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Profile Of That Weird Ass Thirteen Year Old Over There

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I change my mind way too much jeez.

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Well hello there, newest victim of my awkwardness. Here's all ya need to know about your new captor.

Le Name: Sadie WayToroIeroQuinnFuentesPerryPreciadoBiersackPurdyStumpWentzGaskarthBarakat Hobbs. hehehehe. I like my newly created middle name.

Le Username: MCR-99. Because, I was a big fan of MCR before they.. broke.. up.. (sobs)

Le Age: Well, three years ago I was ten. does that give a hint?

Le Country Of Origin: Well, here we have groups like One Direction, Little Mix, You Me At Six and Fearless Vampire Killers. So, England.

Le City You Live In: Well, I'll give yas a hint. Tomorrow, Bring Me The Horizon are performing here, and in 13 days, Pierce The Veil are performing here. So, Portsmouth.

Le Ships You.. Ship: (large intake of breath)

- Sash (Sam41 x HatedEyes)
- Kellic (Kellin Quinn x Vic Fuentes)
- Elaxel (Obsessive-Fangirl x TwistedFireStarter)
- Fuenciado (Vic Fuentes x Jaime Preciado)
- Vadie (me x Vic Fuentes (who wouldn't, right?)
- Kadie (me x Kellin Quinn (this is.. awkward..)
- Serard (me x Gerard Way (ahem.)
- Frerard (Frank Iero x Gerard Way)
- Fria (Frank Iero x XxchickenwithatacoxX)
- Frasmine (Frank Iero x ColourfulShadow)
- Nyler (Tyler x Nora from Step Up (not ashamed.)
- Witherson (Reese Witherspoon x Robert Pattinson (because of Water For Elephants.)
- Pettyfer (those two people from I Am Number Four, the main characters..)
- Sed (me x bed)
- Sood (me x food)
- Sideo Hames (me x video games)
- Drayven (Danny Queen x Rayven Shadows, my two OC's)
- Dannic (Danny x Vic Fuentes (because of These Things I've done, me and Ash's collab fic)
- Jash (Jaime x Ash (even though Sash is forever.. I still think this'd be cool)
- Jalex (Jack Barakat x Alex Gaskarth)
- Talex (Tay Jardine x Alex Gaskarth (no words except Kiss Me Again Video)
- Siersack (me x Andy Biersack)
- Phan (Dan Howell x Phil Lester)
- Decca (Becca x Dan Howell)
- Jitler (Jesus x Hitler)
- Peterick (Pete Wentz x Patrick Stump)
- Pikey (Pete Wentz x Mikey Way)

I have so many more ships too omg..

Le Fave Bands: (another large intake of breath)

- Pierce The Veil.
- Sleeping With Sirens.
- Paramore.
- Fall Out Boy.
- My Chem.
- Asking Alexandria (even if I've heard two songs..)
- Suicide Silence (even if I've heard one song..)
- Black Veil Brides.
- We Are The In Crowd.
- Sum 41.
- Bring Me The Horizon.
- Bowling For Soup.
- blink-182.
- All Time Low.
- Fearless Vampire Killers.
- You Me At Six.
- Bullet For My Valentine.
- Green Day.

Le Favourite Films: (more large intakes of breath)

- Alvin and the Chipmunks.
- Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.
- SpongeBob Squarepants: Halloween Special (it's not a movie but a DVD.)
- Step Up.
- Monsters.
- Attack The Block.
- Minority Report.
- I Am Number Four.
- Dejavu.
- Unstoppable.
- The Avengers.
- Ice Age.
- Ice Age 2.
- Ice Age 3.
- Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.
- The Croods.
- Mamma Mia.
- Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two (do not judge me)
- Bandslam.
- The Time Traveller's Wife.
- Ted.
- Garfield.
- Life On The Murder Scene.

Le Fave TV Shows:

- SpongeBob Squarepants.
- The Simpsons.
- You Gotta See This.
- You've Been Framed.
- The Big Bang Theory.
- Shake It Up.
- Peppa Pig (don't judge me yo, I like little kid shows.)

Le Fave Video Games:

- The Sims 3.
- The Sims 3: Pets.
- Heavy Rain.
- Tony Hawk.
- Skyrim.
- Grand Theft Auto.
- Final Fantasy XII-2.
- Fallout 3.
- Fallout: New Vegas.
- Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
- Saints Row 2.
- Harvest Moon.
- The Sims 2.
- The Sims 2: Pets.
- Style Boutique.
- Justice League Heroes.
- Animal Crossing.
- Happy Wheels.

Le Bandoms You Write For:

- My Chem.
- Sleeping With Sirens.
- Pierce The Veil.
- Some Fall Out Boy.

Le Fave Authors Here: Oh god um.

- HatedEyes/ToInfinityAndBeyond (Ash.)
- Sam41 (Sam.)
- XxchickenwithatacoxX (Mia.)
- atomickilljoy (AJ.)
- beatus_quinn (unknown of name. and gender.)
- Obsessive-Fangirl/FantasyChild (Liz.)
- TwistedFireStarter (Axel.)
- Fighting_Forever (unknown of name.)
- Poppana (unknown of name.)
- RyanCyanideKiller (Ryan.)
- gemiam (Gem.)
- BipolarUnicorn (damn forgot your name jeez.)
- AlexisSCREAM (Nikki.)
- electricviolence (Ellie.)
- BeccaIsNotOnFire (Becca.)
- Lilith-Bones
- cj-warner94 (Christy.)
- ColourfulShadow (Jazzy.)

and about 2000 more..

Le Fave Fics :

- These Things I've Done by me and Ash.
- Dead Silence by Sam.
- Smells Like Teens Spirit by AJ.
- Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back by Jazzy.
- The Woman In Black by Becca.
- Father, Father by beatus_quinn.
- If I'm James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn by beatus_quinn.
- Bulletproof Love by me (what? it's a good fic okay)
- As Long As You're Here With Me I Know I'll Be Okay by me (I like my stuff..)
- A Splitting Of The Mind by Who Ever Wrote That On LiveJournal.
- Jesus And Hitler: A Romance by Whoever Wrote That (thanks for the jesus x hitler fic Ash..)

and loads more..

Le Fave Books:

- The Twilight Trilogy by Stephanie Meyer.
- The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
- Heart Shaped Box by I Can't Remember The Fucking Author.
- The Gunslinger by Stephen King.

I mostly read fanfics or Kerrang! magazine..

(someone is coughing up their fucking guts downstairs who is dat?)

Le Band Member Heros:

- Gerard Way.
- Frank Iero.
- Mikey Way.
- Ray Toro.
- Kellin Quinn.
- Vic Fuentes.
- Alex Gaskarth.
- Mitch Lucker.
- In Fact All The Members Of All My Fave Bands.

Le Authors You Think Have Cool Personalities: well..

- Ash.
- Sam.
- Ellie.
- Becca.
- Nikki.
- AJ.
- beatus_quinn (purely because of the fucking username and her (or his) fics are epic)
- Whoever Wrote A Splitting Of The Mind.
- Whoever Wrote That Jesus X Hitler Fanfic That Ash Gave The Link To And Everyone Read And Ellie Sent To Her Priest Who Punished Her For It.
- Every Author Of Phanfiction.
- Every Author Of Frerard Fics.
- Every Author Of Kellic Fics.
- Myself. (I'm pretty cool, if you get to know me.)
- Every Bandom Writer Here You Know Who You Are.

Le Fave Fic You've Written: I love too many but here is my top 10 that you must read, rate and review.

- As Long As You're Here With Me I Know I'll Be Okay.
- The Origami Killer Returns. (only done the prolouge but it'll be good I tell ya now)
- Every Oneshot I've Ever Done.
- A Trophy Father's Trophy Son. (Poem)
- Bulletproof Love.
- You're Already The Voice Inside My Head.
- This Blood Evacuation Is Telling Me To Cave In.
- I'm Not Okay (I Promise). (( my first ever fic ))
- The Black Parade.
- Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.
- Keep Running.
- My Love Story & My Love Story 2.

That was my top twelve then..

Are You Done Yet? Yeah-huh.

Ask me questions if you want to know more about me. even though you know loads about me. you can ask me what I'd do in a zombie apocolypse or what I'd do if I met one of my fave bands or why I'm so random.. I dunno I'm just bored.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo That Weird Ass Thirteen Year Old In The Corner (points to corner, where I am sat waving with a creepy smile)
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