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For Ellie

by atomickilljoy 5 reviews

This is for my sister, my partner in crime, the best cupcake ever, my best friend.

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You are my rock.
You are my gift.
You are my treasure.
You are my best friend.

I don't deserve you.
I don't deserve you at all.
Which is why I'm fortunate enough to have you.
Which is why I owe everything to you.

You keep me stable when I get insane.
You make me laugh when I'm sad.
You are the sweetness to my bitterness.
You are the pen to my paper.

You give the "best" to the title of "friend".
You help me function when I can't bare it anymore.
You make me smile whenever I frown.
You help me walk when I'm on the ground.

When you aren't talking to me, I'm sad.
When I need some air, you are my breath.
You give me advice on how to stay grounded
Because you're the most grounded of them all.

And here I am, trying to match emotions to words.
When the words don't come out the way I want them to.
No words can express how grateful I am for you
And how much I miss you since we haven't been talking much.

So, I hope I'm everything you are to me.
Because you are my best friend,
My sister,
The Ryan to my Brendon,
The Jack to my Alex,
The Pete to my Patrick,
My rock,
My cupcake,
My little glimmer of light in a dark tunnel,

And I owe it to you
To try and do give you the same hope,
The same joy,
The same inspiration,
The same love,
That you've always,
Given to me.

I hope that,
If I can't do the same,
Will suffice.

This is for Ellie or electricviolence. I'm crying because the emotion was so strong. i seriously couldn't help the tears. Sorry XD. She's my best friend and the closest thing I'll ever have to a sister. I miss her so much.
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