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blind faith in a never ending story

by upinflames 1 review

angels watch over you.

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often times you’re a rapid fire toothy grin in the backseat, a reminder of how the world keeps spinning
angel; hey, if you’re out there I remember you as crystal clear as the sun changing shifts with the moon
from worn badges of bruises on your skin towards audacious stories that made me feel obsolete
if I told you how the incandescence reflected from your eyes seemed to comfort my pain
would you have spared a glance or chanced a motley goodbye to let me know you were vanishing
instead of taking interest in your toes to my questions, “ is there anything wrong?”
you were gone from school and my bland life, how surprising to really see come-and-go
I saw in a violent red, it wasn’t like you to shut up, how ironic
of child protection, I quickly panicked, what if you were hurt or worse
didn’t even know your last name, no way to track you down or find you
all the or’s add up, stack to the ceiling, I have to strain my neck
maybe I’ll just snap it, but I’ll remember I don’t know how
explanations are for fools, I suppose, maybe I’m a fool
to think I was a worthy friend, in that right maybe, yes
but to imagine you coming back, undoubtedly
some wishful thinking, the fates working on my side
you’re across the world by now, it’s scarcely luck
you’re not long gone dust in the wind, really
I’d rather you breathe than be nothing
syllables struggle to get out
a lot because you’re not here
another ‘cos you are
watch time fail and glide
blink when it’s tough
it all
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