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Chapter 20

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A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 20

Ranma raced further into the woods; while the wild animal part of him now considered Ryoga part of his pack his instincts told him to put distance between him and the other male while mating with Nabiki. Nabiki on the other hand clung to Ranma as they raced over the forest floor, marveling over the hard muscles that moved under her hands. Ranma slowed as he came up on a clearing in the middle of the woods, he sniffed and looked around before finding it suitable for his purposes, finally letting Nabiki down.

"That thing is driving me crazy" Ranma growled playfully, sliding his hands down Nabiki's arms and sides, feeling the mix of smooth skin and lacy teddie under his paw pads.

"Hmm, I thought you might like it Ranma-baby," Nabiki purred, moving so Ranma could see and touch more of her. Her heart was racing as the younger teen pulled her closer, head tilting back as Ranma nosed her neck while one of his hands slid up her front to cup a breast while the other rested on her hip. "Ohh, that's right, show me how much of an alpha you are," She said playfully.

Ranma growled softly but caught the playful tone. He turned Nabiki around so he could kiss the human girl deeply, purring in satisfaction as the Ice Queen of Furinkan Hugh moaned loudly. He reached down and cupped Nabiki pert ass, pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss further, his tongue exploring the other's mouth. Nabiki moaned again, her own tongue sliding along Ranma's while her arms reached up to wrap around the Lycan's neck.

A minute later Ranma pulled back and looked down at Nabiki's body, the teddie was covering her form but he had a feeling the girl wouldn't like it if he tore it off to get to the toned body under it. Besides, Ranma admittedly liked the teddie on Nabiki and couldn't bring himself to damage it.

'I'll just have to work around the thing then,' He thought to himself as he pulled Nabiki to the ground with him. Nabiki shivered as the cool grass tickled her bare arms and legs, watching with brown eyes as Ranma pulled down the top of the teddie enough to free her breasts. Nabiki groaned softly at the hungry look in Ranma's eyes, arching her back slightly so her chest was thrust forward.

"They're all yours," Nabiki said, moaning as Ranma took the hint and lowered his head, licking the nipple of one breast. It pebbled under Ranma's tongue as he drew it into his mouth, sucking and licking on it. Nabiki panted softly, Ranma's sharp teen were grazing the skin just slightly and it turned her on something furious! One of Ranma hands came up to tease and play with the other breast, Nabiki moaning as she leaned back on her hands. "Ohhh, more Ranma."

Ranma complied with Nabiki's lustful request, his other hand sliding up the length of her leg to the bottom of the teddie. Nabiki's hip thrust up as his fingers brushed over her crotch, searching for a way to open or move the sexy one piece out of the way.

"There... oohhh... there's a closed snap," Nabiki moaned and gasped, shivering as Ranma's mouth left her breast and the cool night air hit the wet skin. Ranma looked down searching for the snap, finding and opening it with a satisfying snap, a deep sounding growling moan escaping from him as he caught the scent of arousal Nabiki was giving off.

"Hmm. You smell divine," Ranma purred, his wide flat tongue flirting out and licking at her moist folds. Nabiki gasped and reached down to buy her hands into Ranma's hair.

"Ooohh, do that again," She moaned, her legs spreading wider. Ranma was eager to comply, licking Nabiki's clit, making the girl moan loudly. She moaned even louder when her new lover's clever tongue snaked into her channel. "Kami... Ranma keep that up... yes..." Nabiki was very vocal when caught in the throes of passion. After a few minutes, she pulled Ranma's head up so she could kiss the Lycan teen deeply, tasting herself on his muzzle.

"Ohh, I need you Ranma-baby," Nabiki said with the kiss broke. Ranma pushed Nabiki to lie back on the ground again, nipping and kissing the girl's neck as he settled between her spread legs. His chest rumbled in a low purr as he rubbed his cock against Nabiki while she ran her fingers though Ranma's fur. "Don’t' hold back, I'm ready for you," she said as she ran her fingers over Ranma's sensitive ears.

Ranma shivered in pleasure at the touch, his tail moving side to side in a near wag. The Lycan teen positioned himself and pushed into Nabiki's virgin channel, making them both moan loudly.

"Yess... don't stop Ranma," Nabiki said breathlessly, arching her back once the werewolf-tiger's cock was full in her, filling her up. It hurt a bit, she wasn't going to lie but she could live with the little bit of pain, knowing it would get so much better. Ranma moved and kissed Nabiki deeply again as he thrust deeply into his human partner, growling moans mingling with Nabiki's wanton ones. Nabiki's legs came up to wrap around Ranma's waist while her arms wrapped around his neck. Ranma sat back on his heels, his hands resting on Nabiki's pert ass as he trust up into his lover, squeezing the globes each time he pulled back.

"yes... ohhh right there... hmm faster Ranma," Nabiki moaned between out loud between exchanged kisses. She clung harder to Ranma as the Lycan moved faster and harder into her, making Nabiki moan loudly into the night as he thrust up into just right. "Yess... yess... oh Kami..."

Ranma laid Nabiki back on the ground again, bracing himself over her with his hands above her shoulders. Nabiki was lasting a bit longer than the other two had and he wouldn't be able to hold onto himself much longer.

"Yes!" Nabiki moaned into the night when she finally came, her tight channel hugging Ranma even tighter. The tight feeling pushed Ranma over the edge as well, the werewolf-tiger howling loudly into the night as he came in Nabiki.

Ranma panted loudly as he lay down beside Nabiki on the ground. Nabiki was panting as well but had a pleased, blissful look on her face.

"Ohhh, that was nice.... we'll have to do that again sometime," she said as she rolled over to her side, propping her head on one hand as she looked at Ranma. "Akane does not know what she is missing but now she'll never know. I think I'll keep you."

Ranma chuckled softly, a satisfied rumble escaping as he basked in his orgasm.


Ryoga sat back in one of the chairs; his head still leaned back as he tried to get his nose bleed to stop. His eyes were closed; he could not believe how his night was turning out. The one thing he didn't want happening to him happened, he came across Ranma while the other boy was still trying to get a hold of his new body and instincts.

"You were very lucky tonight," Sati said as she sat down on the arm of the chair and brought a wash cloth up to Ryoga's face to wash off the blood. "Your gamble may have not worked; your wolf blood is weak."

"I know, but Ranma was about to tear my throat out," Ryoga said, blushing as Sati held his face while cleaning him up. "It was the only thing I could think of."

"I was on my way to stop him, despite what you think of Ranma and how you act around him, Ranma does care for you and see you as one of his friends," Sati said as she finished cleaning off the blood. The nosebleed came to a stop and Ryoga looked down at his lap. "He would have been devastated if he killed you."

"I know he would but... I can't help how I am around him; Ranma makes me so mad sometimes. He always pulling a trick on me, making me think he's my sister or a girlfriend," Ryoga said, clinching his hands into fists. Sati moved so she was kneeling in front of Ryoga and laid her hands on top of Ryoga's. "He's the reason I turn into a pig, he knocked me into the spring."

"Cub, you can't blame Ranma for everything. Yes, sometimes Ranma makes bad choices but look at who raised him. Genma raised Ranma to win in any way that he can, I did what I could to counter Genma's teachings but I couldn't be around all the time," Sati said softly, squeezing Ryoga's hands. "You can't always blame him about what happen at Jusenkyo either, you know better than anyone how much anger can cloud a person's mind and not notice anything around them. Ranma was angry at Genma, he was just turned into a girl and he blamed Genma. You made the choice to follow Ranma, all for a fight that Ranma waited around three days for. If I know Ranma, that cub would have waited even longer if he had been able too. He gets so focus on a fight sometimes that he can forget to sleep or eat, he told me how he fainted at the end of the three day."

"But if he fainted, wouldn't he still be in the lot sleeping when I got there?" Ryoga asked, looking up into Sati's amber colored eyes.

"Not if Genma came to collect Ranma after he fainted," Sati said with a shake of her head. "Ryoga you know that Ranma is your friend. He teases you, he sometimes pulls tricks on you but at the same time, he does everything he can to help you when you needed it and I've heard the tales where you helped him too."

Ryoga sighed and dropped his head down, chin resting against his chest. He looked at the soft furry hand-paws resting on top of his hands, turning one hand slightly so his palm rested against the thick paw-pad of Sati's hand.

"I know but... I don't know what to do. When I heard you two talking about how he was going to turn into a werewolf, I knew I was going to have stop fighting him at least for a while," Ryoga said softly. "I get angry with him but at the same time sometimes I feel he's my only friend."

"You know that is not true cub," Sati said as she stood. She cupped Ryoga's face between her hands, making him look up at her. "I know you have other friends between the others in the 'wrecking crew' I think it's called. And think of this, because of what you did, you are now a part of Ranma's pack, you'll always have that. And Ryoga, don't forget I am your friend as well." She kissed his forehead then pulled away. Ryoga's face was flushed brightly and he watched Sati walk away toward the kitchen, her tail swaying side to side.


"Hey Ranma," Nabiki said, trailing her fingers over Ranma's furry arm.

"Hmm?" Ranma hummed in question, turning his head slightly to look at Nabiki.

"Do you think I could ride you?" Nabiki asked with an innocent tone.

"You want to go again already?" Ranma asked, sitting up in surprise. Nabiki smirked as she sat up, Ranma was so easy to bait sometime. She got up onto her knees and placed her hands on the younger teen's chest.

"I want to ride..." Nabiki leaned in close, brushing her lips against Ranma's muzzle. "... On your back"

"Huh?" Ranma blinked, he hadn't been expecting that.

"When Sati let me, Kasumi and Ukyo ride on her back last full moon, I wondered what it would feel like to ride you like that," Nabiki said, running her fingers through the thick fur on Ranma's chest. "To feel your muscles move under my legs when you run and jump... so can I?"

"Err... sure I guess," Ranma said, he found the request a little odd but he didn't see any reason not to.

"Good! You go ahead and change then," Nabiki said excitedly, she had been thinking about this all month. She stood and pulled the teddie back on right on her chest and closed the snap between her legs as Ranma shifted to his full beast form. He lowed onto his stomach, letting Nabiki climb into his back. Nabiki grab a fist full of fur to keep from falling off as Ranma stood up, slowly walking around the clearing so he could get use to having someone on his back. "Come on Ranma," Nabiki said, digging her heels into the Lycan sides.

Ranma looked over his shoulder, a playful glint in his eye the only warning Nabiki got as he woofed softly then shot off in a full run. Nabiki screamed in surprise, clinging tighter to Ranma's fur.

"You'll pay for that Saotome!" Nabiki yelled over the wind. Ranma just howled into the night, seeming to laugh.


The next day Ranma came wondering into the kitchen, he and Nabiki had explored the woods most of the night before returning to the cabin. Ryoga fell asleep in one of the chairs in the living room so he missed seeing Nabiki in her sexy teddie again.

"Morning cub, how do you feel?" Sati asked as Ranma plopped down at the table.

"... Not as wired as the last three days," Ranma said after thinking about it.

"The lure for the full month is over for the month," Sati agreed. "Now you'll have until the next full moon to fully get use to your instincts and strength."

"I won't attack Ryoga again like that will I?" Ranma asked worriedly.

"As long as he doesn't directly challenge you for pack leader, your spars should be fairly normal," Sati said.

"What about the rest of the guys?" Ranma asked as Ryoga sat down at the table beside him.

"I doubt it, the main factor from last night was that your instincts were high and still fairly new to you," Sati said. "You were getting ready to mate and an outsider male entered your territory, you reacted before you had a chance to think. In time, you'll be able to control yourself; Ryoga has the advantage now of being a type of 'beta' in the pack you made for yourself. As long as he doesn't challenge you for alpha, everything will be normal for you two."

"So I can still try to defeat him in a fight?" Ryoga asked.

"Yes, pack members fight all the time but as long as it's not a direct challenge for a position in the hierarchy within the pack, you can continue to give Ranma a run for his money," Sati said with a nod. Ryoga beamed happily at the news while Ranma snorted.

"You wish P-chan," He said, Ryoga turning and glaring at him.

"Cubs," Sati said warningly. Both boys looked down abashed. "Fight outside after breakfast; I'm sure Ranma could use the workout."

"Yes Auntie."

"Yes Sati," Ranma and Ryoga answered at the same time.

"You know, it could have gone a lot different last night," Sati said as she placed plates and bowls of food on the table. The two boys looked up at her curious. "If Ranma had been female at the time, she may have tried to mate with Ryoga instead of trying to kill him." She laughed softly at the horrified looks on the teens faces.


The next couple of days passed quickly, Ryoga left the first afternoon after the full moon after have his first real fight with Ranma in a while. He felt the need to go train himself now that Ranma was physically stronger; they were currently near equals there now. Hinako finally rejoined the group after sleeping for so long and seemed comfortable in her adult body.

Currently the teens were packing up the van as they got ready to leave the cabin. Ranma absently tied down the luggage on top, thinking about what he was going to do about his new Lycan status. And more important who he should tell... or not tell. Nabiki was right about one thing, it was going to come out to the rest of the Tendo's that he wasn't human and Akane was going to freak. Kasumi surprisingly already knew, Nabiki admitted she found out the day Jasper first arrived.

Currently though Soun and Akane didn't know, nor did Ukyo. The Kuno's in his mind didn't count and then there was still the matter with his mother. Ranma's head was spinning from all of it, his life changed drastically in the last month since Sati told him what he really was and some small part of him wished everything had stayed the same. On the other hand he was glad some of his chaotic life had changed, he never thought he would get along with Nabiki so well and his relationship with Shampoo was changing as well.

"Come on Saotome, aren't you done yet?" Nabiki said. Ranma poked his head over the side of the van.

"Yeah, I'm done," He said, making sure the ties were good one last time then jumped to the ground. Jasper was waiting nearby on her bike and Ranma took one last good look around the cabin's grounds.

"Come on Cub, time to head back," Sati said. Ranma nodded and climbed into the van, sitting between Shampoo, who happily snuggled against his side, and Nabiki. Time to head back to the chaos that was Nerima.


When they arrived back in Nerima later that afternoon, Nabiki went home first so it appeared she was on the school trip and not with Ranma and Sati.

"Daddy, we need to talk," Nabiki said as she approached Soun. Soun blinked and lowered his paper to look at his middle daughter. He saw the serious look on Nabiki's face and for a fleeting moment wondered how much money he was about to be out.

"What is it Nabiki?" He finally asked, putting his paper to the side. Nabiki had carefully timed her talk, Genma was at his part-time job at Dr. Tofu's and Akane was out with her friends. The only other person in the house was Kasumi, who was busy in the kitchen.

"Daddy, I have decided I want to marry Ranma," Nabiki said getting straight to the point. "So I think you should switch the engagement to me."

"Truly, you wish to wed Ranma?" Soun said surprised but at the same time happy. Tears of joy sprung from Soun's eyes as Nabiki nodded, Oh happy day, his and Saotome's families would be joined soon! "We must call a priest! I wonder how soon we can book a chapel," Soun said, already making plans to wed his middle daughter off to Ranma as soon as possible.

"Whoa, wait a minute there Daddy, I'm not jumping into the white dress just yet," Nabiki said holding up her hand to halt Soun's plans.

"But... but you said you wish to marry Ranma," Soun said.

"I do," Nabiki confirmed. "But we're only 16 and 17, I plan on finishing school before I get hitched and Ranma should too." Soun blinked and reached up to stroke his chin.

"Yes, I suppose you are right Nabiki," He finally said.

"Good, I'm glad we had this talk," Nabiki said as she stood up. "You can go back to your paper now, I'll make sure to let Akane know she's off the hook."

"Yes yes," Soun said as he took up his paper once again while Nabiki left the room. "Such a good girl."

Nabiki headed into the kitchen with Kasumi who looked up from washing dishes.

"Are you really going to marry Ranma-kun Nabiki?" Kasumi asked, she had heard her father and sister talking in the other room.

"It'll be easier on Ranma if I'm engaged to him. You know Akane isn't going to be happy about him being a were," Nabiki said as she leaned against the counter. "She already calls him a freak because of his curse, and you've seen how she reacts to Sati who she knows for a fact is a werewolf."

Kasumi sighed knowing Nabiki was right.

"On Nabiki, I almost forgot, Uncle Saotome took Akane out on a training trip while you were on your school trip," She said, remembering the state their little sister was in the other day.

"Training trip? Mr. Saotome and Akane?" Nabiki said, narrowing her eyes a bit. That was out of character for Genma unless he had some sort of trick up his sleeve.

"Yes, Akane-chan came home in a frightful state," Kasumi said. "She was covered in leaves and dirt, she told me she spent the night up a tree after a pack of wolves chased her there. And I found this in Uncle Saotome’s Gi when I cleaned it the next day." Kasumi dried her hands on a towel and opened a jar she had hidden in the back cupboard. She took out two little bottles and handed them over to Nabiki who held them up to look closely. Both bottles had herbs and spices in them, some of which having been used already.

"Now I wonder what these are for," Nabiki said, tapping the side of one bottle with a finger.

"I don't know, I've never seen spices like these before," Kasumi admitted.

"Hmm, I'll show them to Sati when she and Ranma gets back," Nabiki said. "If Mr. Saotome had them, then who knows what they are for. If she doesn't know, I bet Cologne does."


Meanwhile Ranma and Sati slowly walked through the streets toward the Tendo Dojo after escorting Hinako back to her apartment. Jasper had peeled off to go back to her hotel room, now that Ranma's first full moon was over, the American could get back to the reason she was here in the first place.

"So what do we do now Auntie?" Ranma asked softly.

"Well you need to decide who you are going to tell," Sati said. "I will still be around for a while longer to help easy you into your new role. But you will need to tell the Tendo's, Soun at the very least."

"You think he'll be ok with this?" Ranma asked. Sati shrugged her shoulders.

"He seemed alright when I revealed what I was to him after he got over his shock," She said. "As long as you marry a daughter of his, I don't think he'll mind either way in the end."

"If he'll still want me to marry Nabiki that is when he finds out I'm not Genma's real kid," Ranma pointed out.

"Soun wants to join the schools, I don't think blood has anything to do with it," Sati pointed out. "What about your mother?"

"Guess I'll have to finally reveal that me and 'Ranko' are the same person," Ranma said. "Think she knows about the whole werewolf thing?"

"I don't know that yet cub, I have yet to meet the woman so I do not even know if she is your birth mother or not," The older Lycan said. "You will just have to ask her what she does know." Sati looked over at Ranma who was looking down at his feet. "There's something bothering you cub?"

"Yeah... Guess I'm curious about my real parents, or at least my dad if Mom is my real mom," Ranma said softly. "If they are still alive and stuff."

"Well... I can see where you are coming from," Sati said, pulling Ranma into a rest area with a large tree in the middle. She sat down and patted for Ranma to sit next to her. "It's natural to feel that way now that you know. How about this, I will see if I can find anything out."

"Really?" Ranma said, looking up at his adopted mother figure.

"Yes but I can't promise anything Cub. Like I said the other day, cubs are kidnapped all the time and it's difficult to reunite families. You do have something in your favor, you're a cross between two different races of Lycan, and it will be a little easier to find if a mated werewolf and weretiger is missing a child," Sati said. "But also keep in mind they might be dead."

"I know... but anything you can find would be great," Ranma said. Sati chuckled and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

"Don't worry cub, I'm sure something is out there to find. And you'll always have a family no matter what. Sometimes family is not who you are born into but who you chose as your family," She said, Ranma smiled slightly and nodded his head.


"Brother Dear," Kodachi said, standing across from Kuno with her hands on her hips. "It's time we do something about our dear cousin Taeko."

"And what, dear Sister, do you mean by that?" Kuno said, looking up as his younger sister. He was trying to meditate on his two lady loves and how to free them from Saotome's dark hold.

"Since he has come, all Taeko has done is sit around our home eating our food and looking at those disgraceful rags he calls magazines," Kodachi said, crossing her arms over her chest. "He is a disgrace to the Kuno name, people are starting to talk. He is act like a common bum I believe the commoner term is. This is the mighty 'werewolf hunter' we've heard so much about? I have yet to see him hunt anything!"

"Hmmm," Kuno closed his eyes and rubbed his chin in thought, he and Taeko had only gone out during the full moon the month before looking for the beast he was hunting, which they had found but had escaped at the last minute. This past full moon, Taeko hadn't even bothered going out. "Perhaps you are correct sister," Kuno said after a moment.

'Maybe now we can get rid of that idiot pervert for a while,' Kodachi thought to herself. 'I'm sorry for setting Taeko out on you Ranma-sama, but I'm sure you can take care of that idiot.'

"Yes, I shall speak to Cousin Takeo," Kuno said as he stood up. "It is time he returns to hunting the dark beasts that haunt our streets, with Saotome's minions gone, it shall be easier to save Akane Tendo and the Pig-Tailed girl." He stuck a pose as he spoke about the two girls which he loved while Kodachi rolled her eyes behind his back.

"Of course Brother Dear, I shall leave it in your capable hands," Kodachi said as she turned and left the room, a smirking smile on her lips. "Idiot but if it gets that pervert out of my home..." She said softly after she left the room.

Kuno headed toward the living room where he found Takeo sitting on the couch. The young man had one arm draped across the back of the couch and his feet were propped up on the coffee table. Around him laid empty pizza boxes, beer cans and several magazines making the living room look like a pigsty.

/'Kodachi was right, Takeo really is acting disgraceful to the Kuno name,' /Kuno thought to himself, wrinkling his nose and wondering why the servants hadn't cleaned up the mess. The teen stood in front of the TV, blocking Takeo's view of the violent action film that was playing.

"Hey!" Takeo yelled, glaring up at his cousin. "I'm watching that."

"Cousin since you have been here, you have not hunted down that creature since we last saw it," Kuno said.

'Crap, I was hoping he wouldn't notice for a while longer,' Takeo thought to himself. He had been enjoying mooching off his cousins, living in the lap of luxury. His uncle-in-law Kaitou hadn't cared what he did, in face the man had given him a few tips for the ladies but now that Kuno noticed he would have to go back to work, which he really didn't want to do.

Takeo wasn't that great of a monster hunter, in fact he sucked. He had made only a small name for himself in Transylvania by picking off weak monsters while in his teens. But then one day, he came across a werewolf and had gotten a very lucky shot in. Takeo had rode on that fame as long as he could but it was started to wear off which was why he chased that she wolf that he managed to nick in Transylvania, it was just lucky that she ended up in Nerima were his cousins lived which allowed him to live like a king for once.

"I'm just luring the beast into a false sense of security," Takeo said with a lazy wave of his hand as he lied about why he hadn't got looking for the werewolf. "If it thinks it's safe, then we can sweep in and kill it off once and for all."

"... That is brilliant," Kuno said. "Truly Cousin you are a great hunter."

"Of course and now that it got through a full moon without me on its tail it should lower its guard," Takeo said with a smirk as he thought Tatewaki was such a fool.

"Of course, I should not have doubted you Cousin," Kuno said. "Forgive me."

"Nothing to forgive," Takeo said with a dismissing wave of his hand. "Now move so I can finish my movie."


Akane sighed happily as she returned home; she had a fun, normal day with just her friends. No pervert Ranma, no annoying American, and no demon werewolf. She walked into the living room and stopped short at seeing Nabiki on the couch.

"Oh!" Akane said in surprise. "Nabiki, you’re back."

"So it would seem," Nabiki said, tilting her head back so she could see her younger sister.

"How was the school trip?" Akane asked.

"Alright, Akira and Remi got into a big fight over Akira looking at another girl and broke up," Nabiki said as she turned back to the TV. She had gotten her loyal underlings to tell her everything that had happen on the school trip so it would seem she had been on the trip herself. "And Miki got his head stuck in a wall."

"Sounds exciting," Akane said.

"Hmm, some of it," Nabiki agreed absently. "Oh, by the way, you're not engaged to Ranma anymore."

Akane who had been heading out of the room to go up to her room stopped and spun around to look at Nabiki again.

"What? What do you mean?" She asked.

"I decided to marry Ranma instead, so you’re off the hook," Nabiki said.

"Ha! I'm not falling for that trick again," Akane said as she moved in front of her sister, staring the older girl down. "You already tired that once, I'm not stupid enough to fall for that again."

"It's not a trick, I really am Ranma's fiancée now," Nabiki said. "Just ask Daddy, he'll tell you." Akane gave Nabiki another suspicious look; her older sister had done this before claiming that she would take the engagement just to rile her up. The bluenette sniffed and left the room, heading for the Dojo. Soun was currently in the building, arranging training equipment as he was considering starting to teach classes again.

"Akane, what is the matter?" Soun asked as he noticed his irate youngest daughter.

"Nabiki said that Ranma is engaged to her now, it is true?" She asked.

"Yes, Nabiki approached me about it this afternoon," Soun said surprising Akane who thought Nabiki was just pulling her leg.

"And... and you believed her?" the teen asked.

"I do not see a reason not to," Soun said. "Akane, if you wish to marry Ranma all you have to do is say so."

"I do not want to marry that pervert!" Akane hissed angrily.

"Well now I suppose you don't have too," Soun pointed out. Akane huffed; she still was wary of the whole idea and couldn't be that lucky to no longer have to marry that jerk.

"Alright, we'll just see if Nabiki is really going to go through with this," Akane said as she turned and left the dojo to go to her room. Soun watched his youngest leave and shook his head.

'You would think she would be happy since she protests about Ranma so much,' he thought to himself.


Later than evening Sati and Ranma finally returned to the Tendo home. Genma had returned from his part time job hours ago and as Ranma passed him to go up to their shared room, he studied his adopted son, tiring to find the signs that the boy had gone full werewolf. He didn't know what the signs he was looking for were but he could almost feel the feral energy the boy gave off now. The balding man quickly got up; he needed to use those spices on Akane so the boy would sleep with her to knock her up. Soun hadn't told him about the change in engagements yet.

'I'm sure I left those bottles in the dojo,' Genma thought to himself as he hurried outside.

Upstairs, Nabiki opened the door to her room and grabbed Ranma's arm as he walked pass.

"Whoa!" Ranma said as he was yanked inside. "What was that for?"

"I talked to Daddy, you are officially my fiancée now," Nabiki said as she closed her door.

"Oh... ok that good," Ranma said, rubbing the back of his head. "Does Akane know yet?"

"Yeah, I told her already," Nabiki assured him. "She doesn't quite believe me yet but I think she'll get over it soon. And as a sign to you that I'm serious about this, I'm giving you the gift of being dept free."

"Wait... so I don't owe you any more money?" Ranma asked, blink at the older girl. "You're giving up a lot of money there."

"Oh I didn't say I was going to just give up all that money," Nabiki said with a shake of her head. "I've just decided to transfer it to your father. After all, it’s the parent's job to provide for their children," she smirked when Ranma grinned at her.

"You’re not gonna hear any complaints from me," he said.

"I thought you’d say that," Nabiki said. "So Sati is here to right?"

"Yeah, she's in her room," Ranma said, pointing his thumb behind him toward the stairs where the little room Sati stayed in was under.

"I've got to ask her something," Nabiki said. "So go unpack your stuff, I'll see you later." Ranma shrugged his shoulders and left the room. Across the hall, Akane was peeking out of her door, watching Ranma leave her older sister's room and down to the guest room he slept in. She frowned and shut her door; she still thought this was all a trick.

After Ranma left her room, Nabiki got the two bottles Kasumi had given her out from a hallow book on her shelf and headed down the stairs.

"Hey Sati, you in there?" Nabiki asked, rapping her knuckles on the door.

"What's up cub?" Sati asked as she opened the door and let the girl in.

"Do you know what these are?" Nabiki asked as she held up the bottles. Sati blinked, snatching one of the bottles from Nabiki's hands and popped the top long enough to smell what was inside to verify what she was seeing. Nabiki took a step back as Sati suddenly transformed into her hybrid from, a deep growl escaping from the werewolf.

"Where did you get these?" Sati asked, her eyes almost glowing in her anger. Nabiki took a step back in alarm, she had in the short time she had known the werewolf had never seen her so angry. Annoyed, yes. A bit mad (at Happosai) yes. But now the Lycan immortal was complete pissed off and served to remind Nabiki that Sati could be very dangerous.

"Kasumi..." Nabiki said tripping over her words to get them out. "Kasumi found them. Inside of Mr. Saotome's gi a couple of days ago."

"Genma that fucking idiot. I should have known," Sati said with a shake of her head. Her ears were still flush against her skull, showing her annoyance, but she was no longer bearing her teeth and growling.

"Sati... what is that stuff and why did it piss you off?" Nabiki asked. Sati glanced at Nabiki, sighing a little.

"I apologize cub, I didn't mean to frighten you," She said, her ears finally standing up again. She held up the bottle so the light shone through it. "This is a dangerous combination of spices and herbs that are called 'wolf nip'."

"... Like catnip?" Nabiki asked.

"You would think so with the name but catnip is a plant that naturally grows in the wild," Sati said with a shake of her head. "The only plant that is similar is a grass known as 'dragon-nip' that grows far to the north that dragons react to the same was cats do to catnip." (1)

"Dragon-nip? Never heard of it," Nabiki said. "So if this 'wolf-nip' isn't like catnip, what is it then?"

"Like I said before, it's a combination of different spices and herbs that separately are fine but when mixed together make the nip," Sati explained. "It was discovered years and years ago by Lycans and used as a seasoning in food, it makes anything it's mixed with taste divine to anyone with wolf blood. Man eater packs will force humans to eat it before eating them, horrible but it does happen."

"That isn't it, is it?" Nabiki asked. Sati shook her furry head.

"No, it can drive any being with wolf blood into a feeding frenzy if mixed with food or eaten by someone who isn't a wolf," She said. "I'm old enough to resist the affects but if a young lycan, a new transformed, or someone who is unable to control their other side comes into contact with it..."

"They will unable to stop themselves from eating whatever has the wolf nip," Nabiki said with wide eyes. "Kasumi said Mr. Saotome took Akane on a training trip and she was chased up a tree by a wolf pack!"

"Normal wolves wouldn't have any control over themselves when they catch scent of the nip," Sati said as she reached up and pinched the bridge of her muzzle between her eyes. "What was that fool thinking? Wolf nip is used by hunters to lure young Lycans into traps or will mix it with poisoned food to kill. And he was feeding it to your younger sister."

"It can't be to kill her," Nabiki said.

"No, but I think I know what that fool was hoping to happen," Sati said. "Go put these back up where you had it hidden and don't let Ranma get whiff of it. I will dispose of it later. I have an idiot of a panda to speak too." She handed the bottle back to Nabiki then stalked out of her borrowed room, following Genma scent out to the dojo. Nabiki watched her leave, holding the bottles close. After how Ranma acted the other night when Ryoga showed up un-announced, ready to rip the lost boy's throat out Nabiki could only imagine how Ranma would act if he exposed to the 'wolf-nip'.

The middle Tendo daughter bolted out of the room and up the stairs. The door to her room was slammed closed and bottles stuffed back into the hollow book. The she turned to her computer, bringing up the surveillance program so she could watch Sati rip Genma a new one.


'Where are those bottles?' Genma thought to himself franticly as he searched the dojo for the wolf-nip. He couldn't find the bottles anywhere and he was starting to wonder if he even hid them in the first place.

"Saotome!!!" Genma froze as he heard Sati's voice bark out behind him. He glanced over his shoulder, seeing a half way transformed werewolf bearing down on him with fang and claws bared. Being the coward he was, Genma used the Saotome School secret technique of getting the hell out of dodge and turned to run. He forgot in that one moment that Sati was faster than him and with a growl cut off his escape route as she jumped in front of him and grabbed the front of his gi.

The breath of knocked out of Genma as Sati slammed him against the dojo wall, the much smaller woman easily holding him up off the ground.

"Just when I did not think you could be as stupid as you act, you pull a stupid stunt like bring wolf-nip into this household," She hissed, one hand wrapped around his throat, tips of her claws digging into the skin. "Tell me Genma, just what the hell did you think you were doing and/ don't/ bother telling me one of your lies."

"It... it was for the boy," Genma wheezed, Sati's grip on his neck not letting up. She gave a warning growl, telling him to get on with it when he failed to fully explain. "So... so he would mate with Akane."

"Mate with Akane," Sati repeated in a deadpan voice. "Tell me Genma, just what do you think wolf-nip /does/?" Genma blinked, wondering what sort of trick question that was.

"It drives a werewolf into lusting who ever eats it," He said. Sati snorted and shook her furry head.

"And with that statement, you told me two things. You do not know what wolf-nip does and that you know about Ranma Lycan blood," She said. "You are a fool Genma. Just like when you try to train your son in the Neko-ken, you failed to find out what the nip does." Genma gave her confused look, not understanding. "It does not cause a wolf to lust after whoever consumes wolf-nip, it causes the wolf to want to eat them you fucking idiot! And you brought it here were four people with wolf blood either visit or live! If Soun's youngest cub still had that junk in her system Ranma, Ryoga and Jasper would attempt to kill and eat her!"

Genma paled and gaped at the werewolf.

"Tell me where you stole that nip from," Sati demanded. "I know you stole it."

"From... from a temple," Genma wheezed around the grip Sati had on his neck.

“WHERE!?!” Sati snarled. Genma pissed himself in fear, shaking as he told Sati just where he got the wolf-nip. "Very good," she said as she let Genma go finally. He lay on the floor in the puddle of his own urine. Sati turned and headed toward the door, she needed to see about the temple Genma stole from, to see if they were hunters and if they were to report them to the council.

"There's one more thing before I leave," Sati said as she stopped by the door, her form melding back to her human state. "We will be speaking of where you got Ranma from," Genma gulped as he watched Sati leave out of site.

"Oh Sati, dinner will be done soon," Kasumi said as Sati passed her in the hall way.

"Not tonight cub," Sati said as she stopped and looked over her shoulder. "I've got something to take care of; I won't be back until much later."

"I'll just fix you a plate for when you get back then," Kasumi offered.

"You really are too sweet sometimes," Sati said with a chuckle. "Alright, I'll eat when I get back."

"Where are you going Auntie?" Ranma asked. Sati turned to Ranma, watching him for a moment.

"What the hell, I think it will be good to see what sort of dangers you will be in now," She muttered softly. "I'll tell you on the way cub, but you need follow my orders the whole time." Sati told Ranma, her gold eyes showing how serious she was.

"I promise," Ranma said after a moment. Sati nodded and motioned for Ranma to follow her.

"I'll have to make two plates then," Kasumi said to herself as she watched them both leave.

"Give him Mr. Saotome's share and make the man eat bamboo or something," Nabiki said as she walked down the stairs. "That idiot almost got our sister killed on that trip."

"Oh my... I see," Kasumi said a frown on her face. "Well Mr. Panda needs to go on a diet anyway," she said as she walked back into her kitchen. Nabiki had her own plans to make Genma life hell, starting by billing him for what he did to the dojo, the whole place would needed to be cleaned now!


Author Note: (1) How to Train your Dragon reference. In the movie the dragons were affected by some sort of grass much like a cat. The grass didn't have a name, at least not one I remember, so I call it Dragon-nip.

(1-a) According to one lovely reviewer, the ‘How to Train your Dragon’ TV show did confirm that the grass is call ‘Dragon-nip’.

Edit 6-1-14: Caught a few spelling and grammar errors. Fixed the spelling of Kuno’s first name as well. Added a sub-note to the above author note as well.
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