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I'd Rather End It All Tonight

by MCR-99 1 review

Please, don't take this out on me, Cuz you're the only thing that's keeping me alive. And I don't wanna wait for the downset date, Cuz I'd rather end it all tonight.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-05-01 - 257 words

I'd Rather End It All Tonight

I'm so sorry it has to be this way,
I'm sorry for how I am,
But, it's been decided,
All of it,
And tonight, I am going to die.

I'm just tired of it all,
The bullies, and their words,
Those words that make me inflict the pain.
The voices in my head,
And how they make me sink so low,
I can't control what I do.
All those small, little things,
That change my entire life.

I'm sorry for what I have decided,
I'm sorry it shall hurt,
To hear the news, that your best friend,
Is six foot underneath.
I'm sorry, but you can't change my mind,
You can't change what has been planned.

Please, just don't take it out on me,
You were the only thing that kept me alive.
But, now you're gone, and long forgotten,
They made me forget you.
I just, I don't want to wait for the downset date,
I don't want to wait for somebody new,
I don't want to change the past,
I just want you.

So, that is why I'm doing this,
This plan that's set in stone,
I want to see you, deceased love,
See you once again.
And, to my current human friends,
I'm sorry but I've made up my mind,
I don't want to wait for a better tomorrow,
I'd Rather End It All Tonight.

I've had a bad day.. I thought about suicide today.. I just don't feel my best.. slowly feeling happier, but not by much..
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