everyone makes a legacy on here" and shit
But I haven't

a blue haired liar
A fucking hypocrite
A bitch who you don't want to get involved with
A fucked up kid in the back who has major fucking trust issues and loves music more than her life, gets worked up over nothing.
And above all else, has been backstabbed, and hurt to the point of trying to distance herself from all of society.

I'm leaving, for a variety of reasons.
-My marks are supposedly going to shit (My lowest is 74 and my highest is 95; yet I'm not good enough for my parents)
-This place is indeed falling the fuck apart
-I have no motivation to write anything

Maybe I'll come back and write a one shot
Start the Sinister fic
Do the Butterfly Affect one
Dead Silence even

Or if you guys would want any (like anything except Doll Of Darkness and We Do it In the Dark along with Dead Silence/The Dear Agony album fic) ask
I'll email you the plot and characters and you can go fucking hard
I would hate to see them crash and fucking burn

-Bites lip in attempts not to start going all downing self pity shit-

Goodbye guys, wish I had actually left some sort of mark

If anyone actually wants to talk, just hit me up (my old one, but I always get my sam41 email wrong)

Kay bye, like I said
Wish I left some sort of mark on here..

xXx Sam Wesley Alexx
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