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More than you Know

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Beck doesn't seem to care about Tori the way he should. Wade loves her, but is scared to say anything. And tori too does love Wade. Will she leave Beck for Wade?.(I do not own)

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"Thanks for taking me out tonight. I had fun!". Says Tori.
"Anytime". says Wade.
"Oh, before I forget I'm sleeping over. Is that okay?".
"That's fine".

Once they go into the house. they shower indivsually,and lay next to eachother. Tori starts playing with Wade's fingers and says" I just wish Beck would take me out more and show me a good time".

Wade looks at Tori with confusion. He says" He doesn't take you out?".

Tori, trying to hide her embarrasement says" No. when I want to go out or spend time with him it always turns into an arguement. And I end up crying. However when he wants to go out I never say no. I wish he'd change and love me like he used to".

Wade puts his arm around tori and says" Babe, if you're unhappy just remember, you can always say something and leave him".

Tori says" I know. We're headed to go that way anyway. I wsh he was more like you".

"Thanks! But how so?". Asks Wade.

"Well you're funny. Sweet. Caring. Brave. Strong. Your practically my super hero who saves me from Beck as he is the villain. Plus you treat me right. Better than ever has". Says Tori.

Wade says" No need to worry. Beck is going to realize what a great girl he's going to lose. He's hard headed".

As she spoons next to Wade, he looks in her eyes and kisses her slowly.

Tori's P.O.V.
Wow....this kiss with Wade....I've never felt this different before. different as in, in a good way. As I stop kissing him, I smile,and as we spoon we go to sleep.

Wade's P.O.V.
A couple days later, Beck pulls me aside before I head to my locker. Angrily he says" Do you think I'm stupid? Huh? Do you? I know what goes on between you and Tori. How could you do this to me?!".

I say" Beck.....For once open your eyes. Open your eyes and see that she gave you a second channce when your ass was snooping around with jade. YOU didn't deserve another chance, but you got anyway. This girl loves you to death but you're so fucking ignorant it's no wonder why your loosing her!".

Beck screams" I'm not the one that kissed my best friend's girlfriend!".

As I'm yelling I say" Face it Beck! SHE shouldn't settle for someone like you but she did! NO matter what you say to her, you don't care about her. You're selfish.You treat her like shit and I can see it in her eyes. I'm not blind. If you love her then fight for her, OTHERWISE FUCK OFF! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE NOW IT'S MY TURN TO MAKE HER HAPPY. something you could never do".

Later that day, as Wade is watching the basketball game with the Lakers against the Knicks, he hears something falling upstairs. He says in shock" Tori? What are you doing here?!". She says" I came to see you. did you mean what you said about me?". Wade says" I meant it all. I love you. and you deserve someone who treats her like a princess Someone who treats her right". As he pts his hands through her hair she blushes and smiles, as they kiss, the rain pours down into a magic feeling between Wade and Tori.
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