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The ups and downs of being alone.

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They say there's plenty of fish in the sea
But not for me

I'm content with being alone.
No drama.
No fights.
No tears.

But, then again,
I'm also not content.

I want to feel the love.
The need to do anything for that one person.
To share those small intimate moments.
To know that someone adores you
As you adore them.

But I don't have that.
And i don't think I ever will.
And it brings tears to my eyes
But a smile to my face.

Maybe I'm better off alone.
Maybe no one out there is for me.
And maybe this is sad
But it's also good.

I once wanted to cry about this
And I still do
But I also laugh,
I still enjoy life.

Maybe I'm better off alone.
Maybe not.
It makes me happy.
It makes me sad.

But I still feel something.
And it's better than nothing.

Being alone makes me happy.
It also makes me sad.

Why should I choose?
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