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Make This Last

by Sam41 2 reviews

A song Cause I fucking can (wow I seem like a bitch)

Category: Drama - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2013-04-26 - 154 words

One fucking night
Make this right,
Take her out,
Prove a point,

Sit around,
Hit the town
Do some fucked up shit

Have a blast,
Make it last,
Don't ever give a shit

You better make this fucking last,
Your last night,
Put up a fight,
Kick and scream,
Don't back the fuck down

Make a stand,
Kick back,
"Well that was fucking fun"

If they ask,
Look at 'em and say
"Just having some fun"

One fucking night,
Our last fucking night
Better put up a fight,
Kick and scream,
Prove a point,
Kick some ass,
Make this last

10 years from now,
It'll all be memories,
All be "remember when"'s
So make this fucking memorable

Show your stuff,
You ain't that fucking tough,
Prove 'em wrong
Sing a song

No one gives a shit

One last night,
To make things right,
Make it last,
Have a blast,
Don't ever give a shit
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