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She smiled.

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She smiled
And the whole block lit up
Her eyes sparkled
Her face glowed
And she did the thing I could only recognize as a

I see her everyday
I see her walking in the hall
With what I could only recognize as a

She groans at having to do something
In front of the class
She does it with a frown
Or a blank expression
Which is worse than a

She does this everyday
Not even a little smirk
Or a hint of a silly tone in her voice

So it really caught me off guard
When she

I was taking in a stroll in another neighborhood
I heard she lived an hour away
So I wondered if she lived there
Since it was an hour away from my neighborhood
And while I was wondering
I heard a

It was a beautiful laugh
One that I had never heard
One that I would do anything
Anything at all
To hear again.

I turned around
And it was her
With her friends
Who must've gone to different high schools
Because I don't know them.

And I almost didn't recognize her
Because she looked

Her her wasn't messy with frantic curls
Her face wasn't lined with worry and stress
Her head wasn't in a book
She was in no rush.

And right here
She looked like she belonged
With her bright smile
One that never shone in class.

Even with all the jokes I cracked
In the class
In the place where she always

And she saw me
I know she did because
Her bright eyes
Met mine.

And it really caught me off guard when
I expected her to frown
But she

I smiled back.

And the following Monday
In class
I told one of my jokes
And I heard a laugh.

That beautiful laugh that I would go on to hear
Whenever I told a joke from then on.
And that laugh made me smile
Because I knew that
Whenever she laughed that beautiful laugh
It was accompanied by that one

And that made my world
Much brighter.
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