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Chapter 19

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 19

Ranma followed Sati as the older werewolf slowly slinked low the ground, her eyes glued on sika deer herd not far from them. They were currently downwind from the herd, somehow the deer didn't notice two very large animals stalking them. Ranma licked his chops as he caught another whiff of the prey; he wanted to jump out at them now!

Ranma's tail lashed, his claws dug into the ground and a very low rumble escaped them. Sati turned and gave a warning growl that Ranma didn't seem to hear as he burst out of their hiding spot and running full tilt for the nearest deer. The deers’ heads popped up, looking around franticly for the danger they could sense, Sati-wolf seemed to sigh and shake her head.

'Kids,' she thought then took off after Ranma. Ranma meanwhile was hot on the deer's heels, so close he could almost sink his fangs into its rump. As he leapt at the deer to take it down, his eyes widen as the animal turned left at the last second and he was unable to stop his momentum, crashing to the ground and rolling several feet until he finally came to a stop inside of a bush. Sati trotted up, her mouth open and tongue hanging out, seeming to laugh at the situation that Ranma managed to get himself into. The younger Lycan pulled himself from the bush, twigs and leaves sticking to his fur, looking up at his mentor with a scowl.

Sati's from quickly shifted into her halfway hybrid form, the amused laughing grin never leaving.

"Maybe now you'll listen to me rather than jump off on your own," She said, watching as Ranma followed her example and shifted as well. He grumbled as he picked the twigs off of himself.

"I almost had it," He said, looking down at his smaller 'auntie'. As humans, they were nearly the same size but while Ranma shot up a couple of feet and gained more bulk, Sati barely grew at all. Of course, Sati was an unusual case in that regard.

"Well would you like to try again Cub?" Sati said, crossing her arms over her furry breasts. "And this time, pay attention and don't go off gun-ho." She waited until Ranma agreed then turned back into her full wolf form, leading the way to find the herd again.

This time when they found the sika deer, Ranma waited until Sati lead the charge, following her example and by the end of the hunt had taken down his first ever kill.


The next morning Nabiki yawned as she climbed down the stairs, rubbing her eyes as she headed straight for the kitchen and to the coffee maker that was making fresh much needed wake-up nectar. The middle Tendo daughter blindly reached up into the cabinet and got a coffee mug down, pouring herself a helping of coffee and sighing happily as she slowly sipped it to wake up.

A few minutes later the brunette was finally awake enough to think, looking blindly out the window as her thoughts wandered.

Tonight was her turn to sleep with Ranma, while the younger teen was high on moonbeams. Nabiki wasn't sure what she should be feeling. Oh, don't get her wrong, while she had fun teasing Ranma by wearing skimpy shorts and tight shirts around the house she was really nervous about having sex for the first time. She had seen Ranma naked both as a human and as a werewolf... tiger... whatever and he was huge in that form. Shampoo had given the impression that the sex was great, Nabiki just hoped that the purple hair girl was correct.

Nabiki turned her mind from the activities to come and placed it on what would happen once they left to go back home. There was no way Ranma could or would marry Akane now, the abuse her little sister heaped on her fiancé pushed Ranma further and further away from the girl.

And Nabiki knew Ranma let Akane hit him/her, while she had been reminded yesterday by Jasper that Akane was in fact a decent martial artist when up against a normal fighter, Ranma was light-years ahead of the girl in the art. Ranma was just too nice and didn't want to hit Akane back but Nabiki could see that Ranma was very quickly reaching his breaking point with Akane. If her little sis wasn't careful, Ranma was going to tear her a new one.

"Maybe that is all Akane needs to rip her from this little fantasy she has that she's better than Ranma," Nabiki muttered to herself as she sipped on her coffee again. "Just for him to give her a little 'love tap' to show her that she's nowhere near as good." It would be amusing to see the look on Akane's face if and when Ranma finally put her in her place.

What Nabiki said the day before was true; Akane had plans on waiting until she was an adult age to tell their daddy to stuff it about the engagement. Soun could try to force it on her or Kasumi, he only cared that one of his daughters married Ranma. It was Genma who wanted Ranma to marry Akane out of the three Tendo daughters. Kasumi might marry Ranma, but then again she had been starting to date that demon from the club. Nabiki's lips quirked, she was happy to see Kasumi dating finally. Oh, she thought it would be Doctor Tofu who would snag the older girl but he couldn't seem to get his head around his problem and ask Kasumi out.

Now he was too late and Kasumi had someone else vying for her attention, Nabiki just hoped that the demon guy didn't hurt her big sis.

Still, back to Akane, another problem was Ranma's new status as a werewolf/tiger. If Akane acted like she did with Sati, who was a confirmed werewolf, there was no way Akane would accept Ranma as he was. She might even try to arrange for Ranma to be taken out by calling the local demon hunters.

"So where does that leave us," Nabiki said as she put her mud into the sink and leaned against the counter. "Kasumi has her demon beau and Akane won't marry him. Not that they would last in a marriage if they did, Akane and Ranma would kill each other. So that leaves me... I'm not sure if I want to jump back on that band wagon so soon." Well, she had time to figure something out. Maybe Ranma would just pick Shampoo or Ukyo in the end... part of her kinda hoped he didn't...

"Baahhh, no time to think about that now," Nabiki said, walking into the living room. She stopped by the couch and looked down amused at Jasper who was laying curled on her side with a pillow over her wolfen head to block out the sunlight from the window. The American was just in a tank top and panties, giving Nabiki a good view of the other's form. The tank top and ridden up during the night to bunch under the werewolf's breasts and long furry legs were stretched out, clawed feet hanging over the edge.

Nabiki's eyebrow rose as she looked at the fur on Jasper's legs, just as the light from the rising sun hit it,, leaning over the back of the couch and running her fingers through the thick black fur.

"What are you fondling my leg?" Jasper asked sleepily, the pillow half sitting on her head as she looked at the other girl.

"Why do you have spots?" Nabiki asked in return. Jasper blinked sleepily at her then yawned widely; her lips pulled back to expose sharp teeth while her tongue slipped out and curled at the end.

"Huh?" The werewolf managed to ask at the end of her yawn.

"Spots. You have spots on your leg," Nabiki repeated, pointing at the area she had been looking at.

"Oh those," Jasper said as her mind woke up a bit more. "I'm part wereleopard"

"Excuse me?" Nabiki asked, blinking. "Wereleopard?"

"Yeah... my gran on my dad's side is half were-black leopard. My dad and uncle are one-fourth so I'm less than that. I'm more wolf that cat, but there is enough to make my fur black with faint spots on my thighs, lower back and shoulders," Jasper explained. "You didn't think Ranma was the only one who's a hybrid did you?"

"No, I remember Sati mentioning that there are others," Nabiki said as she folded her arms on the back of the couch. "But you didn't mention you are one too when it came up."

"I didn't see a reason to bring it up. Like I said, I'm more wolf than cat. Just my fur color is affected," Jasper said as she sat up. "Look, it doesn't really matter. I've got a bunch of different were genes in me but I'm more wolf than any other animal."

"Alright calm down," Nabiki said, holding up her hands. "I didn't mean to sound insulting. I wonder how last night went," she said, changing the subject.

"The teach came in right after she was fucked then Sati said something about taking Ranma hunting so I don't know when they came back," Jasper said as she stood up, wobbling a bit on her feet then walking over to the kitchen to find her some meat.

"Hmm," Nabiki turned and headed up the stairs to see if the other two Lycans were sleeping in their beds. She cracked over the door to Ranma's room, smirking as she saw Ranma stretched out on his back in human from wearing his usual boxer shorts and muscle shirt. She took this time to admire Ranma's form once again; he was a very fine looking boy just like he was a good looking girl when in his other from.

"Oohh, naughty naughty money girl," Shampoo whispered in her ear, making Nabiki jump.

"Like you wouldn't be doing the same," Nabiki said, looking over her should at the smaller girl.

"Shampoo not look," Shampoo said with a shake of her head. "Shampoo be in bed with Ranma. Much much better place to be." Nabiki laughed and shut the door, knowing it was true since the Tendo's caught Shampoo sleeping next to Ranma a few times after the first time Ranma defeated Shampoo as a boy.


Akane growled as she stomped her way out of the woods. After spending all night up a tree to keep away from a pack of wolves and not getting any help from Genma who was not training her at all, she was going home.

"Akane, where do you think you’re going girl?" Genma asked as he jumped down in front of the bluenette.

"I'm leaving. I'm sick of walking around in these woods and you haven’t done any training at all," Akane said, looking up at the balding man. "I just spent all night looking like a bunch of wolves’ next meal, I've had enough!"

"I guess Ranma was right about you," Genma said, crossing his arms over his chest and closing his eyes as if he was disappointed with her. "He’s always complaining that you’re a weak little girl. You couldn't even take care of a couple of wolves."

A tick started on Akane's head as she clenched her fist tightly in front her, brown eyes closed in anger.

"Panda-no-baka!" She screamed as she pulled her mallet out of hammer-space and swung it at Genma. It hit the man square under the chin and launched him into the air flying. "Call me weak will you. I'll show you Ranma," She said as she put her mallet back and started walking again.


"Gwolf?" Akane managed to knock Genma into a nearby river, a new personal best for her, the cursed man's glasses hanging off of one ear. 'Now how am I going to get Ranma and Akane to sleep together now if that whelp of a girl leaves?' /he thought to himself as he climbed out of the river. The wolves chasing and surrounding Akane last night had been unexpected and Genma was sure if they wanted to /eat Akane or mate with her. Either way the herds seemed to work.

'Maybe I should wait until the boy comes home from his training trip,' Genma considered as he walked down the path to reach the highway. 'At this point the whelp is a werewolf so the herbs will work on him for sure.'


Ranma yawned as he headed downstairs to the kitchen. Jasper and Nabiki were fighting over the last pancake; Nabiki was winning by the way, while Shampoo watched the two other girls amused. Sati was at the stove cooking and Ranma's stomach rumbled as he smelt the food she was making.

"Good morning cub," Sati said over her shoulder. Ranma waved a hand and sat down, watching as Nabiki triumphed and got her pancake.

"Ha!" Nabiki said as she poured syrup over her prize. "Oh Sati, you have got to teach Kasumi-neechan how to cook these."

"I don't think the rest of your family loves pancakes as much as you do," Sati said with a chuckle as she placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of Ranma.

"Just don't teach Akane how to make them," Ranma said as he happily crunched into a bacon piece. "Who knows what it'll turn into."

"I've never seen cooking like her's," Jasper agreed. "I'm kinda scared at how she does it. I've heard of people who cook so bad they burn water but shesh!"

"Akane's always had that problem," Nabiki said. "I've never figured how she turns a harmless dish into a creature of horror. You know one of her 'creations' is a pet for the girl locker room."

"What? Why would they keep that thing as a pet?" Ranma asked.

"Cause of Happosai. He got in the girls locker room during shower time and the thing, they call it 'Fluffy', drove him off," Nabiki explained. "So they kept it around, the girls take turns feeding it every day. Of course my little sister doesn't know about Fluffy, she'd be insulted if she knew about it."

"Huh..." Ranma said, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Does she ever taste her own cooking? She's gotta know she's bad at it," Jasper asked.

"Violent girl make Ranma eat bad bad cooking," Shampoo said. "Make husband sick."

"Yeah, I've been confronted by her cooking before," Jasper said, her snout wrinkling in distaste. "I bet it taste worse than it smelt."

"Ooohhh, you've a super nose now Ranma-baby," Nabiki realized. "You’re really going have to stay away from Akane's cook."

"Ick," Ranma's face screwed up as he thought about it and saw that Nabiki was right.

"Ranma no worry, Shampoo make sure husband fed good good food," Shampoo said, smiling brightly.


Nabiki decided she wanted to explore the woods around the cabin and snagged Ranma to be her guide/bodyguard.

"So, I heard you went hunting?" Nabiki asked her arms crossed behind her head as she walked beside Ranma. Her chest was puffed out a bit, her shirt a bit tight to hug her figure.

"Ye-yeah," Ranma said, scratching the side of his nose as he tried not to stare at Nabiki's chest. Nabiki smirked when she noticed; she loved teasing the younger boy. "A little, I took down a nice size buck."

"Hmm," Nabiki lowered her arms from the back of her head and clasped them behind her back. "So Ranma-baby, I've been thinking," she said, making Ranma look at her warily. For him it was never a good thing when the words 'I've been thinking' came out of Nabiki's mouth.

"About what?" He asked he asked, wondering if he should just run back to the cabin now so he could save a few bucks.

"I think we should have Daddy switch the engagement to me," Nabiki said, turning so she could look Ranma in the eye. Ranma snorted softly and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh yeah, cause that worked out so well the last time." Ranma said with a shake of his head. "You used me to mess with Akane, and when I thought you might really like me like that..." Ranma sighed and fisted one hand into his hair.

"Ok... I deserve that," Nabiki said, looking down. "I did abuse you and Akane with that stunt. But I thought if I pushed Akane I could get her to realize that she liked you because at the time I thought she did. And maybe she really did like you somewhat then. But now... anything that might have been going for you two is long gone." (1)

"Yeah, that's been pretty clear," Ranma muttered as he leaned back against a tree.

"When Akane finds out that you're what you are, and it will come out because it's you," Nabiki said, looking up at Ranma again, hands on her hips. "She is going to go ballistic. And you are quite close to unleashing your own anger on her if she keeps pushing your buttons. I know you haven't got a huge reason to trust me; I've done some pretty awful things to you and used you as a cash cow several times. And... I'm sorry," She looked down again slightly.

"Aww, you’re not gonna cry are you?" Ranma said, slightly panicked, he and Nabiki had been getting along better in the last month than they ever had. "Look, we've had a pretty rocky past but you've been a great help lately!"

"Heh, thanks Ranma," Nabiki said, her lips quirking up into a slight smile. "Look Ranma-baby, maybe we don't really have to get married in the end, but until we decide what to do with all that, it'll be a lot easier for you just to be engaged to me. I know what you are and it doesn't bother me at all," Nabiki said. "Your girl form doesn't even bother me, you’re pretty cute that way. I'll even step back and let you take Shampoo and Ukyo or any other girl on a date as long as you take me out too. But at least this way, Daddy will be off of you and Akane's backs and you two can just ignore each other"

Ranma groaned and rubbed his forehead. "Shampoo, she's gonna try to kill you if you’re engaged to me."

"No, I don't think she will," Nabiki said with a shake of her head. "Me and her... we've sorta come to an understanding. Look, let’s just try it awhile, for real this time, and see how things go. I won't get jealous if you pay attention to other girls and I'll even cut back on selling those pictures of your girl from."

Ranma looked at her warily again, this deal sounded too good to be true but on the other hand she was right. Akane would never accept Ranma as a Lycan, to the bluenette it would just be another thing that made him a freak to her.

"Alright, but no tricks this time," The pig-tailed boy finally said, pointing at finger at Nabiki. Nabiki held up both of her hands in front of her then made an 'X' motion over her chest.

"Cross my heart Ranma-baby."


The pair returned to the cabin some time later, coming across a somewhat unusual site. Jasper and Shampoo were sitting in front of the TV, each with a game controller in their hands, playing a fighting game.

"Aiyah! No fair!" Shampoo yelled, shouldering Jasper in the side as the werewolf crowed in triumph as she won. They were playing a Darkstalkers game; Shampoo was playing Jon Talbin the werewolf while Jasper played the catwoman Felicia. Nabiki thought the characters would have been reversed. "Shampoo demand rematch!"

"I've kicked your butt 10 times already," Jasper said laughing. "You sure you want another beat down?"

"Wait.... you beat Shampoo in a battle and she hasn't given you the kiss of death?" Ranma asked.

"Just in the game and I wouldn't let her play unless she promised not to kill me," Jasper said as she started up another game.

"Grrr, Shampoo beat crazy wolf girl this time," Shampoo growled, selecting the character Lilith this time while Jasper used Felicia again.

"What the hell are you two playing?" Nabiki asked as she sat down and picked up the games box. "Darkstalkers? Hey, I've seen this game in the arcades."

"What is it?" Ranma asked. Jasper paused the game and turned around to look at Ranma.

"What do you mean 'what is it'?" Jasper said. "It's a video game."

"Video game.... oh, those things that Daisuke and Hiroshi talk about sometimes," Ranma said remembering where he heard the word before.

"Wait a minute... Are you saying you don't know what a video game is?" Jasper asked, pointing at Ranma. Nabiki snorted and tossed the box back onto the floor.

"Doesn't surprise me, Uncle Saotome doesn't really let Ranma experience something that isn't about fighting," Nabiki said.

"But there are games that are all about fighting," Jasper said, pointing at the TV. "That's what Darkstalkers is, it's a fighting game."

"They do?" Ranma said, leaning closer to the TV. "Hmmm.... So is there a martial arts video game school or something?"

"What? No!" Jasper said, looking at Ranma like he was crazy. "Why do you guys always jump right to some sort of martial arts thing?"

"Well, Ranma has had to learn Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics, Martial Arts Figure Skating, Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, Martial Arts Dining and Martial Arts Cheerleading," Nabiki said, counting off the different styles on her fingers. Jasper sweat dropped as they were named off.

"You have got to be kidding," Jasper said. "All of those sound so stupid!"

"Oh, and let’s not forget the style of Martial Arts Takeout," Nabiki added. "Well, Ranma didn't learn that one but one of the girls Genma engaged him to uses it." Jasper groaned and slapped her face.

"You people are fucking crazy," She muttered then turned back to Ranma. "Dude, all fighting games are is games where you mash the buttons on the controllers to make the character on the screen to move and fight. The characters in the game fight, not you."

"Oh," Ranma said, his interest no longer peaked. Jasper rolled her eyes and turned back to her and Shampoo's match.

"Shampoo no know why husband no like, is fun!" Shampoo said as the game started up again. "Shampoo love video games, Shampoo big big fan of Final Fantasy." (2)

"Who would have thought, the Amazon is a closet geek," Nabiki teased playfully with a smirk. The two teen girls on the floor ignored her as they got back into their game. At first Ranma watched the game bored, wondering what the heck was so enjoyable about something like this. But the more he watched, the more his attention was drawn in.

Not by the game itself, he still had no desire to start playing. It was the attacks the characters were using on the screen. He leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees, as Shampoo's character executed another attack.

"So... is there a lot of games like this?" He asked.

"Hmm, the fighting genre is pretty popular," Jasper said as she defeated Shampoo's character with hers. "You got this series, Tekken, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, SoulCalibur, Guilty Gear, all sorts."

"And they all got these sort of moves?" Ranma asked, pointing at the screen.

"Well each character from each series has their own move sets," Jasper said, turning around to look at Ranma again. "So yeah, all kind of different moves." Ranma leaned back, a thoughtful look on his face.


Sati came down from upstairs after checking on how Hinako was doing, the werewolf was satisfied that the mortal's chi was flowing normally now and her body seemed to be adjusting to staying in adult form. She smirked slightly to herself, anything to counter what that cheeky pervert Happosai had done. Sati had no idea what the man was thinking when he did what he did to Hinako as a child, perhaps he really had been trying to help her, but the long run damage wouldn't have been worth it when Hinako reached old age.

The werewolf reached the ground floor and heading into the kitchen, stopping to watch the group of teens in front of the TV curious. Ranma was sitting between Jasper and Shampoo, having them explain and show him different moves on a fighting game. Darkstalkers had been exchanged for Street Fighter sometime ago and Sati chuckled as she guessed that her adopted cub wanted to somehow use the fighting moves himself.

'Always the fighter,' she thought with amusement. Nabiki was only half watching the other three teens, reading an accounting magazine she had brought with her. Sati decided to leave Ranma and the girls to their games, who knows, Ranma might actually learn something.


"Taidaima!" Akane called as she pushed open the door.

"Okaeri Nasai Akane-chan," Kasumi said, smiling as she greeted her youngest sister. "How was your training trip with Uncle Saotome?"

"Ano... it was horrible Kasumi-neesan," Akane groaned as she went into the kitchen, dropping her traveling pack on the floor. "I spent all night up a tree surrounded by wolves."

"Oh my!" Kasumi said, holding a hand up to her mouth. "Didn't Uncle Saotome do anything?"

"Iie, that fat bastard just ran away like a coward," Akane growled, reaching into the fridge to get her something to eat, she was starving. "He didn't teach me a thing, just made me walk around in a forest."

"Teh, baka panda," Kasumi muttered under her breath, she knew Genma taking Akane on a training trip was a bad idea.

"Did you say something nee-san?" Akane asked as she shut the fridge door.

"Oh nothing Akane-chan," Kasumi said, plastering her usual pleasant smile on her face again. "Why don't you go have a soak in the furo, it will make you feel better. I'll make your favorite dinner tonight."

"Oh thank you Kasumi!" Akane said with a smile, leaving the kitchen to go get her that bath. (3)

The smile dropped from Kasumi's face once Akane had left, she was very disappointed to find out what happen. Why would Mr. Saotome drag Akane out into the woods with a promise to train her, after he said time and time again he believed that girls were weak, and then do nothing? Kasumi sighed and shook her head, turning to start making Akane's favorite dishes for dinner. She never understood why her father was friends with that man or why Soun was so blind to what Genma did.


The sun set the cabin and time drew closer for Ranma to transform once again. Nabiki was a bundle of nerves and wondered how Shampoo managed it.

"Money girl need calm down," Shampoo said. "Money girl have good good time with Ranma. Nothing to worry about."

"I've never had sex before Shampoo, just some fun with a few toys," Nabiki said.

"Shampoo not have sex before either but no stop Shampoo," The purple hair girl said. "Just take deep breaths, relax and Nabiki have run ride."

Nabiki closed her eyes and took several calming breaths. Shampoo was right, she agreed to this madness and she might as well enjoy herself. Shampoo seemed to have fun the first night.

"Alright," Nabiki said as she open her eyes and stood up. "You think I could get away with wearing a teddie?" Shampoo giggled as the confidant Nabiki was back and already planning how to spend her evening with Ranma.

Outside Ranma was already in hybrid from, running around and trying to work off some of the pent up energy he hand. His instincts were close to the skin, making him want to run and hunt.

"Just a few more minutes cub," Sati said watching the moon as it started to climb over the horizon. Nabiki walked outside a minute later, chuckling as Ranma turned his attention to her and the see through teddie she was wearing.

"Well, like what you see Ranma-baby?" Nabiki asked, striking a pose for the Lycan. In the background, Jasper wolf whistled while Shampoo wondered where she could get one of those teddies as well, her husband sure seemed to like it. Ranma gave a deep purring groan, taking a step toward Nabiki. He stopped, his ears twitching and tilting his head back and sniffing the air before growling and turning toward the tree line.

Sati blinked and sniffed the air as well, groaning.

"Oh no," She said, getting up from where she was reclining in a lounge chair. "Bad timing cub."

Something stumbled out of the tree line, a lost looking Ryoga looking down at a map in his hands.

"Where the hell am I?" He muttered to himself. He looked up with wide eyes as Ranma roared out a challenged and leapt at him. "Crap!" Ryoga dropped his map and whipped out his umbrella, opening it time to save him from Ranma's claws. Ryoga was knocked back several feet, cursing as he closed the umbrella and blocking Ranma's blows as the other teen strike out at him. Ranma was mindlessly caught in his instincts, attacking Ryoga with claws and fangs.

"Ryoga!" Nabiki yelled in shock. "Ranma!"

~Holy shit!? What is he doing here!?~ Jasper yelped in English.

"Aiyah! Pig boy going to get killed!" Shampoo said, reading to leap in and help. Sati grabbed Shampoo by the arm.

"No, you will get yourself killed cub," Sati said. "Ranma sees Ryoga as an invader of his territory, he's still too new to his new instincts and now they are controlling him."

"This was what you were worried about before," Nabiki said while Sati nodded, watching as Ryoga was cornered back against a tree. A swipe of Ranma's claws knocked the umbrella out of Ryoga's hands. Ryoga cursed and brought his arms up to block the next blow, thanking his Bakusai Tenketsu training that allowed him to take the blow as Ranma knocked him back through the tree. Sati cursed under her breath, getting ready to intervene and stop the fight as Ranma would never forgive himself if he killed the other boy.

Ryoga gulped as Ranma pounced on top of him, the Lycan teen's lips pulled back from his teeth in a snarl. Ryoga didn't want to do this but didn't have a choice at the moment.

Ryoga closed his eyes and made a very canine-like whining noise while leaning his head back so his neck was exposed to Ranma. Sati stopped short, watching the interaction as Ranma pressed his nose to Ryoga's neck, sniffing deeply then lightly bit at the lost boy's skin before pulling back. The wild light seemed to go out of Ranma's blue eyes as the wild part of himself was satisfied with Ryoga's submission, leaving Ranma to look down in shock at Ryoga.

"Ryoga? What the hell?" Ranma asked as he got up off of the boy.

"Ranma, I have never been so happy to see you back to normal," Ryoga said in a shaky tone, taking Ranma's hand to help him off the ground.

"You are very lucky that worked Ryoga," Sati scolded as she approached the boys.

"What just happen?" Ranma asked. "I felt like I was ready to tear his throat out."

"You almost did," Sati said, motioning for the boys to follow her. "Your instincts are up thanks to the full moon and an outsider male invaded, you weren't ready for them to flare up and take you over. You were very lucky that Ryoga had an idea what to do."

"How did you know to do that Ryoga?" Ranma asked curious as they rejoined in the others. Ryoga glanced over at the girls and erked as he saw what Nabiki was wearing. He turned his back to her and tilted his head back, pinching his nose as he tried to stop his nose bleed.

"Geez Nabiki, are you trying to kill me?!" Ryoga said.

"This is for Ranma," Nabiki said, crossing her arms over her chest. Ryoga whined and decided to focus on Ranma instead.

"My great grandfather is half wolf demon, he taught me what to do if I ever came across a full wolf demon in the wild," Ryoga explained. "I hoped it would work on you too." (4)

"It's a good thing it did, now Ranma sees you as part of the pack as his beta," Sati said. "So I would recommend not fighting him during the full moons for now on. Nabiki maybe you should take Ranma and calm him down some."

"Alright, come on Ranma-baby" Nabiki said, bringing Ranma's back attention back to her and her scantily clad body. "Let’s go play hmm?" Ranma growled playfully, picking up Nabiki and taking her into the woods and away from the other male in his pack.

"Alright Ryoga, let’s get you in and cleaned up," Sati said, taking Ryoga's hand and taking him into the cabin.


Author note: (1) This is from the episode 'Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancée!' I couldn't find a summary of what happen in the manga so I went with the anime version.

(2) Yes, Shampoo is a closet gamer :p

(3) See, I can be nice to Akane.

(4) It's a fan theory that Ryoga is part demon, one I've always believed in. He also shares a resemblance with the Inuyasha character Koga who is a wolf demon. I'm not saying he is Koga descendant but Ryoga's demon blood could be wolf.

Edit 5-27-14: Just cleaned up the chapter a bit.
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