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Insanity In Living

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I'm crazy! Haven't you heard the news?

the new freak in town.

The doctors are screaming,
Nurses dancing in.
Medication puts me out.
The sheets keep me clean.
The walls are painted with blood now,
My own and yours.

Laugh at the cuts,
Giggle and the way it burns.
Sadistic mind and bleeding heart,
I use the bold and razors to make my skin art.
I'd rather stand in the middle of the highway,
Or just off a tall building,
Than waste away in a slow decay.
Stick needles in my eyes,
Let me be blind,
Rather than rip the wings off the butterflies.
See all these cuts along my thighs?
Those are ones I sing about in all my lullabies.
Tell me it'll get better, tell me I'll be fine.
But you always told those bubblegum lies.

Sometimes when you're suffering,
there's an insanity in living.
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