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Chapter 21

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Author note: It looks like the person I had to beta this fic has stopped so I guess I'm looking for a beta for this story again.

Chapter 21

"Where are we going?" Ranma asked as he and Sati left Nerima via roof top toward the more rural area outside the city limits.

"A temple, I need to check on something," Sati said. "Where we are going may be very dangerous."

"Dangerous how?" Ranma asked curious. Sati sighed and came to a stop, turning to Ranma as he stopped beside her.

"This temple may be the base of hunters. Your father stole something very dangerous from them and I need to see if the item belongs to hunters or if it is just a fluke," She explained. "If these people are hunters, I need to inform the council so the packs and loners can be warned to be careful."

"Whoa... what did Pop take?" the younger Lycan asked. He wasn't surprise that Genma had stolen something, it was a pretty common thing with the panda-cursed man.

"A dangerous substance to anyone with wolf blood, you're young enough that it would affect you badly," Sati said. "We are only observing, do not do anything to draw attention to yourself Ranma."

"I get it, don't do anything stupid," Ranma said. Sati nodded and waved for Ranma to follow her again. They headed into the woods, Sati following the directions she had gotten out of Genma. Both Lycan's reached the edge of the temple grounds, perching on a high limb of a tree to look around.

"Hmmm, there are a lot of seals set up," She noted in a whisper.

"Are they dangerous?" Ranma asked.

"To demons, which we are not," Sati assured him. "Come on." They crept in further into the temple grounds, careful not to draw attention to themselves. Ranma was the first to spy someone else on the grounds and tapped his auntie on the arm, pointing at the shadow he could see on the other side of the rice door.

Sati motioned for Ranma to hang back a bit, creeping closer to the door to try to either get a look or a scent of the person on the other side.

"I know you're there my child," A soft male’s voice said on the other side. The door slid open as Sati jumped back, an older man stood in the doorway wearing clothing of a priest. The man's hair was pitch black with graying strands at the temples and bright purple eyes. "What can I do for you wolf child?"

"I'm hardly a child," Sati said, standing in front of Ranma. The priest smiled, folding his hands into the sleeves of his robe.

"Forgive me," He said. "I do not mean either of you harm. Please, come inside." He stood to the side, waving for the two Lycans to come inside. Ranma went inside when Sati motioned him inside first, wrinkling his nose at the strong scent of incenses burning. As Sati followed him in, her nosed flared as she caught the man's scent as she passed him, it had been covered by the incenses.

"You're a werefox," She said with a barking laugh. The werefox priest smiled and nodded.

"Yes, that is correct," He said as he closed the sliding door. "Can I interest you in some tea?"

"Yes, I suppose," Sati said as she followed him further into the temple. "So... what does a fox need with wolf-nip?" she asked him. The priest gave a soft yipping like laugh.

"Wolf-nip does not affect foxes the same way it does wolves," He said softly. "It helps me to meditate. That is what the demon wards are for, I was afraid that a few young wolf demons from the mountains had found their way here and took some. I wanted to protect my stash."

"No, it wasn't any demons," Sati said with a shook of her head.

"I think it was my Pop who took whatever it was," Ranma said as the priest motioned them to sit. "Errr... sorry about that."

"Do not worry about it young one," The priest said as he set cups full of green tea on the table. "You did not ask him to steal it."

"No... but I get the feeling that it is because of me he took it," Ranma said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Sati winced since Ranma hit the nail on the head.

"Ranma's father had a very mistaken idea what wolf-nip is for," She admitted.

"Ah, I hope no one was hurt then?" The werefox asked.

"No, it turned out fine," Sati assured him. "But it could have been. We have three cubs either living or visiting with wolf blood."

"Just what is this wolf-nip stuff anyway? Why is it so dangerous for me, Ryoga and Jasper," Ranma asked with a frown, making the connection to the whole 'wolf blood' thing quick. Sati sighed but started to explain, Ranma needed to know so he would have an idea what to do if he ever came across it in his life time. Ranma's eyes widen and his face paled just a little bit, if Akane had shown up at the cabin he could have ended up killing her!

"I can't believe how stupid Pop is...." Ranma said with a groan as he buried his face in his hands. Sati snorted as she picked up her tea.

"I can. I just wonder how the hell he found out about it," Sati said with a shake of her head then turned to the priest. "One of the girls in the family Ranma lives with found and safely hid the nip. I planned on destroying it but if you like I can return it to you instead."

"That would be wonderful if it is not too much trouble," The priest said with a smile. Sati chuckled and agreed to return the next day with the wolf-nip.


A couple of days later found Ranma sitting on the roof of the Tendo Dojo, his book of spells and techniques open in his lap as he flipped through it. He saw a lot of different moves he couldn't wait to learn but the one he wanted to master was the Neko-ken. Thinking of the Neko-ken, the pages shuddered before flipping to where it was written down. He read the words written down; the Neko-ken was designed for beings that were at least part cat such as nekojins, werecats and so on. Since Ranma was in fact half weretiger, he should be able to learn it correctly now. The problem was the last time Ranma tried, he kept hitting some sort of block. One he swore was in his mind and yowled like a c-cat.

Ranma sighed as he closed the book, using his fingers to mark his place and jumped down off the roof. He wondered inside, Genma was sitting across from Soun as always but the man was constantly looking over his shoulder on the lookout for Sati. The woman had yet to make good her threat to speak to him about Ranma. She wanted the panda cursed man to stew in fear for a while before she confronted him on it. Ranma walked past the living room toward the stairs, using his nose and ears to guide him up to Nabiki's room.

He knocked on the door, Nabiki opening it a moment later a crack.

"Just you?" She asked, looking up and down the hallway.

"Yeah why?" Ranma as he stepped in once his fiancée opened the door wide enough.

"Akane is trying to be sneaky. She's dead set on proving that I'm lying about us being engaged," Nabiki said.

"That's what you get for pulling so many tricks on her cub," Sati said with a chuckle from over by the computer.

"She's so much fun to rile up," Nabiki said with a shrug. "So what's up Ranma-baby?"

"I needed to ask Auntie something," He said. Sati turned away from the computer screen to face the younger were. "I've been trying to learn the true Neko-ken but I keep hitting a block," Ranma said as he handed the book over to Sati.

"Hmm..." She looked at the book, she never learned the Neko-ken herself since she wasn't any sort of cat but had come across others over the years. "I think I know the problem, users of the true Neko-ken have to connect with their inner 'cat' which is why it's usually only used by cat people races. The problem is Ranma is afraid of cats thanks to the faulty, insane, dangerous way of training a man came up with a few decades ago. You're one of the very few lucky ones Cub."

"Why do you say that?" Ranma asked while even Nabiki looked curious. Sati sighed and put the open book on the desk.

"The way I've heard it the faulty version of the Neko-ken was created by a man who wanted to use the technique for himself. As he was just a human, it of course didn't work so he started taking children to experiment with to find out how to teach himself," Sati said. "As you know, you have to be very young for the 'training' to work. Many of the children died from wounds caused by the starving cats while some were badly injured. They like Ranma developed an extreme case of Ailurophobia, the extreme fear of cats, but without the chance of going 'cat' as they didn't learn the faulty Neko-ken.

"Then there were the few cases of children who did learn. All but a very few were permanently driven insane. Ranma could have ended up living the rest of his life thinking he is a cat," Sati said, watching as the two teen's eyes went wide. "Ranma you are a very rare case, you learned the faulty Neko-ken but can only use it when your mind snaps after your Ailurophobia is driven to a point. The only way you may beat this is if you 'confront' your inner cat and beat it."

"How do we do that?" Ranma asked.

"We'll have to speak to someone who can use 'mind magic’s' to send you to the inner part of your mindscape," Sati said, rubbing her forehead. "The only person I know that is available right now is Rara."

"Rara? Wasn't she the snake woman from that club we went too?" Nabiki asked.

"Hmm," Sati nodded her head. "Some Lamia have the ability for this branch of magic, it's how some are able to lure children into their clutches. Nagas have the ability as well, most snake races do."

"So will she help?" Ranma asked, he remembered the snake woman, he remembered how drawn in he was do her and now wondered if that was some sort of magic trick she used.

"Yes, Rara has already staked her claim in helping Ranma when we were at her club," Sati said with a sound of distaste.

"You sound like you don't like her very much. I thought you two were friends," Nabiki said as she noticed the tone in the immortal's voice.

"Not really but Rara saved my ass years ago and I am bound to pay her back," Sati said. "Helping Ranma was her demand of payment. She's not the worse Lamia you could meet but there is always some sort of trick up her tail. But she really is the best choice for this and I believe she'll help without any fuss."

"So when can we go see her?" Ranma asked. He was very eager to get rid of his crippling fear of cats and learn the true Neko-ken.

"I'll go speak to her tonight," Sati promised. "So within the next couple of days I expect."


A few days later Ranma followed Sati into 'The Wild'. As it was the middle of the day the club was empty of patrons. Ranma spotted a lone man sweeping and mopping the floor while a bartender cleaned the bar area. Sati lead the younger were to the door to the 'back club' where the less that human partied as themselves. Like the part of the club for the normal mortals, the back area was devoid of people as well.

"Ahhh Sati," A voice said from the side, Rara slither into sight. "Ranma," She seemed to purr as she caught sight of the teen. Ranma gulped slightly and shivered went down his spine. Rara was just a sexy looking as the last time he saw her. Her long pink hair was loose, hanging down her back in a wave of curls. She was also wearing a single chain around her neck with gold disks hanging off it that came down over her chest, just barely covering parts of her breasts. "I'm so glad you could make it" Rara circled around Ranma.

"Ye-yeah," Ranma said as the Lamia's tiger striped tail wrapped around him.

"Ohhh, you must show me your true form loveling," Rara said. "I have been dying to see what you really look like."

"Errr," Ranma glanced at Sati who shrugged.

"It's your choice Cub," She said. Ranma sighed then shifted to his hybrid form.

"Oh!" Rara cooed, running claw tipped fingers through the fur on Ranma's arms. "A wolf and a tiger. The mix works well for you Ranma. Now..." She pulled away, allowing Ranma to breathe again; he was not use to having someone like Rara throwing herself at him. "You’re here so we can take care of that pesky little kitty in your head."

"You make it sound like it's just a cat stuck in an engine of a car," Sati said with a shake of her head as Rara motioned for the two Lycans to follow her.

"Maybe not as easy as that but you get my gist," Rara said with a shrug. The Lamia leaded them to a room in the back where a large nest of pillows waited. Rara climbed on to the nest, her long snake tail coiled as she relaxed back against the pillows. "Come" She said to Ranma, holding out a hand and beckoning him forward.

"I... appreciate you doing this," Ranma said as he stepped forward.

"Oh I'll asked for my reward later loveling," Rara said with a grin, grabbing Ranma's arm and pulling the Lycan's furry form down on top of her coil and the pillows. She had Ranma's head rest on the area that would have been a lap if she had legs while her tail wrapped loosely around Ranma. He had a good view of the underside of Rara's breast from here and shivered slightly. "Just relax... breathe deeply and let me guide you to the inner most part of your mind..." Rara said softly as she placed her hands on either side of Ranma's head. "Just close your eyes and relax..."

Rara's voice help lure Ranma into an asleep like state as the Lamia guided his mind inward.


Ranma suddenly found himself in a forest. He looked around confused, not sure where to go. The forest looked like any other he had seen growing up on the road.

'This is your mindscape loveling,' Rara's voiced echoed around him. 'It's whatever you wish it to be. You are in control here.'

Ranma started walking, the sooner he found whatever it was he was looking for the sooner his mind could return to the real world and he would be rid of his fear of cats. In what seemed like forever but at the same time no time at all Ranma came across a very familiar pit. The teen shuttered, it was the same pit he had been thrown into again and again by Genma when he was a child. He could hear noises coming from inside the pit and he shivered again.

"Do I have to go into the pit?" He asked.

'It is where the fear started,' Rara's voice said. He had been afraid she would say that. Ranma sighed, looking at the pit for a moment for before sucking up his pride and courage then jumped in. He landed lightly on his feet and looked around. It was as he remembered in his nightmares; dark, damp and small. A whimper behind him caught his attention, Ranma turning to the noise. There, in the corner of the pit, was a small body curled up into a ball. It took a moment for Ranma to realized it was himself he was seeing, when he was little and had gone through the training.

"Please Daddy let me out," Chibi-Ranma whimpered, his little arms wrapped around himself protectively. Ranma remembered doing this many times during the training when the cats ate enough of the fish sausages to free him. His chibi self was covered in scratches from the cats claws, only wanting to be let out of the dark hole and away from the little monsters that hurt him. "Please, please let me out. I don't want to learn this anymore..."

"Hey hey, it's ok," Ranma said kneeling in front of his past from. He reached out to touch the boy who only curled up tighter into a ball. The teen jumped up when he heard something behind him. There, stepping out of the shadows was a large white cat. Ranma shuttered in fear at the sight and could hear his past self whimper in the shared fear. "Ke-keep away from h-him," Ranma said, standing in front of his past self. (1)

The cat made a low yowling noise, its ears lying back against its head. The demon cat's eyes seemed to glow brightly and it took all of Ranma's willpower not to bolt in fear. He tried to push down his fear, he had to face this cat. Beat it.

"I-I'm not afraid of you," Ranma said. The cat growled and took a step closer, making Ranma start to shake slightly.

'Remember, this is your mind Ranma,' Rara's voice echoed around him. 'You are the master here.'

Ranma took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"This is my world, and I want you gone," He said, eyes snapping open. The cat only arched its back, growling and yowling deeply. Ranma grit his teeth, there had to be something he could do. He was a werewolf afraid of a little c-cat!

'Wait.... I'm not a werewolf, not fully,' He thought. /'I'm also a tiger. And tigers are bigger and stronger than a c-cat.' /Ranma faced the cat again, a determine glint in his blue eyes.

"Alright, try this on for size," Ranma said, letting himself shift into a new shape. But instead of his hybrid wolf/tiger form, Ranma changed into a large orange and black tiger. He roared a challenge, barring sharp fangs while the white cat hissed back. The cat jumped at Ranma, claws out and ready to scratch the teen up. A giant paw came up and batted the cat away, the white feline hitting the wall with a thump. Ranma followed, pouncing on a cat with a roar.

The cat struggled under Ranma's paws, growling and hissing at the teen.

"This is my mind, my body," Ranma growled, tightening his paws around the cat. "You don't have a place here and I refuse to be afraid of you anymore." The cat yowled one last time while Ranma dug his claws in. Slowly the cat faded away until Ranma had nothing under his paws. He looked around to make sure the cat was gone for good then shifted back to his mental human form. He walked over to the child Ranma still curled up in the corner.

"Hey there," he said softly, touching the boy's head. "It's ok, the bad thing is gone. Nothing else here." Ranma jerked his hand back as the little Ranma growled then changed into a tiny black kitten, looking up at him with huge blue eyes. The kitten mewled then jumped into Ranma's arms with a purr. At the same time the world got brighter and he suddenly found himself back in the forest, the pit gone. The teen looked around in disbelief, was that really all it took? And what about the little image of him that turned into a cat. He looked down and gaped as the kitten started glowing then faded away, the light sinking into Ranma.

'Time to wake up lovling,' Rara's voice said, Ranma's world turning white.


Ranma's eyes fluttered as he came too, groaning softly.

"Hey there sunshine," Rara said as her face popped into view. "Have a good nap?"

"How are you feeling cub?" Sati said as she pushed Rara back so she could look down at Ranma instead.

"I don't know... did it work?" Ranma asked as he sat up, reaching up to rub his head. "I... I remember fighting this white cat and beating it. It disappeared and my past self was there too and it turned into a kitten and I think it disappeared too."

"Well let's see," Sati walked over to a bookcase and took down a book. She opened it and flipped to a page, turning it around to show Ranma. He hissed and shrink back against Rara's chest, the Lamia wrapping her arms around him with a grin.

"Damn it," Ranma groaned, closing his eyes. "It didn't work."

"I think it did," Sati said as she snapped the book closed. Ranma opened his eyes and gave her a look of disbelief. "Cub, you didn't scream in fear or try to get away from the cat like a mad man."

"But I was still afraid," Ranma pointed out.

"Cub you had a traumatic experience as a child," Sati said as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Even defeating the demon in your mind, some of that fear is going to linger."

"So what do I do then?" Ranma said. "I can't learn the Neko-ken if I'm still afraid of c-cats."

"You'll have to face your fear," Sati said. "There is self help you can do or if that doesn't work then we can try therapy."

"Would... would that work?" Ranma asked.

"It should, it has a high success rate," The elder Lycan said with a nod. Ranma sighed and nodded his head.

"Alright, I'll give anything a try to get over this," He said.

"Good," Sati said then gave Rara a look. "Thank you for your help."

"Oh anytime," Rara said, rubbing her hands over Ranma's chest. "Anything for this hunk. Come back soon fuzzy-buns and you can repay me for my help." Ranma blushed brightly under his fur as Rara kissed his cheek and finally left him go.

The two Lycan's left the cub, now early in the evening, both clubs filling up. Ranma was back in his human from.

"She... comes on very strong..." Ranma said.

"She's very sexual," Sati agreed. "I hope you know what she's going to want in return."

"I have a pretty good guess," Ranma said, blushing a bit again.


A couple of days later it was Saturday, the half day of school was over and things were fairly calm around Nerima. Or as calm as Nerima gets anyway.

Walking down the side walk, clad in her usual kimono and holding her wrapped up family sword to her chest, was Nodoka Saotome. She was heading toward the Tendo Dojo hoping against hopes that her husband and their son were there for once. The red headed woman hoped by dropping by unannounced that she could catch up with her family. She was also looking forward to visiting with Ranko Tendo.

'Ah she is such a sweet girl,' Nodoka thought with a smile. 'A little too tom-boyish but she only needs a mother’s love I think.'

Nodoka stopped and looked up as she reached the gate door, taking a deep breath. Unknowing to her, Nodoka picked a pretty good day to drop by. Genma wasn't there as he was hiding from Sati so he wouldn't be able to warn his son to change into a girl. The woman rang the bell and smiled when the gate opened.

"Oh, Auntie Saotome," Kasumi said in greeting. "What a pleasant surprise."

"Hello Kasumi dear," Nodoka said as she entered the house and toed off her shoes. "Are my husband and son here?" She asked hopefully.

"Well Uncle Saotome has gone on a little trip," Kasumi said, a bit of a pleased tone in her voice that was just barely detectable. She was still angry at him for what he did to Akane. Nodoka sighed, hanging her head.

"I guessed I missed Genma and Ranma yet again," She said.

"Oh no, Ranma is here," Kasumi corrected her. Nodoka's head snapped up at the words, hope shining in her eyes.

"Really?" She asked, smiling happy as Kasumi nodded.

"Come back here!!" Akane yelled from the other room. "Give me back P-chan!!"

"Nahh, you gotta catch me first Nitro!" Jasper yelled back. Nodoka watched in shock as teenage girl ran past them, holding a small black piglet in her arms that Nodoka recognized as Akane's pet pig. The teenage werewolf was there partly to report to Sati on Takeo's movements, partly to visit with Nabiki and Ranma who she did see as her friends and a lot to bug the hell out of Akane was it was one of her new favorite pass times. Akane ran past Nodoka and Kasumi as well as she chased Jasper through the house and into the yard.

"Oh my... who was that?" Nodoka asked having never seen the girl before.

"Oh she's a little friend visiting," Kasumi said. "Would you like some tea Auntie?"

"Oh... yes Kasumi-chan. That would be lovely."


A few minutes later Akane returned from outside, sans P-chan as she hadn't been able to catch up with Jasper. She stopped in surprise at seeing Nodoka sitting at the low table sipping green tea.

"Auntie Saotome!" She said in shock. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

"Hello Akane-chan," Nodoka said with a smile as she looked up at the teen. "Sit down dear, you look pale. I'm here to visit with Ranma." Akane slumped down at the table, wondering what to do since Ranma didn't know his mother was there and unless he was already in girl form, he would be found out.

'Wait... why should I do anything to help him?' Akane thought to herself, blinking brown eyes before a smile crossed her lips. "That is so nice Auntie. I think Ranma is upstairs."

"He is he went to speak to Nabiki about something," Kasumi confirmed with a smile.

"Thank you dears," Nodoka said as she stood, eager to see her son. Akane looked all too pleased with herself as Nodoka headed upstairs. Sati walked in a few minutes later from her room under the stairs.

"What's got you so happy Cub?" She asked when she saw the smile on Akane's face.

"Aunt Saotome is here, she went upstairs to find Ranma," Kasumi explained.

"Oh... well I can't wait to meet her then," Sati said as she sat down at the table, taking the offered cup of tea from Kasumi. Akane fumed a bit, she would have thought Sati would have been freaking out and wanting to protect Ranma's secret.

Upstairs Nodoka first check the guest room, sighing softly when she saw no one there, neither Ranma or Ranko.

'I guess Ranko isn't here,' she thought as she headed for Nabiki's room. She could hear some noises from within, knocking softly then pushing open the door when no one answered. A gasp escaped from the dark red headed woman as she caught sight of Nabiki straddling a young dark hair teen on her bed. Both teens’ heads snapped up at the gasp.



A few minutes earlier....

Ranma rapped his knuckles on Nabiki's door, leaning against the wall as he waited for her to answer.

"Ranma-baby," Nabiki said as she looked out. "What can I do for you?"

"It's private," He said, stepping in as Nabiki stepped back.

"Well, what is it?" Nabiki said as she leaned against her desk.

"Oh.. um... I wanted to know... if you wanted to go to Yakiniku Station Bambohe with me?" Ranma asked. (2)

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Nabiki asked a bit surprised. The restaurant Ranma suggested was all the way in Naha but she had heard good things about it. Ranma nodded slowly, Nabiki had dropped some pretty big hints that she wanted to be taken out on dates since they became in engaged. While she didn't mind if Ranma did take Shampoo and even Ukyo out on dates finally, she wanted to be included. The one Ranma picked was known for having reasonable prices, seeing as he didn't have much cash and had to borrow a bit from Sati as it was. Nabiki grinned and pushed Ranma back until he fell over onto her bed with a surprise yelp. "Alright then, it's a date," she said as she straddled Ranma on the bed, his hands coming up to rest on her hips.

"Na-nabiki?" He asked as she leaned closer in.

"It's ok Ranma. After all we're engaged and we've done more than this before," Nabiki pointed out teasingly before kissing him. Ranma made a small purring/moan noise while he decided to go with her logic. They both heard in the background the bell at the gate ring and Akane yelling at some point. But the both missed the knocking on Nabiki's door as by this point their making out was getting a little heated as Ranma ran his hands up the back of Nabiki's shirt. Until they heard the loud gasp from the door, both teens turning toward the noise.

"M-Mom?!" Ranma said in a slightly strangled way.

"R-ranma?" Nodoka asked, her eyes watering slightly then frowning. "Why are you in here with Nabiki? I thought Akane was your fiancée? Shouldn't you be doing this with her?"

Ranma and Nabiki blinked then sweat dropped slightly as Nodoka seemed perfectly fine with the fact the pair had been making out after getting over her shock.

"I'm Ranma's fiancée now Auntie Saotome," Nabiki said as she climbed off of Ranma and straightened her shirt out while Ranma sat up.

"Oh... I wasn't told... well you can call me mother dear," Nodoka said with a smile then rushed over to hug Ranma. "Oh my dear manly son, I have missed you so much!" Ranma gave Nabiki a helpless look as he patted his crying mother's back, taking a chance to breath in her scent. A disappointed sad look crossed his face as he confirmed that his mother was 100% human and so couldn't be his birth mother.

"Yeah I missed you too Mom," Ranma said. Nodoka sniffed as she pulled away, getting her tears under control.

"Come, you can tell me all about your travels with your father downstairs," Nodoka said as she stood, she wanted to hear about what her son had been up to. "Too bad Ranko-chan isn't here, I think she would love to hear to adventures as well." Ranma winced at Nodoka's words, reaching up to rub the back of his neck.

"Look Mom, I gotta talk to you about that," Ranma said with a sigh. He knew his mother had to be told about his curse form before they got into things like the fact he was adopted or that he was a cross-breed lycan.

"Later dear," Nodoka said as she grabbed Ranma's arm and pulled him out of the room. Nabiki sighed as she followed after them, hoping everything wasn't about to go to hell.


Akane looked up as Nodoka walked back into the room, dragging Ranma in behind her.

"Oh, who is this?" Nodoka said as she noticed Sati at the table.

"Hello, my name is Li Sati," Sati said with a smile as she stood and politely bowed. Nodoka returned the bow, eyeing the black clothing Sati was wearing, the woman's pants covered in chains and black t-shirt with a giant pair of lips across the chest from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Nodoka didn't think Sati's way of dressing was very lady like but she seemed like a nice young woman.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, are you a friend of Kasumi-chan?" Nodoka asked as she sat down.

"I'm a friend of Ranma's," Sati corrected her.

"Oh that's nice. So where is Soun at?" Nodoka asked Kasumi.

"Father went with Uncle Saotome when he left. Uncle was in a very big hurry to leave the other day," Kasumi said. "Father followed him to see what the matter was. They should be back soon."

"Oh good. I would like to talk with him about the wedding," Nodoka said calmly. Akane grit her teeth slightly.

"I am not going to marry your son Auntie Saotome," She said.

"Of course you're not dear," Nodoka said with a laugh. "I'm speaking of Nabiki, I found her and Ranma getting along very well upstairs and I'm hoping for grandchildren soon." Akane's mouth dropped open while Nabiki cleared her throat.

"I hate to burst your bubble Auntie but Ranma and I are waiting until we're both out of school before we get married," Nabiki corrected her. "Daddy agreed with me, that we should finish high school first."

"Is there really a reason to wait that long?" Nodoka asked. "I married Genma before I finished school."

"Mom, it'll be better until after we're both done with school," Ranma said agreeing with Nabiki. Nodoka sighed, she was really hoping for grandchildren soon.

"Look Mom, we really gotta talk about," Ranma started to say but the woman had already turned away from him to speak to Akane. He huffed softly under his breath in annoyance.

"How is school Akane dear?" Nodoka asked the girl. "And how is your cousin Ranko, I noticed that she's not here. Did she go home?"

"Oh Ranko is a lot closer that you think Auntie," Akane said, giving a look in Ranma's direction.

"Well I hope she arrives soon then," Nodoka said with a smile. "Now... oh dear I didn't catch your name." She said as she turned to Sati, she didn’t really hear Sati’s name as she had been concerned with her style of dressing.

"It's Sati" Sati said again. "Li Sati. I am pleased you meet you."

"Are you friends with the girl that ran through here earlier?" Nodoka asked. "The one with the red shirt that had Akane's pet." Akane growled at the mention of Jasper.

"That crazy America stole P-chan right out of my hands and ran off with him," she said in anger.

"Gee Akane, what were you doing with P-chan that he needed saving?" Ranma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He didn't need saving. He was dirty and needed a bath so I was going to give him one," Akane said. Ranma smirked slightly, he knew why Jasper jumped in since Akane would know P-chan's little secret if he had gotten that bath. "What are you laughing at jerk?"

"I wasn't laughing you dumb tomboy," Ranma said as he rolled his eyes.

"Don't call be dumb you pervert!" Akane yelled as she jumped up, her knees hitting the underside of the table on the way up and spilling a cup of cooled off tea onto Ranma. Ranma groaned as he felt the change trigger and his body shifted into his female form. Nodoka's mouth dropped open as she watched her son changed into Ranko.

"Ranma... Ranko.... what is going on!?" Nodoka shouted as she quickly stood.

"Mom this is what I was trying to tell you about," Ranma said as she waved at her body.

"You mean to tell me you are /Ranko/?" Nodoka asked Ranma who nodded.

"It was Pop's fault, he didn't tell me about the contract you two had until the first time you showed up. He was convinced you would make us commit seppuku if you found out I turned into a girl so he made me pretend to be Ranko," Ranma explained. "I didn't like it, I wanted to tell you it was me."

"Just... how complete is this change?" Nodoka asked after a moment.

"It's just a physical change, I still think and act like a guy," Ranma said. "I don't suddenly think and act like a girl unless I have too, and it's just an act."

"I... see..." Nodoka slowly sat back down. "You will have to give me a few minutes to wrap my mind around this. Where was your father while you were acting as Ranko?"

"Pops is Mr. Panda,” Ranma said before explaining her and Genma’s trip to Jusenkyo before they returned to Japan. Nodoka only listened, looking down at the cloth covered sword in her lap. "And that's what happened. Now I change into a girl's body when I'm splashed with cold water."

"Is there no way to cure you?" Nodoka finally asked after a few moments of silence.

"That’s a little more difficult to explain," Ranma said, casting a quick glance in Akane's direction. "Let's go into the Dojo," she said.

"Why do you need to go into the dojo?" Akane asked suspiciously.

"That is none of your business little sister," Nabiki said, grabbing Akane's arm to make her sit back down at the younger girl tried to get up to follow.

"Can you come too Auntie?" Ranma asked Sati.

"Of course Cub," Sati said as she gracefully stood up, Nodoka giving her a confused look wondering why her son was calling this seemingly young woman 'Auntie' when they were the same age. Wanting answers, Nodoka followed the two weres outside.

"We saw what you did Akane," Nabiki said as soon as the trio were out of the house.

"I don't know what you mean," Akane said with a huff, crossing her arms.

"So you didn't just move your cup of tea just right so when you bumped the table it would hit Ranma?" Nabiki asked with her own arms crossed.

"Akane I'm very disappointed in you," Kasumi said in a soft tone. "You shouldn't have just outed Ranma like that, it was his secret to tell." Akane ducked her head slightly, she was still angry at Ranma but she also hated disappointing Kasumi.

"I'm sorry Nee-chan," Akane said.

"It's not me you need to apologize too," Kasumi said as she started to gather the cups and kettle. "You have done nothing but harp on poor Ranma since he got here. I understand that you are angry that we pushed the engagement on you but why do you keep fighting with him when he's not even your fiancé anymore?"

"You don't really believe Nabiki do you?" Akane asked her oldest sister. "She done this before and it was just a trick."

"Ok, I'm sick of this," Nabiki slammed her hands on the table and leaned over it close to Akane, her nose almost touching Akane's. "Listen to me little sister, I am going to marry Ranma. You need to just back off, you don't have worry about Ranma at all anymore. He's my fiancé after all; I'll handle all of the chaos that comes with it. You can go back to the way your life was before Ranma and his bastard of a father came."

Akane had pulled back just slightly as Nabiki leaned in, looking at her older sister with wide eyes.

"You’re serious this time aren't you?" She asked after a few seconds.

"Yes I am," Nabiki said as she pulled back. "Kasumi don't bother making Ranma and me anything for supper, we're going on a date."

"Oh that's nice," Kasumi said with a smile as she finished cleaning up the table. "I hope you two have a good time." Akane sighed as she stood up and headed for her room, she had to think about all this.


"Ranma, what is going on?" Nodoka asked once they were outside in the Dojo. Sati shut and locked the door just in case and turned to watch her 'cub' and his adopted mother.

"I'll explain in a minute but I got a question first," Ranma said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Do you know anything 'bout my real parents?"

"Ra-Ranma? I-I don't know what you mean," Nodoka said a shutter in her voice.

"Mom, I know I'm adopted. I just want to know how I ended up living with you and Pops," Ranma said. Nodoka sighed and sat down on the dojo floor, motioning for Ranma to sit across from her.

"Sixteen years ago I gave birth to a baby boy after I married your father. We named your brother Tatsuo."

"What happen to him?" Ranma asked.

"Tatsuo was a very sickly baby, he passed away when he was barely two weeks old," Nodoka said in a very sad tone. "His birth was very hard and rendered me barren and unable to have any more children. Not long after Tatsuo died I fell into a depression and Genma left. He returned a week later with a small baby. He told me the young one's parents were dead and he needed a new mother and father."

"And that baby was me," Ranma guessed. Nodoka looked up at Ranma and nodded her head with sad smile.

"My heart was broken from Tatsuo's death but having you helped heal me," Nodoka said.

"Did Pops tell you anything about me? At all?" Ranma asked.

"He sent me post cards while on your training trip and told me how you were becoming a man among men," Nodoka said with a smile before frowning. "The last card I retrieved was a post card telling me you and he were heading for China to visit a fable training ground then you would head home. I didn't know you two had arrived until Kasumi informed me some time later."

"Well you know what happen, we went to Jusenkyo and ended up cursed," Ranma said. "But that isn't what I meant Mom. I mean did Pops ever tell you about my real family, anything at all?"

"No, only that they had died," Nodoka said with a shake of her head. "Why do you ask?"

"Mom... My real parents weren't humans. They were a Werewolf and a Weretiger," Ranma said with a sigh, running her fingers through her red bangs.

"A... werewolf... and a... weretiger?" Nodoka repeated slowly.

"Yeah, see I can prove it," Ranma said before her form shifted, reddish color fur with dark strips spring up all over her body as her tail grew out and her head became a cross between a wolf and tiger head. Nodoka gasped again, her hand going up to her mouth.

"Genma said nothing about this!" She said.

"Well it is a recent thing, first time I ever changed like this was the last full moon," Ranma said as she shifted back to her human form. "But he knew about me being a werewolf at least."

"How do you know that he did?" Her adopted mother asked.

"Because your husband admitted as much," Sati said. "He stole something from a nearby temple that he admitted he thought would force Ranma to 'mate' with Akane."

"Why... why would Genma not tell me," Nodoka asked. Sati sighed and walked over to sit down next to the other two.

"Whoever gave Ranma to Genma placed a type of seal that is usually used on half humans but modified to be used on a full Lycan," She explained. "The seal locked away his ability to transform and forced down his animalist instincts, making Ranma seem as if he is completely human. Genma was likely told about this and I guess he thought that there was no reason to tell you." Nodoka bowed her head slightly as she tried to process all this, finding out sweet if tom-boyish Ranko was really her son Ranma under a curse was mind-blowing to start with but to find out her adopted son was also were creature and that her husband knew the whole time....

"As much as I love my husband, I am not really surprised by any of this," Nodoka said after a few minutes with a sigh. "That is the reason I made him sign the 'man-among-men' contract, I hoped it would keep him in line and keep him from turning Ranma just like him."

"So wait, the contract was a ruse?" Ranma asked.

"Yes, as if I would really force you to commit suicide or cut off your head," Nodoka said softly, looking Ranma in the eye. "You are the only child I have; I am unable to have anymore after what happen with your brother. Adopted or not, cursed as a girl or not, or even as a were-creature, you are still my child Ranma."

"Thank you Mom," Ranma said with a relieved smile, happy that to know her adopted mother still loved her. She still wanted to know about her real parents but it will still nice knowing the only mother she knew she had still loved her and wasn't about to kill her.

"Now, tell me just what my fool of a husband has been up to all these years," Nodoka asked, wanting to know what else Genma had neglected to tell her. So Ranma lunched into the tale of what happen during the 10 year training trip. She told Nodoka about Ukyo when they first met and how Genma would have her steal okonomiyaki from Ukyo's father cart which in turn gave Ukyo training when she tried to stop him and how they became friends over it. Then she told her mother that Genma engaged Ranma to Ukyo just so he could steal their okonomiyaki cart. Nodoka was not pleased to hear that Genma had encouraged their son to steal or that her husband had promised Ranma to another girl just to steal the family's lively hood. She would soon find out that Genma had promised Ranma to a lot of girls just to feed his fat stomach or to get his hands on items he could later sale.

And then she got to the Neko-ken training.

"He did what!?!?!" Nodoka's voice rung out from the dojo and could be heard all over the neighborhood. And far away, Genma shivered as if he could feel his doom coming.

Back inside the dojo Nodoka was hopping mad, her hands wrapped around her katana tightly. How dare that fat lump of a useless man throw their son into a pit of starving cats! Wrapped up in food no less! Ranma shrunk back a bit, she had no idea her mother could get so angry.

"Calm down Mrs. Saotome," Sati said soothingly. "You can kill your husband at a later date." Nodoka closed her eyes and took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm down. Slowly her shoulders relaxed and she turned her attention back to Ranma.

"Go on dear, what happen next?" She asked.

"Well ah... Pops threw me in the pit several times until one day I sorta just snapped," Ranma said, snapping her fingers. "And I started acting like a cat. I can't remember what happen after that."

"Ranma escaped the pit and gave Genma a good many scratches then ran off. He found his way to a house nearby that I was staying in at the time," Sati picked up the tale from there. "I was quite surprise to see this tiny boy running around like he was a cat. I've seen victims of the Neko-ken before but it has been several years since the last time it happened. I coaxed Ranma over to me with gentle words and tidbits of food from my lunch."

"What happen then?" Nodoka asked.

"He curled up in my lap and fell asleep, purring like a kitten," Sati said with a fond smile. "It gave me a chance to clean the scratches and bites all over him from the cats in the pit. It was that time I discovered that Ranma was what I thought a half blood werewolf. When Ranma woke up he was back to normal, much to my honest shock."

"Why were you shocked?" Nodoka asked with a frown. "This must a little much for a young child like you at the time"

"My appearance is very deceiving Mrs. Saotome," Sati said with a smile. "I am several decades old to tell the truth. But to answer your question, it's rare for anyone who was forced into the faulty neko-ken training to come out like Ranma did. They are either scared for life with a fear of cats or if they get in the state Ranma's mind had been in; they never come out of it. When Ranma woke up, his mind back to normal, and then your husband showed up. Let’s just say he never attempted anything that foolish again after the beating I gave him," the werewolf said with a smirk.

"He deserved every bit of it," Nodoka said with a sniff of distain. "I assume you started to travel with them, Ranma is familiar enough with you to call you 'Auntie'."

"I did. I would have liked to take Ranma away from your husband for his protection but I couldn't legally do so. It would have been kidnapping, even if it was for Ranma's own good, and your husband is very good at covering his tracks," Sati said. "I attempted over to the years to curve some of Genma's crazier ideas and forced the man to allow Ranma to go to school when we stopped in one place for any length of time. And when we traveled, Ranma took home school courses. What I couldn't stop happened when I had to leave the group for something important given to me by the were-council."

Nodoka sighed and rubbed her forehead. "The letter Genma sent me only spoke of how well Ranma's training was going, nothing of all this. What else did he do?"

Ranma and Sati took turns continuing the story, it wasn’t as bad with Sati there to curve some of Genma's actions, but it was still bad at times. Nodoka felt sick to her stomach as she was told of the other girls Genma engaged Ranma too, something she hadn't even learned until the girls themselves and their fathers showed up at the dojo. The story came up on Jusenkyo which Nodoka already heard about so it was glossed over briefly. By this point Sati had been gone for about a year, keeping up with Ranma through letters.

Ranma told her mother about the Joketsuzoku village and how she and Genma had stupidly ate a feast that had been laid out thinking it was for visitors only to discover that it was the 1st place prize for a tournament going on in the village. Ranma admitted she acted without thinking and challenged the winner of the tournament Shampoo for the prize thinking it would clear everything up. Ranma explained the 'kiss of death' Shampoo had given her and how she and Genma had to run from Shampoo all over China as they returned to Japan. The incident with the Dragon-whisker soup was thrown in as well and how in her male form Ranma had to keep her hair tied back with a dragon whisker otherwise her hair would grow without stop as a male.

Then the story came to when Ranma and Genma first arrived at the dojo, when Ranma even found out that she was promised to one of the Tendo girls. Nodoka's frown grew more and more pronounced as Ranma told her all the happenings around the dojo and how she and Akane would fight all the time. Next was how Shampoo followed her to Japan only to be accidently defeated by Ranma's male form and given the 'kiss of marriage' only to leave later when Ranma showed Shampoo that her male and female forms were the same person. Of course Ranma made Shampoo think that her female form was the real one. Then Nodoka was told about how Shampoo returned with her Great Grandmother Cologne.

"Alright, I've heard enough," Nodoka said with a wave of her hand, she heard enough to give her nightmares as Ranma explained some of the things the Amazons had done to get her to marry Shampoo and what had happen with Ukyo showed up in Nermia. "Oh Ranma, I am so sorry that your father put you through all that," she said as she hugged the red headed girl.

"Ehh... it's Ok Mom," Ranma said as she awkwardly patted Nodoka on the shoulder. "Since Auntie showed up, it's been a bit easier. I mean me and Nabiki are engaged now and she's more understanding than Akane. In fact me and Nabiki are support to be going on a date... wait what time is it!?"

"You got an hour to get ready," Sati said with a chuckle. Ranma jumped up and ran inside, ignoring the laughs that came from her adopted mother and foster mother.

"Sati," Nodoka said softly, getting Sati's attention. "Thank you, I feel like a fool trusting Ranma with Genma all these years and to learn what my son has gone through. I am glad that you stepped in and tried to protect Ranma."

"Ranma is like one of my own cubs, but he still loves you," Sati said as she stood. "I know he's happy that you know everything now and still accept him as your son."

"Yes" Nodoka agreed as she stood. "I suppose I should return home. Do me a favor, if my idiot husband returns, keep him here so I can have a 'word' with him." Sati chuckled and agreed.


Author note: And Nodoka finally makes it into the fic. I hope everyone likes how Ranma's healing from the Neko-ken is starting. He's not out of the woods yet but it isn't as crippling as before.

(1) Episode 'You really do hate cats!' - After Ranma goes into cat mode, his feline soul is seen which is a white cat.

(2) This is a real place, I looked it up

Edit 6-2-14: Fixed a lot of little mistakes and added a bit more to where Nodoka and Sati meet for the first time since I saw that Nodoka asked what Sati’s name is twice.
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