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Chapter 18

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A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 18

"AAHH! I can't believe him!" Kodachi yelled as she shoved her door open then quickly slammed it close. She leaned against it, breathing deeply as she tried to rein in her anger, eyes closed. She hated her cousin Taeko with a burning passion usually reserved for her rivals for her Ranma-sama's love! "I swear, I will poison him one day and feed him to Mr. Green Turtle," She muttered as she finally calmed down a tiny bit.

She pushed away from the door, taking a moment to lock it then walked over to her bed, throwing herself on it. It wasn't very lady like but damn it, she was by herself in her room and she was allowed to act like a normal teenage girl sometimes. Kodachi balled her hands up into her covers as she remembered again what Taeko said to her downstairs.

The gymnast had just come back from her secret afterschool activity of going to different districts outside of Nermia and teaching little school girls Rhythmic Gymnastics at different dance schools. Just regular gymnastics, not the Martial Art's kind she was an expert at. Taeko Kuno, like he had been doing for the last month since he had shown up on their doorstep, was sitting in the living room with one of those vile tasting things he called a beer in one hand while he gazed at a lude magazine in the other. As Kodachi moved through her living room to head up to her room, the bastard had told her to get him another beer.

Kodachi of course refused, for one she wasn't his servant and she wasn't one to be ordered around. Taeko, of course, had to make the comment that as a woman, it was her job to do as he said unless she wanted to get slapped. He never got the chance, Kodachi had taking out a pouch of paralysis powder that she always carried with her and threw it into his face. Not her usual way of using the power, via her beloved black roses that she grew, but it worked in a pinch.

'What really pisses me off is that my brother does nothing to stand up for me,' Kodachi thought, gripping her covers again before sighing and letting them go so she could sit up. She reached over and picked up a photo from her bedside table, gazing at it sadly. It was the last photo ever taken of her, Tatewaki and their mother Miyu before she was killed. Back then, Tatewaki had been a proper older brother, determine to protect his little sister from the horrors of the world.

The last time her brother had ever done so was, in a way, the day she lost the person her brother had been. When Miyu had been attacked in their home, Takewaki had shoved Kodachi in a closet to hide her from the persons who had broke into their home before going to save their mother as Sasuke had been knocked unconscious and their father Kaitou had been away.

'Of course he was away, he was the one reasonable for the attack,' Kodachi thought in anger. Her father had made her loose both her mother and brother that day, she supposed she was luckily her 'Uncle' Sasuke hadn't been taken as well. Not that she had any proof that her father was the one who called the hit on her mother but Kodachi knew it was him.

Her mother dead and Takewaki driven a bit mad as he had witnessed the act. Kaitou had never allowed his son to get the therapy that he needed to help him overcome what had happen. Now Kodachi's brother was a perverted pig who acted like he was stuck in feudal Japan. And Kodachi had to act like she was out of her mind as well for her protection. Not that she wasn't a tiny bit crazy but wouldn't everyone be surprised how much of it was an act.

Kodachi sighed as she put the photo back on her nightstand and got up off the bed. There was nothing she could do for Takewaki right now, their father was watching their every move to make sure they didn't touch what the man thought was his money. Kaitou was spending away as much of the Kuno fortune as possible and she was afraid by the time they were adults, it would all be gone. If only she could find the evidence needed to prove that her father was behind her mother's death. Once the bastard was in jail, she could drop the crazy act and finally commit Takewaki to a hospital where he could hopefully get help finally.

"But every detective I've hired and even Sasuke can't find proof," Kodachi muttered as she stripped out of her school uniform and dressed instead in a slightly form fitting black dress. She put the thought of her father out of her mind as she headed out of her room, taking the back hallways downstairs to her greenhouse/lab where she mixed her powders. She was going to make Taeko regret even thinking of touching her, a laugh bubbling up in her as she closed the door to the greenhouse.

"Oh HOHOHOHOHO!" inside the house, the servants shivered as they heard their mistress laugh while Taeko, still frozen by the paralysis powder in the living room, had a feeling of dread wash over him.


"Put on your glasses you idiot boy!" Cologne said, pogoing past Mousse as the teen started to sweep the floor as the Amazons closed up the Nekohanten for the night. Mousse scowled in what he thought was her direction, but was really a trashcan, but finally put on his thick glasses after a moment. Cologne rolled her eyes and continued back to the kitchen. "That boy is going to be a death of me one day."

"Why do you insist on keeping him around Grandmother?" a middle age Chinese man asked as he looked up from washing dishes. "All he does it cause you headaches and irate my daughter." Cologne sighed and rubbed her forehead.

"He can be entertaining to watch as he fails," she said. "But if we don't watch him, Mousse will chase after Shampoo and Son-in-law and that could get him killed at this point."

"Have you told the other elder's about Shampoo's husband?" the man asked.

"No, I haven’t Poe," Cologne confessed, looking over at her grandson. "Shampoo has managed to truly fall in love with Ranma, I'm afraid if the elder console decides that her claim on Ranma should be canceled, she might abandoned the village."

Poe frowned and put the dish he was cleaning back into the water, turning to face his grandmother.

"Do you really think Shampoo would?" He asked, reaching up to stroke his mustache between his fingers.

"Yes, you know she has always looked for a man that could truly defeat her in battle and could give her strong daughters. She's dreamed of that since hearing stories about her mother," Cologne said, giving Poe an amused look. "She wants a strong man like her father."

Poe chuckled, his wife and Shampoo's mother Perfume had been a prideful fighter and the best of her generation. Poe had loved her since they were young teens, he trained hard to be a worthy husband for her and challenged her to combat when he felt he was ready. The fight ended up destroying two huts but in the end, he had defeated Perfume. The shocked look on her face as she realized it had always been one of his fondest memories. The few years they had been married that been happy for the both of them, up until Perfume was killed by the Musk when their daughter was two.

"Yes, Shampoo is just like Perfume," Poe agreed with a sigh. "I hope my daughter doesn't get her heart broken over this."

"I want to see her happy as well Poe," Cologne said. "I have thought long and hard about what was more important, her duties to the village and what would make her happy."

"What have you decided Grandmother?" Poe asked. Cologne took out her pipe and lit it, slowly puffing on the sweet smelling tobacco inside as she closed her eyes.

"For now, I will not stand in her way of pursuing Ranma but I will also inform her that if he does not seem to grow closer to her, she must give up her claim," She said after a few minutes. "With son-in-law being what he is now, there will be no shame brought to Shampoo."

"And if the boy does pick Shampoo as his bride?" Poe asked again.

"Then... we shall do what we can to not repeat the mistakes others had taken in the past. Ranma is well on his way to being one of the best marital artists I have ever seen. With my training and Sati's, he'll surpass the whole village one day," Cologne said. "He could level the village if we made him think we're trying to control him in any way. Better to have him as a friend than an enemy."


Ukyo sighed as she leaned against the register counter, looking out over her empty restaurant with bored with blue eyes. It was an hour or so before the dinner rush which left her and Konatsu with nothing to really do. The place was cleaned up from the lunch rush and she could hear her employee puttering around in the back.

The last month had been a new experience with her Ranma-honey's adopted werewolf aunt and the loud mouth American on the scene. Despite the rocky start she had with Jasper when she was sure the other girl had been another one of Ranma's fiancées, she had come to like the gaijin. Jasper made life entertaining with her constant teasing and baiting of Akane which in turn brought Akane's wrath down on the American instead of Ranma most nights.

Jasper often stopped in her shop for a okonomiyaki for lunch, telling Ukyo about the training that Ranma was going through. What surprised her was a couple of times Ryoga had been sitting at the counter listening and didn't go rushing off the train to be better than Ranma. For some reason, the lost boy was avoiding getting into any sort of fight with Ranma.

Another thing the two girls talked about were bikes after Ukyo expressed interest in the one Jasper was currently renting while in Japan. Ukyo learned a lot about them in that time and even had a motorbike of her own now for delivers! It wasn't as high tech or as pricy as Jasper's, but she hoped Ranma would show the same interest he did to Jasper's.

Of course, Ukyo hadn't seen much of Ranma since his training began other than when she saw him at school.

'Still, he's been paying more attention to me now,' Ukyo thought with a dreamy smile. Ranma ignored Akane whenever possible now, sitting either with her or, for some odd reason, with Nabiki on a couple of occasions when he wasn't with his friends. He, or sometimes she had even growled at her rival a few times! Growled! It made her wonder... was Ranma... like Sati?

She wasn't blind, Ukyo had seen the changes in Ranma since Sati showed up and then there was the training! Did Sati bite Ranma and turn him like in those werewolves movies? The brunette glanced out the window to the full moon, biting her lip. Ranma and Sati disappeared for the weekend for a 'training trip' and she couldn't help but wonder if that was a ruse so Ranma could transform like the seemingly young woman did. Of course, Ukyo didn't know she was half right for the reasons behind the trip.


Ukyo blinked as she was jerked out of her thoughts as the door opened, plastering a wide smile on her face as the first of the dinner rush walked in.

"Welcome to Ucchan's, what can I get you?"


"Uhgg... where the hell am I now?" Ryoga said with a sigh. Nothing looked familiar as he looked around and he of course had no idea where he was. All he wanted to do was get to his house, hoping maybe one of his parents might be there. At least he would get to see Checkers and how the puppies were doing.

The last month had weighed heavily on his mind. Ryoga, with a bit of thinking and a lot of eavesdropping had figured out Ranma's secret. And knowing what he did about wolves, at least wolf demons being a descendent from them even it was distantly now, Ryoga knew that it was not a good time to constantly challenge Ranma to a fight. He had been training, hoping to keep up with the other boy as Ranma got stronger, but if werewolves were anything like wolf demons, Ranma was too high strung to fight and might accidently kill him if he thought Ryoga was challenging him. He wanted to wait into Ranma got himself under complete control, he had heard what Sati said to Ranma about how he would be this first full moon!

Sati... Ryoga blushed as he thought about the woman. He didn't know what to think about her. He knew that she was some sort of immortal but she looked the same age as the rest of the younger members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew. He blushed heavily again as he remembered the tickle/wrestling match he and Ranma had with the woman and how his face had been pressed up against her breasts. He was sure the woman was flirting with him every time he was around and he didn't know what to think of that sort of attention.

Jasper was something else on the other hand, she was pretty but she had a habit of teasing him playfully but nothing beyond that. She seemed to do that with everyone. Akane didn't like her and Ryoga wasn't sure what to feel about that. Akane hated Jasper and despised Sati with a passion. She also seemed to hate and mistrust Ranma more and more every day. Ryoga should have felt happy about that, it would give him a better chance with the girl! But... he also liked Sati; the seemly young woman was not only kind but seemed to like him more than just a friend. Akane never seemed to see Ryoga more than that and there was the whole P-chan thing. If Akane ever found out that P-chan was him; well he was sure she would try to kill him.

Ryoga stopped and looked around, it was already night time and it was useless to keep wandering. There! There was a park he could camp in. He headed over to the park and once in the tree line, set up his camp for the night. Soon he was sitting by the camp fire he made, watching the fish he was frying carefully, a bowl of rice already sitting next to him to eat with the fish. It wasn't much but he was use to the life style and he was having a better night than Akane was.


Akane grind her teeth in anger as she huddled up in the tree, looking down at the pack of wolves under. She was angry at the moment, so very angry. She was angry at the pervert Ranma, at his idiot father Genma who had been the one to bring her out here, and at the hussy werewolf Sati.

Genma had not once in the last two days trained her at all, all they seemed to be doing was wondering around. That was until they ran across the wolf pack. Akane had punched a few away but they had ended up surrounding her, too many to fight off and forcing her to hide up in the tree. Genma of course had long since ran off as soon at the wolves started attacking.

'Baka panda,' Akane thought to herself.

Speaking of the panda, Genma sat in his own tree out of sight, watching as the wolf pack surrounded the tree Akane was in. He frowned, the spice he had been feeding Akane for the last two days was being wasted on the animals. And on top of that, they looked like they wanted to eat the girl, not mate with her.

'Blast, this isn't going like I planed,' He through to himself with a frown. They hadn't found any traces of his whelp of a son yet, he needed the boy to marry Akane before any control he had left over Ranma was completely gone. That was why he got the spices, with Ranma turning back into a werewolf, the spices were to drive the boy into a lust and mate with Akane to knock her up. Once she was with child, he and Tendo could force the two to finally marry.

Too bad Genma's plan never would have worked, the spices he managed to get were not for making Akane smell like a bitch in heat. The spices made any human who consumed them smell good enough to eat and even made the flesh taste better. This affected not only most kinds of werewolves, but wolf demons and of course normal everyday wolves. It was a good thing Akane was safe up in her tree, otherwise she would have been dinner.

Let’s not forget the second reason why the spices would have never worked, Ranma wasn't producing working sperm just yet, in lycan terms he wasn't ready and was only shooting blanks.

It would be a long night for both Akane and Genma, the wolves not leaving until the spices in Akane's system faded.


Kasumi sighed as she put up the last of the dishes; it was so quite around the house with everyone but herself and her father gone. She didn't approve of Uncle Saotome taking Akane on a 'training trip’, didn't really approve of anything that man did.

"Father, are you sure Akane-chan will be alright with Uncle Saotome?" Kasumi asked as she entered the dining room, pouring more tea into Soun's cup.

"Akane will be fine Kasumi" Soun said as he turned another page of his newspaper. "Genma wouldn't do anything to hurt my little girl," Kasumi wasn't sure of that, the man did plenty to hurt his own child and Auntie Saotome. She sighed softly; Nodoka had been by again today, hoping to see Ranma or Genma. If that not them, she was hoping to see 'Ranko, to spend time with her and make her into a 'proper lady'. It was sad that Nodoka had no idea that 'Ranko' was Ranma, and it was all thanks to that stupid promise. She saw how heartbroken Ranma was when he had to hide himself from his own mother.

Kasumi shook her head, she was starting to think Nabiki was right; things were starting to get out of hand with her father turning a blind eye to Genma's actions. Akane wasn't in the clear either; the girl was getting more and more hostile toward Ranma every day. It broke her heart that Akane managed to break her promise to never strike anyone in anger within a day.

'How would mother handle all of this?' Kasumi wondered as she picked up her tea and sipped it slowly.


"Well them Saotome-san, should we begin out lessons?" Hinako asked as she turned to Ranma, letting the robe fall all the way to the ground while giving Ranma a coy look while sending out pheromones that quickly heated up Ranma's blood, making him give a sexy part growl, part rumbling purr as he advanced toward his English teacher.

Ranma started to circle his teacher slowly, pressing his nose against her skin and breathing in the pheromones deeply. Hinako tilted her head back, submitting to the teenage werewolf-tiger. Ranma was in better control than he was the night before with Shampoo, staying in his hybrid form for most of the day had helped him learn control but he was still a teenage with newly awakened hormones.

Ranma pressed up against Hinako from behind, the tall woman reaching one arm behind her to wrap around his neck and bury her fingers into thick striped gray fur.

"You’re not a virgin" He said, licking her cheek, he could smell that on her. Shampoo had been a virgin and he could smell that Nabiki was as well.

"No," Hinako said with a smirk. "This body has attached many men, but none like you. I can... teach you a few tricks I learned." She turned around in Ranma's arms, running her hands down from his neck and down his chest. Ranma watched with dark blue eyes as Hinako slid to her knees as her hands trailed down over his thick furred stomach to his hips where she removed the too-tight boxers, then to his cock that was sliding out of its shaft.

Hinako mused as she stroked the cock that the werewolf-tigers member was shaped differently from a normal human man's but didn't know how close to a wolf or a tiger's it really was. But it was nicely thick and long, with satisfied the narcissist woman as she wrapped her lips around it, swirling her tongue around the tip before sucking as she took as much as she was able of the teen.

Ranma groaned, this felt even better than when Shampoo played with his ears the night before. His hands came up to rest on Hinako's head, his claws lightly scratching at her head but not enough to break the skin. He also ended up pulling on her hair, which made the woman moan loudly around his cock.

"Fuck," Ranma couldn't help but moaned, his tail sweeping side to side. Hinako got an idea, one hand rubbing the base of Ranma's member while the other reached between Ranma's legs and up to grab and rub the base of the tail. "Hell teach!"

Hinako seem to purr in satisfaction as she pulled back, a string of pre-cum sticking to her lips.

"I think your lessons are going very well Mr. Saotome," She said, stroking her hand up the length of his cock while fingers of her other hand pressed and rubbed at his tail base. Ranma growled at his teachers teasing, he had to show her he was alpha here.

He reached down, wrapping his hands around Hinako's arms and lifted the woman back to her feet, crushing his mouth to hers. He battled with Hinako for dominance of the kiss, winning with a pleased rumble as he pulled lightly at her hair again, making her moan and his tongue dipped into her mouth.

The were broke away from the kiss a minutes later, breathing deeply. He looked around the spotted the rocks by the lake, picking up Hinako and carrying her over. Hinako shivered in anticipation as Ranma put her feet back on the ground then pushed her until she was laying face down on the flat, smooth rock with her ass up in the air.

"Hmmm," She closed her eyes, pressing back slightly as Ranma's cock slid against the crease of her ass. Ranma sniffed and licked the back of her neck while he positioned himself against his teacher's wet cunt and slowly pushed in, growling in satisfaction as she moaned loudly. "Oh Kami yes!"

Ranma put his hands on the rock above Hinako's shoulders and pulled out until only the head of his cock was left before trusting hard and fast into the woman. Hinako moaned loudly Ranma fucked her at that pace, laying a flushed cheek against the rock while more and more moans escaped. As Ranma reached the end of his rope, Ranma slammed a final time into the human woman, his back arched as he howled loudly while filling Hinako with cum.

"Oooohhhh, Ranma..." Hinako moaned her student's name, unable to bring herself to tease him with his last name as stars exploded behind her eyes. Ranma leaned over her back, panting heavily.

Hinako brought her arms around, burying her face into them. The last of the energy she borrowed from Jasper finished soaking into her core add with the energy that the pair produce during sex that she also absorbed thanks to the pressure points Sati had pressed on her back. After a few minutes, Ranma finally pulled out of her, making Hinako sigh very softly.

"Very good Mr. Saotome, I think that concludes our lessons for tonight," Hinako said in a tired tone, standing up. Her legs were shaky as she stumbled toward the cabin.


"Have fun?" Sati asked as she looked up from the book she was reading when the door opened.

"Hmm" Hinako smiled and nodded lazily, stretching her arms above her head with a yawn, completely disregarding that she was nude. "He needs more practice but he wasn't bad. But I believe this will be a onetime thing, after all I can't show favoritism to my students."

"I understand," Sati said with a sage nod. "You'll sleep a long while as your body adjusts to its new permanent state."

"Yes, thank you for this chance," Hinako said softly. Sati smiled and waved the other woman to bed.


Hinako yawned as she stumbled into the room she was sharing with Sati. With each step she felt more and more tired, hoping it was all part of the process to put her body to rights. The young woman collapsed on her bed with a groan, out like a light without even climbing under the covers.


Jasper's topaz colored eyes followed Hinako out of the over the back of the couch then turned to Sati after the human was gone.

~Sati, I've done a lot for you in the past month, but I am never doing something like that again,~ the teenage werewolf said in English, grabbing the bottle of sake she found in the cabinet the night before and poured a small cup before knocking it back. ~I've never felt so weak.~

~Don't worry cub,~ Sati said with a chuckle. ~I shouldn't think we will have to anything like that again. Just sleep it off and I assure you that you'll feel better come morning.~ the elder wolf stood up and walked over to the window, glancing outside.

~Yeah yeah,~ Jasper muttered as she took another cup of sake then put the bottle and cup to the side. She stretched and yawned, turning onto her side, her bushy tail coming up to cover her pants less legs.

~I'm impressed, Ranma is still awake and looks like he's still has energy,~ Sati said to herself softly. ~Well, we'll have to burn that energy off,~ she said with a grin.


Ranma slid into the waters of the lake, shivering as her form changed into female. She rubbed at her fur, washing off the sweat and other bodily fluids from the actives she just had with her teacher.

"I think you'll need this cub," Sati said behind her a few minutes later. Ranma turned and made a happy whining noise as she saw the steaming kettle in the other’s hand.

"Thanks Auntie," She said happily as she climbed out of the water, shaking the water from her red and black fur then bounded over to Sati. Sati chuckled in amusement, handing the kettle over to Ranma who happily poured the water over herself, the red fur darkening to gray as he gained over a foot in height. "Now what? Yesterday I fell asleep after sleeping with Shampoo."

"It was your first time transforming, which used up a lot of your energy as you weren't use to it. I'm honestly impressed you’re up now; I would have thought it would be tomorrow before you adjusted this much," Sati said. "But you've always been good at adjusting. So instead, we're going to do something you might find fun. We're going hunting."

"Hunting... I thought all that meat you brought was so I wouldn't hunt," Harry said, tilting his head to the side.

"I wasn't sure if you would be ready to hunt, it's in your instincts to hunt and it could save your life one day," Sati said. "So the meat was to satisfy that hunger. But I now think you can hunt so change into your full form and we'll see if we can find a couple of sika deers"

Ranma concentrated on changing, shifting and turning into a wolf/tiger hybrid that was almost as large as a Clydesdale. Sati followed his exampled and shifted to her own dark gray wolf form, smaller than her adopted cub but still looked strong enough to take the pup down if needed. She lifted her head and sniffed the air until she caught a scent, giving a small 'woof' to Ranma then running off toward the dense woods with Ranma on her paws.

Ranma knew this much, running like this was a rush!


Author note: Yes, an update that didn't take months to get out, even I'm shocked.

So in the manga, there was an extra very minor character who was Shampoo's father who was also in one of the games I believe. The character was never named and it was never made clear if he is Cologne grandson or grandson-in-law. I honestly forgot all about him until I came across a mention of him in a fanfic I was reading and I decided to include him. As he's nameless, I gave him a general name. I almost named him Powder but decided that Poe was a better way to go.

And I thought it would be nice to get other characters thoughts on what was going on.

Edit 5-26-14: So fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes that I spied, add a word here and there to make the sentence flow better.
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