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"Have you ever thought about naming the stars?"

"A lot."

"I would want to name the brightest one after the one thing I love most in the Universe."

"What's that?"

"I don't know. I love everything, I love every branch on every tree and every petal on every flower. I love every puff of air that I breathe, I love every page of every book that I read. Most of all, I love every person I've ever met."

"That's not an answer."

"It is. I can't figure out what I want to name the brightest star, because I'm afraid that my brightest star doesn't want to be the brightest in my sky."

"Why would anyone not want to be your Sirius? Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the sky."

"Well, for starters, my Sirius is popular. He has a lot of friends, he knows people, he makes plans for his weekend. I know virtually no one, I have no friends, I have no plans for the weekend. He stands out, he's left a legacy on a place where a lot of legacies are made but his will always be remembered. What will I be remembered for?"

"You have long eyelashes."

"Long eyelashes won't get you anywhere. His talents will."

"I think I know who you're talking about."

"Oh? Tell me, why would someone that perfect want to be my Sirius?"

"Because his Sirius is the opposite to himself. And maybe you've got him wrong. Maybe your Sirius isn't really popular. He just goes along to keep himself numb from not having his Siruis around. He thinks he's the worthless one, he's so blinded by your brilliance. Maybe your Sirius-"

"Maybe my Sirius is sitting right next to me, holding my hand and spurting out bullshit."

"And maybe my Sirius is here too, holding my hand and listening to me spurting out bullshit."
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