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Fire Storm (one shot)

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Tori loves cat, but she feels horrible that she turned down Cat. Tori knows Cat is the only girl for her, but will she find a way to win her over or lose her forever?. (i don't own victorious)

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Tori's relationship with Jennifer Lawerence isn't what it used to be. In the beginning it was fun. Exciting. She felt like she was on top of the world, ready to scream for joy. Now, things are boring. The excitement is gone. The passion she had for Jenn has dissapeared. And the only one on her mind is cat Valentine.

Tori's P.O.V.
I didn't think we'd argue like a married couple. But damn, i was wrong. Everything I do is wrong. "Don't hug me. Kiss me. Don't kiss me. Hug me. Why do you always smother me when you tell me your in love with me? I'm lonely. I'm cold. No one loves me. Spoon me". It's pretty much a list of yes and No's. A list of supply and demands. Too much indesciveness. I don't want that. I don't need that. Lying to myself is all I've been doing. And the more lies being told, the worse my heart feels. Every day regrets rains in my world. I broke it off with jenn a few months ago. I'm going to do what my heart and mind tells me to do. Win Cat over and show her that she's the one I want to spend my entire life. When Cat told me how she felt about me I should've listened. But instead I threw her emotions into an oncoming train and drilled her heart with rejection like a staple gun to her chest. It's been six months. Since then Cat and I haven't been able to bring our friendship to where it used to be. She hates me. She won't call or text back. In school she won't look at me. Before, Cat used to smile and hug me as if she held on for dear life not to let me go. The cat I now know is heartless. Just gives me the cold shoulder. And I can't blame her. Telling her I only see as a friend when I have feelings about her, has been bottled up has been hard. It hurt her as much as it hurt me. Cat. Please. Talk to me. Tell me how you feel. This time I will listen. If once I get your attention, even if it's for a minute, tell me what's on your mind. I can't take not seeing you. Without you, my world is lonesome. A hurricane. At night, it's you I wish I was laying with. So if you hear me out...Cat...You're the one I want to have companionship with. Please Cat. Please. Talk to me. For me. For us. It's not to have closure. But to bring us back to common ground. And it's not because I want to. But because I need you. I love you, Cat. More than anything in the world.

Once Tori makes me her way over to see Cat, Cat walks away to avoid seeing Tori."Cat! Cat!". She runs after Cat, as she turns around. "What do you want, Tori?!". Yells Cat. Tori says"I want to talk".

As everyone in the school is watching Cat says"What about? It's clear you don't love me anymore, so why should I bother talking to you?!".

"What else do you want me to say? You caught me at a bad time".

"Do you want to talk about bad timing?.Was it a bad time, when we had that sleep over and I fell asleep in your arms? Was a bad time when we were talking all night and you told me you loved me? WAS IT A BAD TIME WHEN I CAME OVER TO COMFORT YOU BECAUSE YOU WERE CRYING AND YOU KISSED ME?. Were any of those times not good enough? Or was I not good enough to fit the high profile of Tori Vega?".

Tori has "what did you say to me" look on her face. She says"What does that mean?!".

"That means that you waste time on shitty girls, but when I spill my heart to you I don't matter to you as much. That's what that means!. If you love me then say something, but don't be-"
Tori grabs Cat and pulls her close for a deep, passionate, french kiss. Tori says"Cat..I never stopped caring about what you feel". She bends down on one knee and says"and I want to ask you-"

"Tori, shut up. I love you so much, reguardless of how bad you hurt me. And yes...I will marry you!". She kisses Tori as they both blush and their faces' light up in happiness.
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