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Morning Glory And The Tales Of The Afternoon

by MCR-99 1 review

Just a poem.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-04-27 - 372 words

Morning Glory And The Tales Of The Afternoon.

I wake up in the morning, to a regular tune,
I slide out of bed, uniform on as usual.
Casually make my way downstairs for breakfast.
Slowly eating, staring into space,
Before leaving for school at slow pace.

I walk along the paved road, music in my ears,
Wasting the world away, as I begin the day.
And then, here comes the names and laughs,
In all the morning glory.

Oh look! The Emo Child!
Listening to screamo.
Why isn't she normal like us?
Why is she so Emo?

Why does she always have headphones?
Why doesn't she smile?
She listens to screamo, so obviously,
She knows she is Emo.

This trauma and hate go on through the morning,
And I ignore them so.
Because I know the real me,
The Me that nobody knows.
And, then begins the lunch hour,
And more hate and abuse begin.

There she is, screamo blaster,
Eating alone, like always.
Always with her head in the clouds,
And that's why no one likes her.

There she goes, stomping away,
To be alone, like she does.
Why does she not have friends?
Why isn't she popular like us?

Only two more hours left of the day,
Then I'll be alone.
I'll be in my home, my safe sanctuary,
Where none of these people know.
Here it is, the final bell,
Everyone is leaving,
And then there is me, trailing behind,
Sucked into the world of my music.

I make it home, with no one behind me,
Unlock the door and go inside.
Stroke the dog, who barks happily,
Make my way to the kitchen, Mum is there.
How was your day, is what she asks,
And I say, it is fine.

Up in my room, I cry and cry,
Because of all the lies and lies.
I'm fine, I say to everyone.
I'm okay, no need to worry.
But, the truth I need to tell,
Is I'm not fine, I'm not okay.
But, no one seems to worry.

And there is the truth, here is my story,
Out there, in all the morning glory.
Bask in my tale, and share my diseet,
It's just another creature, one cannot defeat.
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