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I Think Your Mouth Should Be Quiet Cuz It Never Tells The Truth

by MCR-99 1 review

All these words, you think don't mean anything, and won't do anything. You're wrong.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-05-03 - 241 words

I Think Your Mouth Should Be Quiet Cuz It Never Tells The Truth

Look at her, is what you sneered at me,
As I pass you in the hall,
You sneer, she's emo,
Gothic and unwanted,
Your father never loved you,
and that's why he left.

You say my mother doesn't love me either,
I'm the big mistake,
You say that I should kill myself,
as that's what everyone wants.
I take in those harsh words,
I show no emotion,
But, as you walk away,
you never see my falling tears.

Later that day, you repeat the bullying,
Harsher and meaner than before.
You got your friends on me too, outnumbering me,
And you win the fight.
You punch me and kick me,
Until I take no more,
Then you spit at me,
As my body falls to the floor.

I lay there in my own blood,
Crying as hard as I can,
I watch you walk away from me,
Laughing and giggling,
I feel the darkness begin to sweep over me,
And I know I'm going to die,
And, the darkness falls over me,
And my falling tears dry.

So, readers, do remember,
What you've read here this day,
About that little girl, with a troubled past,
And a troubled present too.
Take my words into my mind,
As I say to you,
I think your mouth should be quiet,
Because it never tells the truth.

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