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Just Another Set Of Bones To Lay To Rest

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I'm nothing, can't you see? A waste of space. I'm just another set of bones to lay to rest. *super depressing. be warned*

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013-04-29 - 400 words

Just Another Set Of Bones To Lay To Rest.

All those words, that you think mean nothing,
And, yet, they do, I just don't show,
The true emotion deep inside me,
As you say those words.
As the words escape your lips,
In laughs, giggles, and harsh whispers,
I just stand there, and take it all,
Yet, you do not see what it does to me.

I walk home on my own, thinking and thinking,
Replaying the day over and over,
Your voice echos inside my head, messing with my mind,
Playing with it, like a lost toy.
Playing the music as I walk in the rain,
Soft raindrops on my porcelain skin,
Sad face for the sad weather,
I finally arrive home.

Where have you been, is my mother's question,
She gets no reply, like always,
I slowly ascend to my room, and look at the walls that surround me,
And all the bands that saved me.
I run my creased fingers along the smooth paper,
Smiling as I do so,
Before all the comments come back,
And I lose control.

Here is the Emo,
Sitting alone,
Listens to screamo,
Longs to go home.
Why does she sit alone?
Does she have any friends?
Why is she so sad all the time?
Why doesn't she just die?

It is what she's longed to do,
Ever since Year Seven,
Remember in Art class, she cut herself,
At the age of eleven?
We all remember it,
You'll never forget it,
We make your life a living hell,
So, why don't you just end it?

I feel hot tears roll down my cheeks,
And my breath begins to shake,
I find my blades, locked far away,
I shut my eyes tight and slice away.
Pain after pain is what I ensure,
Ignoring the knocks at my bedroom door,
I open my eyes, and my blood, out it flies,
I collapse to the floor, and then I die.

Mother had found me, on the bedroom floor,
Her thirteen year old daughter, scarred and bleeding,
Green eyes glassed over, just like a china doll's,
With the bloodied silver clutched in my hand.
Mother cries for me, of course,
Just like all mothers do,
She finds a note, for her adressed,
Reading, Just Another Set Of Bones To Lay To Rest.

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(A/N: nope, not gonna kill myself. nu-uh.)

xoxo Sadie
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