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Hello there. Sandra here! A quick introduction.

I am the older sister of ColorfulShadow. You can call Sandy if you wish, just not Hurricane Sandy. I made an account with my younger sister to do collabs... blah. I decided to make my own. Fabulous usename, right?

Okay, anyway... so my sister has been thinking about making her Killjoy story, Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back, into a comic in manga style (sort of).

This is a piece of her work:

Since she has left this website for a little (I talked to her about the issues by the way.) and she wanted your opinion on it.

She says you guys are like family and wants her family to have an opinion. So, do you think she should do it? She'll have a little help by me, so this is one collaboration we will do.

If you haven't read the story, please check it out. S
When she comes back on here, we will post some of it.

I just don't know why she won't just go ahead and do it, but I guess it's pretty cute she asks for opinions. She said that the story is perfect for a comic, especially in anime.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Sorry for the spam.
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