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How Can You Call It A Quits?

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im efficient at poetry. just posting cause i felt like it but.. whatver.. it's something that has been bothering me..posted this in MCR category cuz it made sense to me

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-05-04 - 212 words

How can you call it a quits?
Why does this hurt me so much?
I live in sin anyway, why not just listen?
My life is a mess and I dont know how to continue.
I know how to continue
My flesh decides not to

My mind lives in the future
While I live in the present
And my heart lives in the past
How can I move on if my heart, mind, and I are not aligned
I long for the past
I hope for the future
I detest the present

How can you call it a quits?
When my heart and mind still are not satisfied
I never went to a concert
Never heard your last two songs
I live in sin, why not listen?
Because I know better
Because I know this has been the biggest storm yet
The storm that calls me over to mollify the waves
But I can not
I belong in the grass fields.
The grass is greener on the other side
But I already am where the grass is greener.
But a mirror stands before me
Where on the other side reflects the beautiful green grass
And it looks even greener
But there is One that tells me
That behind that mirror
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