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Don't You Ever Forget About Me

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When I'm gone, I want you to promise me, That you won't stop thinking about me. Don't You Ever Forget About Me.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013-04-30 - 411 words

Don't Ever Forget About Me
WARNING: mentions of suicide and self-harm, and slight bullying.

Some days, I wake up,
And cry, just cry,
As I remember every detail of my life.
All the trials and tribulations,
All of the ups and downs,
All of the nightly terrors and tremors,
All of those horrible sounds,
Of the guns going bang,
The plates go crash,
The screams that sound and the slash of blood.
Each one of those sounds fill my head again,
And it's incapable of them to stop.

I move from my bed, and onto the floor,
And feel it gaining wetness,
Here come the night tremors again,
I open my eyes and see it all.
My body, small, pale and fragile,
Falling to the bottom of the sea,
From my wrist is patterns of red,
Patterns of blood and bruises.
My eyes are open and glassed over,
Green orbs with hints of hazel, motionless.
My body hits the sea bed, and my back arches up,
And, once again my eyes open, and I'm in my bed again.

Now I have gained full consiousness, and yet again my troubled mind,
It takes my body by the arms and drags it back down again.
I completely lose control, I have no idea what I think,
As I slice along my arms,
And paint the blade different shades of red.
I look at the blood, as it evacuates the cell I call a body,
And I watch it spill onto the floor, creating a beautiful, bloddied picture,
I smile, a yellow-toothy smile, and I feel the unconsiousness take hold,
But, not enough consiousness for me to say,
My final words of goodbye.

I want you all, to promise me,
to never forget about me.
Don't you, ever forget about me.
As you toss and turn in your sleep,
I hope it's because you can't stop thinking about,
The reasons why we close our eyes,
I haunt your dreams at night,
So you can't stop thinking about me,
Don't stop thinking about me.
Even now I'm dead and gone,
I want you to remember me,
Remember me as the girl I was,
Happy, and bubbly, who loved the world,
Don't remember me as I am at this moment,
Forget the present, and remember the past.
I won't ever forget about all of you, and,
Don't You Ever Forget About Me.

I dunno, I just randomly thought of this.. Rate and review anyway? xoxo Sadie
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