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Thanks For The Memories, Even If They Weren't So Great

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Danny and Rayven have hit a tough patch in their marriage. But will their eldest child change all of that? (Oneshot)

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Thanks For The Memories, Even If They Weren't So Great

"Mommy, Daddy, could you tell me a story?" A little girl asked. Rayven turned to face her daughter, well, the eldest of them. Her name was Caraphernelia, she was only five years old. She had nice, long, flowing locks of jet black hair, and delicate, grey eyes, which were exceptionally wide for such a small child. Danny, Rayven's other half, and father of the children, was setting Iris and Helena into their cots, stroking the brown hair from each of their eyes and kissing them on the head, before turning to face Caraphernelia also.

"Of course." Rayven sat on the bed, Danny repeating said action, smiling. "But, only a little one, it's way past your bedtime."

"Thank you Mommy." Caraphernelia smiled also, a big toothy smile.

"What do you want the story to be about?" Danny asked.

"How did you and Daddy meet, Mommy?" Rayven and Danny shot a look at eachother. They didn't think she would ask that, yet they should have known anyway. You see, Caraphernelia is a curious child, always wanting to know about other people's affairs, rather than her own. Soon, they turned back to their daughter, and told her the story.

"Well, it was back when I was sixteen years old," Rayven began. "I was seeing my favourite band live, for the first time. The concert was going smoothly, then a mosh-pit started. I had no idea what to do, and I got pushed pretty hard, and nearly fell, but then your father caught me before I fell."

"I took your mother from the venue into the lodge." Danny took over. "And I checked her over, got her a drink and we talked for a little while."

"What about?" Caraphernelia asked, sitting up from under her My Little Pony duvet cover, eyes wide in curiosity, as they always did when she wanted to know these sorts of things.

"About our hobbies, intrests, general things." Rayven said. "But, after a little while, we became good friends."

"What about when you had your first date?" Caraphernelia asked. "What was that like?"

"It was magical, if I say so myself. Your father took me to this nice Italian resturant, Denny's, where we had pizza and mozerella sticks. Then, my most favourite song in the whole world began playing, the one your sister is named after, Iris. It was the cover by another one of my favourite bands, Sleeping With Sirens."

"It was my favourite too, still is." Danny added to Rayven's speech. "I took your mother over to the middle of the busy resturant, and we danced to the song, and it was one of my favourite moments, one I wish I had back." Rayven looked over at Danny, with a small tear in her eye. She wished that moment was back too, as Danny and Rayven's marriage wasn't at it's best at this day and age. They never really spent time with one another, what with Danny busy with his band, touring and whatnot, whereas Rayven stayed at home, looking after the children and drawing and sculpting new pieces of art.

"Mommy, why are you crying?" Caraphernelia noticed her mother's tears, and asked the simplist of questions for that moment in time.

"Because, me and your father aren't really happy anymore." Rayven tried her best to explain to her daughter the truth behind the falling tears, as she knew it was best never to lie to your child.

"Why?" Caraphernelia pressed on, curiosity getting the best of her.

"Well, we have different intrests now." Danny answered this one, saving Rayven more tears. "Daddy's busy with the band, and Mommy has to look after both you, and her artwork. We don't really have time for one another, and we weren't like we were."

"Are you going to break up? Is Daddy going to have to move away, or will Mommy go?" Caraphernelia, too, began to develop tears in her little eyes, her bottom lip quivered as she said those words.

"We don't know yet sweetie." Rayven tried not to cry again, as she knew how much it would hurt Caraphernelia, and all the children, if her and Danny split up, and one of them moved away.

"I don't want either of you to leave." Caraphernelia cried, and Danny kissed her forehead softly.

"Go to sleep sweetie, it's getting late." Caraphernelia led back down, and drifted to sleep, with the sound of Rayven's voice soothing her, as she sang Caraphernelia's song, the song she was named after.

there ain't a thing that you can do,
that's gonna ruin my night,
but there's just something about this dizzy dreamer,
and her bleeding little blue boy,
licking her fingers lick you're done and you've decided,
that there's so much more than me,
and baby, honestly it's harder breathing next to you,
I shake, I bought a gun and as the preacher tried to stop me,
hold my heart it's beating for you anyway..

Now, unlikely as this sounds, whenever Danny or Rayven sang this one particular song to her, Caraphernelia managed to drift off to sleep. They figured that the songs their three children were named after put them to sleep, because they feel special, hearing those words sung all fitting under that one title. Soon, Caraphernelia was fast asleep, still with a few tears falling down from her eyes, and Rayven gently wiped them away before kissing her young child's pink-tinted cheek, and Danny and Rayven leave the room, leaving the door pulled to, so little light from the hallway guided into their room so they slept peacefully.

"Do you want this, us, to end?" Danny asked, as Rayven and Danny prepared themselves for bed in the next room. Rayven stopped for a moment, taking in the exact words that had left Danny's lips, all formed in one precious breath particle, before she answered.

"Do you?" She posed the question onto him, considering weather or not to tell her own answer.

"No." Danny said. "I don't. I mean, sure we hit a rough patch in the road, but we'll pull through, like we always do."

Rayven hesitated, before telling him her answer to the matter at hand. "I don't want us to end either. It would not only hurt Caraphernelia, Iris and Helena, it would also hurt me too. You are my one true love, Danny, and I hate that we're like this, why can't things just go back to the way they were?"

"They will." Danny reasurred her, as they climbed into bed. Danny pulled Rayven close, and they nestled in the warmth of the covers. "All it due time."

"But, if they don't," Rayven considered the alternative. "Thanks for the memories."

Danny recognised that one lyric, and said the final answer to it. "Even if they weren't so great."

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