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The Only Hope for Me is You

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Frank starts having feelings for Gerard after he kisses him on stage at one of their concerts. Can he deny his feelings or will he give into them? Does Gerard feel the same way?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2013-04-26 - 509 words

I took a slow drag of my cigarette, leaning against the back of our tour bus. Shivering slightly at the freezing air of the cold December night.

I sighed, looking up at the seemingly never endless starry sky. I needed to stop feeling like this, I needed to stop thinking about him. My thoughts wandered off, back to last nights concert, when all these feelings started.

The loud roar of the crowd was almost deafening, I could barely hear the chords I was strumming.
[/My body was pouring sweat, from the heat of the bright lights above the stage, my fingers feeling numb from playing for so long.

[/But I could barely notice, I was in a trance, the music taking me away, Letting my mind leave my body and go someplace far away.

[/The notes I was playing almost danced around me as I continued to play, never missing a beat.

[/But then suddenly reality came back to me and my mind was sucked back into my head as someone grabbed both of my arms. I opened my eyes fast enough to see Gerard quickly leaning into me, and enveloping my mouth into a heated kiss with his.

[/Everything was moving so fast, the crowd got even louder as they screamed our names with excitement over what was happening “Frank, Gerard!” the screams progressed as Gerard wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into the sudden kiss. I had to concentrate hard to keep my focus on playing my guitar.

[/One of Gerard’s hands pulled at my hair as the other glided over my tinted red cheek, his teeth lightly pulling at my lip piercing. I kissed back, hard, pushing my body closer to his. Letting the fans get what they wanted, and what my heart now needed.

[/Gerard pulled away, barely even giving second notice as to what just happened and went back to singing the next line of the song we were playing.

[/Now having to subdue my heavy breathing and stop the whole room from spinning, the taste of his lips lingered on mine (just like coffee with a hint of smoke from the cigarette he smoked before coming on stage), I tried to remember how to play guitar, forgetting slightly as my thoughts were still scrambled over the kiss.

[/“it was just an act, that’s all it was. Gerard knows how much the fans like it when he does stuff like that, he didn't feel anything over it.” I kept thinking, holding onto that thought as we continued to play the rest of the show.

“He didn't feel anything.” I whispered as I relived the flashback of the kiss.

But why did I?


A/N: Hello! Sorry this chapter is pretty short, but i'm going to try and make future chapters longer as this story progresses. Also, this story is also on my QOUTEV account, which is under the username "Loki Of Asgard" so if you see it on there and think someone is copying the other, it's the same person! uvu
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