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I couldn't think of a title.

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Ducky realised that she hasn't updated this in a while. So she now has.

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Haven't updated this thing in a while. Partially because I haven't really been able to think of anything to say. Mostly because I didn't want reviews telling me to move this to a blogging site instead, which seems to have been happening to quite a few people recently. It's made me feel kinda guilty, because the only things I've uploaded here so far are this, my profile and a Q&A for me and "Sheepy": I really want to upload some stories and whatnot, but I'm lacking motivation/inspiration/ideas. ^^;

Anyhow, I shall now start my rambling.

On Wednesday I saw Sheepy act for her Drama performance! ^w^
And she was really awesome! :3
It was kinda awkward, because out of everyone who came along to watch the performances, I was the only one there who was a student at the school, and who wasn't in another Drama group. XD (pretty much everyone else was either a family member or a teacher, or in a group that wasn't performing at that time)
And everyone who was performing knew why I was there, too. x'3

I also got my braces adjusted on the same day. (As soon as I got home from school, I literally had just enough time to have a quick snack and brush my teeth before going to the Orthodontists, and then when I got home from that, I had just enough time to have some noodles and get changed, before rushing out again to get to my school for the Drama performances. And then I didn't get home until about 9pm. But I didn't mind at all, I loved it!)
This time, I got blue and pink bands. I would have gotten yellow too, if I could have three colours. Some people who are reading this may have worked out what these colours symbolise. :3

If anyone remembers my last entry, it was pretty much me worrying about my R.E lesson about homosexuality, because I thought it was going to be awkward (Because just about everyone in my year knows that I'm about as straight as a curly fry, and when Sheepy and I first got together, it was pretty much the most popular topic at our school). Well, it was fine. No homophobic comments or anything. :D
I was also really happy, because when my teacher was talking about someone who she knew who was transgender, she used the correct pronouns. And she was talking about how, even though there are one or two things about homosexuality she's not too personally fond of, she still believes that same sex couples should have the same rights as opposite sex couples, and that she won't let her personal likes/dislikes affect that. ;w;

I'm also considering legally changing my name to Dr Einstein Von Brainstorm.
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